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Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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SVT interviewed a so-called "unaccompanied minor" from Afghanistan who gets to stay here thanks to the infamous gymnasium law and asked him what he thought about the Corona crisis. According to the Swedish tax agency, this man is 20 years old http://archive.md/nlk06
Hamid needs a job to stay in Sweden - "Very difficult to get a job right now"
Hamid is in high school in Borlänge. After taking the student, he has six months to get a job so that he can stay in Sweden. Something that is harder now than it has been for a long time.
One Monday afternoon we set up a microphone and a camera at Sveatorget in Borlänge - Hamid Karimi was one of those who came to talk about how he was affected by the corona pandemic.

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Our city is still on lockdown(-ish) but suburban bars were allowed to open as of midnight today, and one bar did just that. I might give a friend a call and head out - I've been inside for the last month and one-half and it's starting to really get to me. As afraid I am of getting sick (pre-existing condition) , I am going nuts sitting in this damn house.

Our governor is the ex-school superintendent for my city, and he promised transparency from the get-go. Except he had to be sued to release his office's emails and they would only give the news (the people who filed) one days' worth. The same governor "elected' when the weed referendum was also added to the ballot (driving higher minority turnout), and where boxes full of 'absentee' Dem ballots were inexplicably found after midnight in Milwaukee. Our county health commissioner showed up on the video conference aired live yesterday like this:

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Don't know what she was thinking with that thing on her head. Cracked me up.
As a former Chicagoan I can tell you this is your government on niģgers.

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Honestly. 1) I don't think the CDC is right about surface spread. So we'll see.
I think this is another example of the biggest issue during the pandemic: too much conflicting information or misinformation. Because the CDC was quick to talk about surface spread being a concern, all kinds of people reacted to that and started taking precautions. Now that the CDC has apparently backtracked, those same poeple are still wanting to take precautions just in case the CDC is wrong. Even if time is of the essence in dealing with pandemics, organizations such as the CDC and WHO need to take their time before issuing directives that command people to take specific precautions to reduce their risk of infection.

Either way, I think certain hotspots are bad, and it sounds like other places are totally unaffected.
I think it all depends on how many people had been taking proper care of themselves before the pandemic broke out. Apart from those with health concerns that make them more susceptible to COVID-19, those with poor hygiene and lifestyle choices seem to be the ones most effected.

A lawsuit has been filed to change our state law that says absentee ballots must be received by the time polls close on election day to be counted. The filers wish to change it to count ballots that are postmarked on time.
Yuck. This is a bad idea. Not only do votes currently have to be in by the closing time (8:00 PM, usually, I believe), but there is a limited number of days for certifying the results. What happens in areas with poor mail service where people send ballots by mail and they never arrive until well after the certification deadline? This opens up a nasty can of worms and is why many people didn't like the constitutional amendment that passed because it had too much extraneous crap in it besides allowing for no-reason absentee voting. Since it passed, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to game the system or find a loophole to exploit. *sigh*

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, was censured by her fellow Democrats after praising President Donald Trump for his recommendation of hydroxychloroquine, which she credits for her recovery from the Coronavirus. She is now suing them and Governor Whitmer for defamation and violating her freedom of speech.
As much as I doubt she'll win this suit, props to her for standing up for herself. While I don't think she's going to sing Trump's praises on a regular basis, the fact she was censured for thanking him for her recovery from COVID-19 was absolutely stupid. If the Dems further alienate her, it could be bad optics for the establishment to target a POC legislator. Sadly, though, everyone else in the party will toe the line and consider her persona non grata for daring to say anything good about the Trump administration.

Wait, you have to pay to park at your place of employment? Did I just step back into the 1880's or something?
Sadly, some places have no free parking available with the only option being paid parking somewhere close by.

Years ago while job-hunting, a consulting firm called me with a potential job opportunity that seemed like a good fit. I was given instructions to go to an office building in a downtown area where the only parking available was parking decks with a flat rate that was then $5-6 for the day. To finish the story, the company told me that they had to pull the job because funding for it fell through and that I shouldn't have been sent to see them. I then asked the consulting shop if I could get reimbursed for the $6 I was out for parking, but they never did pay me as promised after I sent them my receipt.
Additional Michigan News:

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is being released from prison due to COVID-19 concerns. It appears he may still have to be kept on house arrest.

