Why do some childrens like to eat crayon?

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I Hate The Anticatgirl
Mar 25, 2020
Crayon is just colored wax which tastes nothing but bland, compares to fingernail (which is also quite bland but at least doesn't gross me out) it isn't even chewy and it's waxy flavor makes it hard to swallow. I can understand why some people like to bite their fingernail but not those who like to eat crayon.
t. Have eaten crayon before, ended up throwing most of it out, never again.

A Welsh Cake

Bring back Immurement!
Oct 4, 2017
It’s the texture not the taste, the experience, the qualities.
I mean a phillistine like you wouldn’t get it but me and my upper class buddies love to have crayon tasting parties.
Let me tell you a 1998 vintage crayola baby blue is nothing compared to 2005’s Jazzberry Jam crayons. It truly is an enlightening chew.

Amphotericin B

Rest in Power CumRag ✊
Dec 2, 2021
It’s because crayons are: easily accessible, the color is enticing (like candy) and they fit in the hand easily. The same reasons some younger kids will try to eat Play Doh.

If someone did a study, they’d probably find that kids ate the pretty colored crayons more often than neutral colored ones.