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Apparently, they really got together around the late 70's, early 80's, but the degeneracy only started popping up in the late 2000's.

When the internet was getting more widely used...and people started to express their degeneracy more often. They only exist to the mentally re-tarded and autistic, anti-social motherfuckers who delude themselves in a fantasy world, thinking that life is better when you just gotta express the animal in you.


My skin crawlith
furries have been and will always be a thing on this planet as long as we have ill-adjusted people and animals on this green earth

as far as history goes, its a pretty old phenomena. probably as old as when humans first started thinking about where we came from, and why we're so different from other animals.
if you want to look at more of the actual history of the phenomena the term Cynocephaly is a good keyword to start with.


Animal love goes back thousands of years. It's part of the Greek mythology for example. Idk if people thought it is natural or good or moral back then, but it sure wasn't completely unheard of.
That being said, I think bestiality and "furries" are different. When you fuck a goat, that's bestiality. You are attracted to the animal and the beast-like characteristics that it has. But when you masturbate to an anime goat with big human-like tits, and a round human-like butt, that's different from bestiality IMO.
Maybe they are not completely different, but certainly not the same .


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The Navajo tribe had what was known as a skinwalker, a witch doctor that wears animal furs to take the form of those animals, which predates the furry community by at least a couple centuries. Nowadays they're essentially just the replacement stock zombies found in creepypastas.


Drunk and Pour

TL;DR: it has to do with how you were raised.
What's wrong with feet?

I wanted to be a werewolf for as long I can remember. But it has never resulted into me dressing in a complete mascot suit. Being hot makes me angry, and being in a fur suit looks hot, so I would be the angriest furry in the world.


I think there's a focus on specifically animal fetishes where the key might be more general. As Ron /Pol stated, fetish stuff in general is linked to upbringing.

But more specifically, people are into alot of weird stuff that goes outside any explanation of 80s-2000s cartoons or ancient animist traditions.

Women fucking love venom. Go to what ever refuge Tumblr porn artists found and look at how much they enjoy the idea of the cannibal oil blob monster with needle teeth tongue fucking their pussies.

Plenty of men like women, willing or otherwise being annihilated by monsters, from large canid and equines, to tentacles of various types to absolutely rancid orcs, ogres and trolls.

There is some sort of fucked up thing going on, and the only thing furries have is a wide net (anything close enough to a real animal or even mythical ones of any family in the animal kingdom of any rendering from full feral dog to a completely anthropomorphic one).

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Imagine being a fucking loser with no friends and not even a kiss to your name. One day you go onto whatever game you play and some rainbow husky goes "You're pretty cute uwu" because you spent $3 on a skin. The attention goes right to your loins and the stiffy in your pyjamas pants now demands more. Maybe it's a girl on the other end, so you might as well flirt back! And then once you see a picture of their wrinkly dick, you're already addicted to the attention and become a homosexual.

Change every variable around and you pretty much got the vast majority of furry origin stories. It's attention given to someone who had never received any; bound in a fandom that promotes creeping and uwu'ing on people. It basically sets up losers to repeat the vile grooming that got them into being faggot furries in the first place onto others.

Then they get a job, buy art, and suddenly all those favs and comments only cements their desire for more art, and eventually a fursuit. It depends on which time in their lives this happen that it may end abruptly or go twice as far as it should be. "Oh wait, $5500 for a fursuit is fucking stupid", or "You know what? It's tiring to jerk off all day and not be productive beyond writing erotica for the 99th time this week".

The whole animal fucker ordeal is a minority. The only 'purpose' the animal part of the fandom plays is removing the bluntness to what is actually going on. You're not making some hairy, fat dude from Minnesota's dick hard; you're playing with his cute kitty OC. That's why conventions often make or break the continued business with the fandom to a lot of people. Suddenly it's not a cute husky but a dude who already fucked 3 before you and demands an HIV test because you, the virgin, are risking his reputation.

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