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Which country(ies) will fare the worst due to the WuFlu?

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It's about the tipping point where mass vaccination becomes harmful for the population's health. Vaccines cant't stop viral replication in airways, so vaccinated are becoming asymptomatic carriers. But unlike unvaccinated, they are excluded from mask wearing, travel restrictions, regular testing etc. and thus will spread more virus to more potential hosts. Also, their suboptimal immunity will push viral evolution towards immune escape variants. In the worst case, thess variants will be able to escape from immunity in previously infected, in that case we're back to square 1 of this pandemic.

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I take this with a grain of salt, but Chris Carter the creator of X-Files has apparently said he used to get fed info from someone in the CIA. Okay, so within a year we get a worldwide pandemic, a pretty fast vaccine without clinical trials, and suddenly the government is finally acknowledging these Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons after 70 years of quiet.
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This whole thing is reminding of the X-Files movie, and this scene. (best clip I could find)

Last year, Trump puts FEMA in charge as per protocol.

Trump puts FEMA in charge after Emergency Declaration.

I take this with a grain of salt, but Chris Carter the creator of X-Files has apparently said he used to get fed info from someone in the CIA. Okay, so within a year we get a worldwide pandemic, a pretty fast vaccine without clinical trials, and suddenly the government is finally acknowledging these Unidentified Aerial Phenomenons after 70 years of quiet.

Leaking a big, crazy story but packaging it and polishing it as fiction is probably a good strategy in the long run if you want to discredit similar big stories and wave them as "too crazy to be true".

I wouldn't be surprised if a huge number of Hollywood movies (especially political-related thrillers) originated as leaks from alphabet agencies.


It did. I saw it earlier, still had the 12,313 version on my open CDC tab. I hadn't though to archive.md it, but someone else did:

Here is my personal screenshot, just to glaze this donut:

View attachment 2368755

Incredibly sinister of them to release one amount with a death percentage and everything done up and suppress it within hours. But love and trust your government overlords, right? If it were just a typo, you wouldn't think they would have had the percentage calculated as well... plus they would vet their information before they published it. What kind of typo would be a number twice as high?

When I saw someone else mention it the data was claiming to be only up to 7/13 instead of this update as of 7/19. It's possible that they rolled back the update completely. Maybe they let more out of the floodgate at once than they intended, since we already knew they were backlogged on VAERS and sprinkle in events from months ago with each update.
Here's the data set

If you download the Excel file the number of deaths is 6200, I think this is up to the 9th July.

I think we're comparing apples to bananas.

The 12000 number is ALL reported deaths after vaccinations

The 6200 is reported deaths with side effects. IOW deaths likely caused by the vaccinations.

BTW there are a number of fetal deaths included in the dataset. We're not injecting babies yet, so I take it these are miscarriages, and no they're not being counted in the 6200 number.

Either way this is an insanely high number for vaccines. The swine flu vaccine was withdrawn for children because around a dozen developed a high fever, in comparison there are documented examples of +12 year olds DYING of heart inflammation and we continue to inject them. Oh and also the swine flu vaccine actually worked.

Also bear in mind that in my experience most doctors are frothing at the mouth Branch Covidians and committed believers in the magical vaccines, most of them will not be reporting adverse side effects and injuries.

There's only one way to know how many people have suffered injury and death from the vaccines. We need to have the insurance and medicare/medicaid data de-identified and released to the public. The government and insurance actuaries have this data and they will know to the minute how many have been hospitalized post vaccination. If you want to guesstimate how bad this really is check on your premiums and charges, the insurance companies have to cover their bottom line and will 100% pass on the cost. I expect massive jumps this year.


What the fuck is wrong with the french.
Literally being stopped from living unless they submit.
So much for the people of the revolution (unless of course they prove me wrong)
Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orleans was the next in line if the royal household all died. He also was the head of all French Freemasons who's salons and committees started the "revolution." It wasn't a revolution. Just a rich guy civil war, until the chaos turned on Louis Philippe and everything went to hell.

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Covid is the Zoomer 9/11, much like after 9/11 a change in political, social and overall tone took hold on society.
Now instead of Arabs being treated as possible terrorists, everyone is to be treated as a bio-terrorist. Allahu ak-cough.
Unless you are protesting systematic racism then you are not a super-spreader. Do you even science, bro?

