Why is Ralph moving? -- Speculation - Poll included

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Reasons why

  • He is hood rich and wants to move it on up

  • Scared after a seemingly legit threat from a deranged person

  • Tired of people leaving corn cobs in his yard

  • May is divorcing him so he needs to downsize

  • To own the ayylawgs

  • He is not gonna move and this is kayfabe

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True & Honest Fan
Mar 3, 2022
I would vote for the option "Kiwi a-logs making fun of Ralph for living in a hood full of neighbors finally got to him enough to want to move somewhere more bougie" combined with "tired of the corncob offerings".

I am really hoping that he took my advice to heart and is moving to glorious Las Vegas to find a new baby momma (black) and gamble to his hearts content. His excuse will be that he wanted to be closer to Xander so he could get more visitation and he wanted to show his good will to the family court judge. In reality he is going to spiral more than ever in Vegas and will cut his life expectancy shorter by another 5 years.

Moving to Florida to be an irl streamer with Baked Alaska and the other catboys would be funny as well. He will drive around trying to find Null's basement while Null is laughing at him from China. The most boring option would be moving closer to Meighs parents because she's been whining about not having help with the baby and its a good way for them to spend less time together if she just hangs at her parents house all day.

i dont think the ralphamale could afford the new york state taxes.
he might be moving to one of these states.
Don't be silly, Ralph doesn't pay taxes.

Insanely Retarded

Corn enthusiast
Nov 11, 2018
It might be as simple as the landlord finally googling "Ethan Ralph" and being horrified at the results (wasn't she a hardcore democrat or some shit?).
They probably decided to increase the rent, and since Ralph cannot afford 1100 a month in child support, a rent increase cuts too much into his drug/booze/gambling habits.
He might be concerned about the suspended sentence and thinks he can get away from it by moving to a different state (although now it seems he is staying in VA).
There has also probably been an increase in corn offerings left as his door and he's already made it clear that it bothers him a lot.

So probably a combination of it all, higher rent/landlord doesn't want him there anymore, alogs coming to his house, alogs laughing at the fact he lives next to a bunch of RSOs/horrible neighborhood and other things that we might not know about yet.

Either way it's at least something new since Ralph has been incredibly boring since the last beatdown and not much has happened.