Words of Wisdom With Dana | Vlogmas Day 8 - 12/8/19


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I'm not surprised Amber refuses to cut her hair in any meaningful way. I've known several fat fucks who think hair down to their shelf ass helps hide how huge they are, especially in the face. It's also a way for them to feel feminine despite being -1/10 and having a shapeless body. If you cut a fat womans hair short and put them in tshirt and jeans, they often look a lot like a fat man. Mosty because any sex characteristics are hidden under hundreds of pounds of fatty tissue.

The down side is that fat fucks arent capable of brushing or maintaining hair that long. Becky likely has to tackle those tangles on a regular basis. Im almost sure she has to help Amber wash it too. Again, most fat fucks I know had to ask their friends/moms to brush their hair, and normally kept it in a poop bun because Becky/Mommy doesnt feel like doing it.


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Dana sounds like a man and this try hard shit with half her video of her chatting it up was cringe overload.
One of the comments on the video said they must be short on rent (Dana and Dustin) which is hilarious, imagine being such a bunch of grubbing cunts that AL's audience knows the only reason you hang around her is for money.
Another point is they picked up AL and Becky to drive them to dinner that AL paid for Im sure, I wonder if Becky was fucked off her tits and couldnt drive or AL didnt wanna hear it about Becky driveen in her condishun.

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Looking at Becky she looks noticably more greasy lately while Amber looks like cleaner hair more than ever. I wonder if Amber has concocted a method for her to wash her own hair in some feasible fashion?

I have this hypothesis only because Low Energy Beggy looks like shhhhhit.


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I noped out when Dana started doing a British accent. Not gonna watch rètards pretend to talk in accents like five year olds who just discovered there are other countries.

Amber and Dana literally look like 65 year olds. Dana could pass as 70. What is it about being a super fat that makes people look so old? Is it because there is so much fat their actual features look sunken?

I want to put Amber on a treadmill and watch her walk for a few minutes. I honestly can’t figure out how she makes it work. Her toes point way out, she has ankle fat rolled down by her heel, her shoes look like two plates mashed together...she’s so fat that even legs spread wide apart wouldn’t allow one to cross over the other. It’s as much mystery to me as the moon landing is to her.

She shows us all the dresses she wears as shirts, but she never shows us shoes. I want to know what those things actually are? Are they ballet flats stretched out? Are they special round shoes for fats? The whole thing is very confusing.