(Archive #1: Kwame Kirkpatrick article)

The US Attorney's office believes Kilpatrick shouldn't be pardoned.

(Archive #2: US Attorney article)

Michigan's overall stay at home order that was set to end May 28 has been extended two more weeks to June 12.
Free Press Article said:
She said while coronavirus cases and deaths are clearly declining, "we are not out of the woods yet."

"If we’re going to lower the chance of a second wave and continue to protect our neighbors and loved ones from the spread of this virus, we must continue to do our part by staying safer at home," she said in a statement first reported by the Free Press.
Given Whitmer's previous desire to have the order run through June or early July, it seems as if she's trying to get her wish two weeks at a time.

(Archive #3: Stay at Home Order article)

Finally, the Republicans have filed an appeal of yesterday's court ruling that upheld Governor Whitmer's current State of Emergency. They appeal asks for leave to appeal directly to the state's Supreme Court.

(Archive #4: Legislature Appeal article)

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If I were a Democrat, I'd be active in trying to get state IDs subsidized and free so that anyone can get them. You'd think with all of the free shit the left wants from the government, a $10 state ID would be the most reasonable and pragmatic to try to push on local congresspeople as a priority.
this is old but my state's non drivers license costs $10. ive asked local vocal agitators why they wont start a fund to pay for the poors' ids. never get an answer.

stupid question
do mask policies violate a constitutional right?

im seeing more doofuses say it does, but im not seeing it.
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For the record. I wouldn't necessarily hate that the test has no control group. RCTs (Randomized Control Trials) aren't always used when it comes to emergencies, for reasons explained later. Thing is. RCTs in vaccination tend to use pre-existing vaccines (what is refered to "best available treatment" trials) instead of placebo. Mostly because denying vaccination to large numbers of people you know will be exposed to a pathogen is... Not the most ethical prospect, to put it mildly. Which brings the question of what to do when no vaccine is available. This is a very hard to answer question with serious ramifications that we won't answer today.
Perhaps ask for volunteers who know they may receive a placebo in lieu of vaccine?

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From a few family members who are medical providers in the hard hit NY area. The problem, the thing that is traumatizing them, especially the nurses, is that they are not being allowed to help them. Cuomo changed the rules. The nurses are basically being forced to stockpile patients and leave them to die. No CPR. No intervention. No basic care and treatments. One is a 30 years experienced NICU Nurse Practitioner. Her job for decades is caring for critical and dying babies. She has never encountered anything like this. and it’s destroying them. If you remember that tearful nurse video a couple of hundred pages back calling what they are doing in NYC Murder? She isn’t an outlier or lone loony. And it’s getting worse for the staff as the number of patients decreases, but the Barbaric rules that prevent them from delivering care remain. To add to this they are deeply resentful of the normies who want to go back to work and not starve. “How dare they after putting the nurses through this!”

Needless to say healthcare providers in the heart of the outbreaks are in some pretty fucked up mental spaces right now.
I don't have any reason to doubt Cuomo is a fucking re_tard but do you have a link to any these rules?
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Perhaps ask for volunteers who know they may receive a placebo in lieu of vaccine?
See. Alright. Let me explain the issue with that. Thing is, to prove it is effective... You're gonna have to expose the population to the pathogen. And now I mean, for Covid it wouldn't matter but let's put this one into context:

I remember I once read about a vaccine trial in africa. So, what they did is they gave half placebo half vaccine because they had no prior vaccine. And then they let people loose on the village and monitored them for a month. And marked down who got infected. Because there was a pretty nasty disease making its way through the village. I don't recall what it was but I remember they specifically mentioned treating all infecteds and ensuring their cure, so it was curable. And I recall it was an STD. Point is:

Even after paying for cure. You know. You might leave behind sequels. And there's some ethical ramifications. Which is why instead of directly injecting them STD juice they waited to see who got infected randomly and then saw the results. But now, let's imagine the disease you made a vaccine for is actually something without a cure. Let's imagine it's HIV. So. You're gonna have to inject half with HIV vaccine and half with placebo. And tell them "so we're gonna drop you lot on the nastiest shit ridden filthy town we found. The needles got aids, the whores got aids, every damned broken crystal on the street was bled on by aids hobos. And every pool in town is infected with aids and stingrays who also have aids. So half of you, we don't know which, got vaccinated. The other got a lollypop. And in like a month we're gonna see who is still alive. And if it turns out only the lolypop fellers died then we can call it a day. Sounds nice?

