WOMMART HAUL 10/22/2019 - cheap shit, child grooming, and fag escape?

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Do you think Hamber will come to realize that D & D are using her?

  • When Twinkie Storrs fly

    Votes: 144 64.9%
  • They are not using her, you cruel, vile boollee

    Votes: 35 15.8%
  • Yes, and the resulting chimp-out will be marvelous

    Votes: 43 19.4%

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This has almost triggered me as much as the rotisserie chicken mookbang.
1. Why is she buying Dana and Destiny shit.
2. Why do Dana and Destiny need to both buy toothpaste. Just use the same one. (I know. Stupid observation but stop being wasteful)
3. Where is this little gorls parents.
4. Buy the little gorl sweets and bows so she can be the next AL.
6. You have money for nice makeup, why are you buying shitty brands?? (I know. Stupid observation again, I just love makeup)
7. Why are Dana and Destiny staying there so much, why can’t they buy their own deodorant, why do I waste my time on trying to find answers from these people.

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I wondered about the stuff for D Squared until A mentioned they're spending weekends there... unless they've got other plans. Okay, Dana is only 21 & doesn't strike me as the ripest onion in the drawer but even with her apparent dullness & lack of life experience, shouldn't she be getting the heebie-jeebies? Or is she too easily swayed by money & freebies? Are they so short of money that even toiletries have to be bought by Amber? That's all kinds of weird. I know bugger all about her, save she seems to be a bit player in Amberland Productions; one that the "director" would just as soon leave on the cutting room floor. I'm wondering about their move to Kentucky. You might miss family & all but honestly, making that big a move without the prospect of at least 1 of them having a job lined up? If I've got it right, they're staying with Destiny's mother & I'd love to know who's paying that food bill! Dana's niece seems to be making more frequent appearances; wonder if her parents know about that? Or maybe they don't really care - there's a side story that might be interesting. This whole weekend situation has potential for getting beyond awkward - into bizarre territory. And while we heard Dusty a few times, is it my imagination or are we seeing less & less of Becky?


Dana's niece seems to be making more frequent appearances; wonder if her parents know about that? Or maybe they don't really care - there's a side story that might be interesting.
Not even trying to be shady, but that little girl probably lives in a little trailer like Dana did. With all of the men on certain registries in that area (like Dana’s dad?) it’s probably better she’s there.

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And while we heard Dusty a few times, is it my imagination or are we seeing less & less of Becky?
Agreed, with D & D being back, Becky seems entirely forgotten about. To the point of her being rarely seen in videos. Per the last few snapchat Al has posted, Becky doesn't look so great herself. I doubt they'll be together by new year. A storm is brewing Gorls 🌈

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If D and D'er are hanging every weekend , these toiletries make sense to "just have at the house " . The individual items shows the great care and attention to detail the Hurt shows when she cares.

I'm doubting DD asked for this shit but Amber just ham handed it into her courtesy scooty-puff cart area.

She should absolutely be ashamed to court this little girl on camera. She need not get caught in the crossfire


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She should absolutely be ashamed to court this little girl on camera. She need not get caught in the crossfire
If the girl were Al’s younger sister or niece, it wouldn’t be as creepy. Al probably barely even knows the girl and is already acting like she is part of her “family”. People only really buy stuff in this quantity for people very close to them. Even then, I don’t know how the girl’s mother will take this.


This video just makes me MOTI 🎩Why the f*$% is she buying Dana and Destiny anything?‽?? Like GORL WTF is wrong with you. Destiny CHEATED on you with Dana, you should be trying to slip Dana some laxatives in her drink or antifreeze or something. She wronged you gorl, hanging out with her is weird enough; but now buying her all this sh*! and her niece tons of crap she doesn't need?? GORL!

Does anyone else wonder what happened to the other teat sucker Rafe? They were hanging out with Rafe again a couple months ago, and now they just disappeared off the face of the earth again.

Keyboard Warrior

There is zero shame or sense of social decorum among any of these people.

Can none of them see the dysfunction? WTF.

Let's break all this down...

You're Amber. Love for you, is transactional. It's conditional. It's not something given freely. It's a means to an end. It's the reason you have to buy your friends and your partners. Somewhere in your cold, desolate heart is the belief that your value as a human being is a number in your bank account. You have nothing else to offer.

You're Dana. A homewrecker. You hooked up with someone you knew was already in a relationship but was clearly comfortable cheating on their significant other. You then proceed to accept this person's hand in marriage. You then decide it's totally kosher to spend weekends with the woman whose relationship you had some part in destroying, and you let her buy you fucking toiletries and shoes for your impressionable niece?

You're Destiny. You cheated, and still come around to get pampered with gifts. You're still on a phone plan with your ex YEARS later. Ah, behold the power of The Chad-ness! Only in bumfuck Kentucky can you get whacked with every ugly branch in your genetic tree, and still be a prize!

You're Becky. In a loveless relationship with someone that LIGHTS UP everytime her ex is in the room. But you're so much of a pushover, you just accept that this is your life now. It's the best you're ever gonna get. Now you're having your own health problems, but you still cater hand and foot to someone who would NEVER RETURN THE KINDNESS, under any circumstances. Remember that wisdom tooth debacle? Bitch had to get her own soup.

You're Gracie. You're 4. Sadly, you were born into circumstances in which your basic needs can not be provided for by the people responsible for your care and well-being. And in your formative years, you're learning that it's ok to accept candy and gifts from strangers because that's 'love.' That's also--in different circles--what we call grooming. That child is the only one I can sympathize with in this situation.

What in the actual fuck? This is is inappropriate on so many levels. Sorry for the novel. :stress:

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