Would a homosexual male sexualize female anus, if stuck on island 15 years - Hella curious

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plastic holic

Dec 17, 2018
Probably. Men in closet fuck girls, some of them even have kids before coming out it happens all the time.

Besides, give it enough time and most men will fuck just about anything with a pulse.

Guts Gets Some

Nov 9, 2018
Alternatively, would they try to fuck a volleyball?

Wilson had deflated quite a lot by the end of the film, so you know Tom Hanks tried at least once.

BQ 492

By the time 15 years have passed, you'd surely hope that you bashed the fag out of you. But if we are going by your logic, who fucking wouldn't? You haven't had contact with anyone for 15 years, so ya gotta work with the cards you've been dealt with.


Nov 5, 2018
Not all homosexual men engage in anal sex. There is a smorgasbord of sexual expression amongst all people and sexualities. The convex of this question should be asked too. If a homosexual woman trapped on an island had a man wash ashore, would she start to sexualize the man's hands? For a lot of lesbians the hand is viewed as a sexual organ.

This thread reminds me of the Lenny Bruce bit where he says men would have sex with mud if they had to.
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You all disgust me.
Feb 17, 2018


Mountain of Molten Lust
True & Honest Fan
Oct 10, 2014
What about her mouth? Dudes have mouths too so a gay dude could fuck her in her mouth and pretend he is fucking another dude in the mouth. Like, nigga, close your eyes and fuck her in the mouth.

Kaiser Wilhelm's Ghost

Nov 12, 2018
Depends on the male his level of homosexuality and the level of desperation or physical contact that they would feel as the driving force to go against their sexuality. The question is not a really valid question because it boils down to a completely sexual encounter where as the real discussion would be in that 15 year time period with no other companionship how would the physical and emotional side of sexuality manifest itself. Sex in the long run is a part of a relationship but it's not the entirety of the relationship.

Some homosexuals are purely homosexual as heterosexuals are purely hetero, then there is this massive gray area of sexuality that is flexible and dependent on the individual and what level of one of the other they are comfortable with.

As for the reverse question, women biologically are more sexually flexible than males from a psychological point of view are more inclined towards being bisexual rather purely hetero or homosexual, again it depends entirely on the woman, but it can happen.

For an even bigger mind fuck just start looking up the trend of female to male transvestites who are now having kids with their gay partners. If that can happen then you really have part of your answer.