Yeah I think you can see how that'd be... ehm. Legaly, moraly and ethicaly dubious. Like that's some dr menguele shit dude. So, we got some exceptions for those cases. Namely so we can make vaccines without commiting genocide just to test them.

How do you guys feel about people around you calling social distancing the new normal since they say it'll last even after this is all over?

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How do you guys feel about people around you calling social distancing the new normal since they say it'll last even after this is all over?
Good, people always had cooties before the China virus circus, I'll get fewer colds and whatnot.

Also its the end of "aww let me give you a hug" touchy feely nonsense. Don't put your hands on me random stranger.


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Good, people always had cooties before the China virus circus, I'll get fewer colds and whatnot.

Also its the end of "aww let me give you a hug" touchy feely nonsense. Don't put your hands on me random stranger.
There is a huge downside: the economic costs will be staggering if this is the new normal.

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Outside China

5,125,185 confirmed / 333,483 dead / 1,977,175 recovered

5017904 / 328262 / 1869429 yesterday


1,600,723 confirmed / 95,972 dead / 350,135 Recovered JohnHopkins
1,600,135 confirmed / 95,991 dead / 403,201 recovered Infection2020

1577140 / 94702 / 298418 yesterday JohnHopkins
1588585 / 95425 / 382183 yesterday Infection2020


234,824 confirmed / 28,628 dead / 150,376 recovered

233037 / 27940 / 150376 yesterday


228,658 confirmed / 32,616 dead / 136,720 recovered

228006 / 32486 / 134560 yesterday


182,015 confirmed / 28,218 dead / 63,986 recovered

181951 / 28218 / 63976 yesterday


179,710 confirmed / 8,228 dead / 159,064 recovered

179021 / 8203 / 158087 yesterday


Why do joggers ruin everything?
Nah. people will still go out and about, they'll just keep their distance, as was the practice before hippies, New Agers and psychobabble became popular.
If you own a business, you won’t be able to serve as many customers as before, in manufacturing, this will increase your footprint. All of these are direct costs that deteriorate your competitiveness. You can see it now. Imagine a restaurant that can only accommodate half or a quarter of their customers or factories that don’t have the space for their people to work and maintains the homo distance. Yes, the impact will be large.


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Here in NY, we have watched in abject horror as NYC has done what they do in literally every scenario - and by that I mean put policy in action without any care whatsoever for the rest of the state, as per tradition. The thing is, their pattern of doing this has finally come home to roost, and because of it, NYC is dying, and it's entirely Cuomo and DeBlasio's fault.

The progressives are fleeing NYC in droves, and in true slacktivist fashion, taking their money with them. Over 80% of Vornado's retail tenants failed to pay rent for both April and May. Over 40% of its office tenants likewise skipped rent. Massive price drops have happened in the apartment market and no one's biting because there's no clue as to when NYC will reopen and NYC has basically taken in zero tax revenue for months. Landlords can't legally evict tenants at this time, but they can't show off any of their properties until Phase 2 of the opening happens and Cuomo has given no indication of when the fuck that's happening. The biggest city in NY is teetering towards bankruptcy, and no one gives a damn because they did it to themselves.

The results of this are going to be riotously entertaining in november.

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Also its the end of "aww let me give you a hug" touchy feely nonsense. Don't put your hands on me random stranger.
One can only hope. I can just as easily see extroverts wanting to be extra huggy in the days immediately after any social distancing rules are removed. Still, I'd like to think that just maybe we'll see some degree of increased respect for people's personal space moving forward.

The results of this are going to be riotously entertaining in november.
The big question will be whether enough people can and will vote for Trump to make enough of an impact in both NYC and the state as a whole. However, I'll agree in principle that the November election will be more entertaining than it was in 2016 regardless of what happens.


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How do you guys feel about people around you calling social distancing the new normal since they say it'll last even after this is all over?
They're full of shit. Some have never practiced social distancing at all. Most people will just want to forget the whole thing as soon as they can. You'll have a few who will practice social distancing, but they'll be looked at strangely.


this is old but my state's non drivers license costs $10. ive asked local vocal agitators why they wont start a fund to pay for the poors' ids. never get an answer.
It reminds many organizers of a poll tax. The 24th amendment would then prohibit it. You can probably work around it by making it free if the charge is negligible anyway.
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