Would an Incel Fuck Tommy if They Were Desperate Enough? - Just how low would they go?

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Do you think they'd be desperate enough that they'd put their dick in a dog fucking, child raping hobo?
No no one for any reason would be that desperate at all.

at that point just hire a cheap whore.
I don't think you could hire a cheap whore desperate enough. Not even a million dollars would be enough for a whore to get within 5000 yards of Thomas.

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No one would honestly ever be that desperate. I guarantee if you held a gun to someone's head and told them to fuck that thing or be trooned out, they'd pick the troonification, every single time.


Incels like sitting behind computers complaining about women and blaming everyone else for everything so they can justify sitting on their ass and doing nothing. Giving them a woman would have them complain about the woman, fucking her once, then driving her away for being a roastie and not living up to his standards or hiding away in his basement or abusing them or worst of all, ditching the woman for someone underage (eugh).

Its not about actually having sex for most of them, its about getting revenge on a world that hates you (or for the more depressed ones, having control and people who will relate to you in life, which is more understandable). Becoming chad and being a winner would let them have that, but staying angry and blaming everyone is easier. They're filled with hatred and their fantasies involved punishing men and women who disrespected them. Just reading how they think the ideal waifu should act or how society should work shows it.

So no. They would see Tommy as more pathetic than they are if they're the angry type of incel or they wouldn't expend the effort if they were the depressed type.


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Incels believe they’re entitled to perfect-10 women. If it weren’t for their personality flaws, a lot of them could get someone. So no, none of them would be willing to fuck a goblin-looking old man who shits everywhere.

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