WOMMART HAUL 10/22/2019 - cheap shit, child grooming, and fag escape?

Do you think Hamber will come to realize that D & D are using her?

  • When Twinkie Storrs fly

    Votes: 144 64.9%
  • They are not using her, you cruel, vile boollee

    Votes: 35 15.8%
  • Yes, and the resulting chimp-out will be marvelous

    Votes: 43 19.4%

  • Total voters


Ok, I can't get the image out of my mind, so my dear Kiwis, I'm passing it on..... I bet that she put that little girl on her mountain of lap (fupa+layyg combo) and rode her around Wommart on her scootypuff, reeeeeing and screeching thru the whole store. What little person wouldn't wanna ride on a scootypuff??
I disagree, one I don't think the child could ever fit on the scottypuff with Hambeast. There'd be no where for her to sit; Hambeast's stomach has to be pushing against the handles/basket. Two she's already over the weight limit of the scooter; add another 45 lb kid to that, I don't think it would even move at all.