William Robinson - Chris' newist white knight - A delusional pervert with a poop fetish and assburgers syndrome

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Dick Ramdass

Sep 6, 2019
Everyone knows about the Great British lolcow Hirschberg, well you haven't met William Robinson yet, the one behind the last fundraiser and the one who organised a social worker who went to the Chandler household only to be ignored at the door for two hours. Looking through Robinson's Failbook profile and list of family members, Robinson does have a aunt named Mary living in Virginia that works for social services. He also has other family members living in Virginia too (I'm guessing that they moved there to get away from Robinson). His father is American and his mother is English so his accent is weird, sometimes he sounds British, sometimes he sounds American.

Real name: James Lewis Martin or as he has it on Facebook, "Christopher Stokes".
Age: 34
Birthday: May 11th, 1985
Hometown: Kempston, Bedfordshire (Yes, you heard that right, he grew up in the county of the worse criminals - Referencing to the UK TV show 24 Hours In Police Custody)
Current Location: Truro, Cornwall
Occupation: Unemployed, lives off a tugboat (like Hirschberg and Chris, by choice), instead he practices stunts and magic tricks and dreams of travelling the world performing with the Blue Man Group (I'm not kidding and this isn't an insult, he actually wants to)
Diagnosis: Apart from Assburgers, he suffers from Delusional Disorder (Yep, it is an actual diagnosed mental illness, possibly what Chris has), Munchausen Syndrome, Testicular Agenesis (He was born without testicles and has silicone ones a plastic surgeon gave him when he was 16) and he has Asthma (even though he smokes cannabis as well as cigarettes and owns three dogs and six cats).

William Robinson (much like Hirschberg & Sockness) has a deep found of CWC and often spends most of his free time white knighting Chris and sending Chris Sonichu fan artwork.

Robinson (to not much surprise) also purchased Chris' crappy merchandise from Ebay and Etsy as well and has sent money to Chris' live streams. However unlike Hirschberg, Robinson never has made any contact with Chris and Chris chooses to ignore him to the extent that Chris actually blocked one of Robinson's Twitter accounts.

He has two Twitter accounts, one under "CPU Byzantium Heart" claiming in his Twitter bio he is the "CPU God of the Game Cube console unit" and another under "Gaming Samurai King". The CPU one is for white knighting or enabling Chris and the gaming one is for trash talking Sockness and promoting his Youtube channel with. Chris has only blocked his old ones (all either deactivated, suspended or longer used). His Youtube channel is under "Gaming Samurai 777".

Besides trying to get Chris' attention and being a full blown retard, Robinson is obsessed with Batman and wants to fuck Harley Quinn. He got himself in serious debt so bad to the point he was nearly homeless after his mother found out he purchased a realistic human like sex doll that he dressed up like Margot Robbie from the Suicide Squad movie using his mother's credit card running up a large bill and threatened to kick him out of her house (Yes, he still lives with his parents despite being 34 years old!).

Robinson claims to be straight yet he has drawn pictures of Harley Quinn fucking him in the ass with a strapped on dildo. He also is into scat porn (poop fetish).

Robinson is a lot like Chris, he is fat, has man titties, wears cheap clothing from charity stores along with cheap cologne and has an annoyingly high pitched voice whenever he throws an autistic tantrum and has a low monotone whenever he considers to talk "normal". He also still plays with young children's toys (mostly cars by Hot Wheels & Matchbox) and blows his monthly tugboat on vidya. Maybe Chris ignores Robinson because he owns a Hexbox instead of a Play Station. Robinson though never got laid and is still a virgin, he did hire a cheap hooker to sleep with, but he had a little trouble making it into China because his duck wouldn't turn into a solid raging pickle so the hooker left with free money. He did however had at least one girlfriend in his life (who looked way out of his league), but she broke up with him after he shared semi-nude pictures of her to all of his autistic friends claiming that he lost his virginity to her when really they were just her underwear modelling photoshots from a women's clothing magazine she modelled for. It turned out she dated him only out of pity, humiliating him and leaving him with no friends except Hirschberg (who he never met in person).

Here are four photos of the creep:

And this is his latest gameplay he upload:

A link to Robinson's fundraiser:

Dick Ramdass

Sep 6, 2019
On his video, at 2:09 - 2:20, you can hear cringey heavy breathing sounds. Either Robinson was suffering from an asthma attack or he was mass debating to one of his Harley Quinn wall posters.

Robinson and Hirschberg should get together so they could both have someone else in their sad lonely lives and leave Chris alone. Problem solved.

They were actually planning to meet in person, but it never happen. I wonder why? Hirschberg could finally have the boyfriend she so desperately wanted that she won't need to join Mormon churches to search for one.

Just by looking, you can tell he was born with no balls.

I actually thought he was a tranny until I saw his mother's story on her Failbook group that promotes awareness for male babies born dickless or ballless.

What the fuck? They make neuticles for humans now?

Apparently so.

he’s british? I never would’ve guessed..
View attachment 1146129

It's ironic how the UK gets free health care yet nearly every British person hardly uses it. I wonder if there any actual dental patients at all in that country!

Mason Verger

was she a great big healthy at any size person?
True & Honest Fan
Dec 7, 2015
It's ironic how the UK gets free health care yet nearly every British person hardly uses it. I wonder if there any actual dental patients at all in that country!
Those gums are so infected that they look like they’re winning a sumo match against his lemon chiclet teeth.

Alex Krycek

He’s a Goof, he’s aloof, he’s seeking out reason.
True & Honest Fan
Aug 13, 2014
Well he goes by the name Byzantium Heart and they were kinda notorious for taking the balls of the undesirables in society.

Unintentionally clever name.