Orbiter William Robinson / James Lewis Martin / Christopher Stokes / Gaming Samurai King - Asperger with poop fetish/multi dimensional white knight

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Dick Ramdass

Sep 6, 2019
As confirmed by @The American Hedgehog , William has admitted to owning the @Williamchu account and thinks he's above all of us, claiming we're harassing him and this information he pretty much leaked on his own free will.

Real name:
James Lewis Martin
Christopher Stokes (Facebook)
Gaming Samurai 777 (YouTube)
Byzantium Heart (Twitter)
Gaming Samurai King (Twitter)
William Robinson (Chosen name, not legal)
Age: 34
Birthday: May 11th, 1985
Hometown: Kempston, Bedfordshire
Current Location: Truro, Cornwall
Occupation: Unemployed
Diagnosis: Asthma, Delusional Disorder, Munchausen Syndrome, Testicular Agenesis, Asperger's

He's been a customer on Chris' Ebay and Etsy, he's sent anonymous donations through Chris' live streams and he communicates with Chris through the Magi-Chan Sonichu account.

Apart from this, he smokes cannabis thinking it'll help his mental health when clearly judging by his posts it's making it worse.
He also has an obsession with Harley Quinn from Batman and claims he's met Jared Letto & Margot Robbie in person.
He's also pansexual.

His current IP address he's using is, it says he's in Greater Manchester, but this could be because he's using his grandmother's computer as he has grandparents in Manchester.
He also paid for sex with a prostitute and he had trouble getting an erection so he was left both a virgin and broke.

The original thread can be found here:

His Facebook; https://archive.md/wip/1K4Oi
Twitter: https://archive.md/9qq4P
His sock puppet Twitter:
His YouTube:

His Xbox Live gamertag is:
Ninja Boi346578

Screen pictures of his Facebook, note the horrors of him liking pages involving feces

His hidden pictures on Facebook:
37886215_600993440301431_6566680489329950720_n.jpg17990383_377556132645164_6803704834222391442_o.jpg38790783_614602432273865_5385150761615228928_o.jpg82252385_955589861508452_6765012166274711552_o.jpg49164617_693433931057381_1878194249422340096_n (1).jpg47135646_677144949352946_2880607747651403776_o.jpg27173898_499531710447605_8501229279176501589_o (1).jpg21558637_441218976278879_2071254708891435558_n.jpg

Evidence of "Magi-Chan" following William:


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Dick Ramdass

Sep 6, 2019
I've never even done anything bad to any of you, why this?

You've called us "try hard trolls", you've accused me of making prank calls and you pretty much snapped at @Rafal Gan Ganowicz for no apparent reason. As well as that, you're further feeding into Chris' delusions making his mental health worse than it already is.

And you doxed yourself on your own, look at all of your posts, you've been very detailed with us on everything and you even shared your own photos without us having to ask. You even have do live streams with your voice exposed on a public streaming site. This is all on you, not us.


IBS were rigged from the start
Feb 17, 2020
Testicular agenesis? If I'm not wrong about this that means his balls didn't properly developed when he was in the womb, pretty much like the rest of his body.
On the upside he doesn't need condoms when he fucks his gf so imagine all the cash he must be saving... oh wait.

Zelos Wilder

I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead.
True & Honest Fan
Aug 23, 2019
Judging from the way he posts and behaves, let's not forget that he's also 34 years old.

I'll let that sink in for a bit.
This man has had 34 years of experience behind him, and all roads he has taken have led him to this point.

The point where potentially thousands will know he was born without testicles and is obsessed with Chris Chan.
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