Why are Japanese so good while western artist are....bleh! -


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The real question is why have both cultures popular art turned to shit when compared to the popular art of each cultures past.

When you compare anime to medieval-late 19th century Japanese art it's not even fair. Their art was incredibly unique instead of just copy pasting cartoon chicks with big eyes and pallet swapped hair.

Same with western art (the Renaissance, the Romantic Period, etc.) where the art was so incredibly powerful and becoming almost more real than life itself.

Now art is just cartoons, porn, and fan fiction.

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Sorry FluffyTehFennekin, I can't defend you on this one. Japan's admittedly just has good conditions right now to have more exposure and to thrive their art industry, but I can't say it's perfect. A lot of their video game artists could be a good feature in the anime side of things, from not just art to story and concept design, and their artists need to go out more or need better platforms. Plenty have been fucked over by the inefficency of the unadapting manga gateway candidacy programs.

Besides, I live out west. You don't think there's plenty of artists who aren't touched by the hands of Tumblr and SJWdom? They'd out right leave CalArts in the dust if they had a good platform to stand on other than DeviantArt. Lurk more, please.

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japanese art is so good that there's an entire category of porn dedicated to their shitty scribbles. why is art so good anyways? you just scribble on paper and by chance something good comes out. no one gets good at art naturally, it's all by chance. it's like if i did the lottery all day and people commended my for sometimes hitting the 777. artists have no life tbh, why do they even exist?
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OP is wrong and also faggot, but there is a very slight element of truth. As anyone who's actually tried their hand at moonrunes can tell you, it's really, really hard to get the writing right. The amount of practice and precision it takes to write runes in a legible fashion means that any literate chink, nip, and I would assume practitioner of another arcane similarly language develops their writing and therefore drawing precision moreso than the average practioner of a say roman, or cyrillic character using language. They're able to effectively enscribe more difficult characters, which in a limited sense carries over into technical artistic ability. The tradition of calligraphy, which so far as I can tell doesn't really exist in any western culture further augments this proficiency.

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Anime is absolute shit artistically speaking, it appeals to autism and thus it has an army or tards literally masturbating to it but its still shit anyone who dares to call themselves an artist should grow out from at the age 13, and their animation is notoriously cheap shit even compared to western garbage like Family Guy.

The only ones that visually have any merit are those stylistic enough to not be cookie cutter, and realistic looking ones while the worst are the generic looking ones like 99% of shounens.

It's because of this autism that art teachers are forced to ban anime garbage in their classes, I pity them.