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NHS covid app and “pingdemic” causing more shithousery as supermarkets now face shortages and panic buying, with a lot of the food/supermarket industry now having to self isolate. 618,903 alerts were sent out by the app (Archive), which orders a 10 day isolation (no legal obligation to self isolate but the kind of people who download the app probably would/or assume it is legally enforcable) Hospitals, shops, the police are short staffed (Archive) so even now the country is reopened, places are having to close due to lack of staff, which is probably going to fuck the economy even further- and the NHS which “faces another wave” as everyone and their mother loves to say is missing nurses, doctors, and other staff. I know people who have been pinged for a 10 day isolation, sat it, gone back to work for one day and then immediately got pinged into another self isolation, missing another 10 days of work cause they can’t work from home. Even if the Delta-omega-wembley-super-scary-Johnson-variant doesn’t fuck us this nhs app is gonna do more harm than good
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It seems that long covid isn't infection. According to Bruce Patterson's research, there is no virus in long COVID patients. He thinks that long COVID is caused by spike protein fragments that are stuck in monocytes which leads to their activation and causes long COVID symptoms. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.25.449905v2.full

“Long COVID” is a misnomer. People are not getting a persistent infection. The virus is gone. The sequelae of COVID-19 are reminiscent of SARS, which could also cause lasting tissue damage (post-viral fatigue, lung fibrosis, neurological issues) of the same exact type.

Lung fibrosis is driven by monocyte-derived alveolar macrophages, to a significant extent. This can happen in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, too. I know a guy whose mom died of pulmonary fibrosis of unknown cause, and she never even had COVID-19. It just happens, sometimes. If lingering SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 Spike proteins can activate monocytes long after infection, that’s not good.

So, AFAIK, these are some basic facts about SARS-CoV-2 and its proteins:
  • SARS-CoV-2 Spike does not only bind to ACE2, it also potentially binds to Basigin/CD147, Neuropilin-1, integrins, and bacterial lipopolysaccharides. Not only does this make the Spike pro-inflammatory on its own, it may cause analgesia and also may trigger deranged VEGF behavior and angiogenesis. The Spike’s action on ACE2 may trigger a bradykinin storm. Bradykinin‘s receptor is a GPCR and modulates TRPV and calmodulin activity. It also up-regulates cAMP and cGMP and prostaglandin formation. If COX and the Arachidonic Acid pathways are activated in the presence of huge ROS, you get oxidatively-modified arachidonic acid molecules, known as isoprostanes.
  • Coronavirus E proteins can behave like calcium ion channels; when the virus fuses to a cell, its E proteins become part of the cell’s membrane and act as a viroporin, admitting Ca2+ into the cell and shifting cell metabolism to favor viral replication. This can also aggressively promote oxidative stress; calcium is a driver of both mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial ROS production.
  • SARS-CoV-2 can inhibit interferon responses and also inhibit Nrf2, and its main protease may also cleave GPX. Its other proteins can potentially inhibit selenoprotein expression. This would hugely increase oxidative stress.
The initial, inciting event of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis looks something like “huge calcium influx into cells while antioxidant enzymes are suppressed” and it ends with “massive sepsis, ARDS, neutrophilia, NETosis, and lipid peroxidation”.

The range of possible mechanisms of injury is huge.
  • Increased mitochondrial stress and endoplasmic reticulum stress. In fact, the ER stress up-regulates GRP78 and can induce mitochondrial membrane permeabilization.
  • Activation of transcription factors like NF-kB and AP-1 that create tons of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, summoning immune cells that then proceed to behave over-zealously and injure tissues.
  • Activation of apoptosis and necroptosis pathways within cells.
  • Over-activation of PI3k-AKT-mTOR pathway and loss of proper cell regulation.
  • NO/ONOO- disease/kindling radicals (vicious cycle of peroxynitrite production due to NOS uncoupling, leading to downstream radical production).
  • Iron metabolism dysregulation by oxidative attack on iron-sulfur groups of aconitase homologs that regulate the cellular labile iron pool.
  • Release of free, unliganded iron from heme by hypochlorous acid attack (in severe NETosis, neutrophils dump tons of SOD and MPO enzymes into blood vessels, and these make hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorous acid).
  • Hydroxyl radical formation due to the aforementioned liberation of iron.
  • Extravasation of neutrophils and monocytes into the alveoli, pulmonary edema, hyaline membrane formation (basically, ARDS/ALI stuff).
  • Sloughing of activated vascular endothelial cells. The exposed basement membrane releases clotting factors that activate platelets; the body perceives holes in the vascular endothelium as leaks that need immediate patching with clots.
  • Attack on vascular pericytes and intussusceptive angiogenesis (blood vessels start budding and growing new branches).
  • Possible ischemia-reperfusion injury due to micro-clotting, aggressively accelerating oxidative stress.
  • Nrf2 suppression preventing breakdown of excess ROS, exacerbating all of the above.
  • Lots more.
People with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes cannot handle the oxidative stress. Their body’s antioxidant enzymes are already basically at saturation, and the virus depresses their activity further. Cells stew in a caustic soup of ROS, causing massive tissue damage. The body basically does it to itself; this cascade of lipid peroxidation, inflammation, and multiple organ failure is literally just a form of sepsis (although hemodynamics of COVID-19 patients tend to be stable; they don’t ever seem to go into septic shock with the associated drop in blood pressure) due to an overactive immune response.

Our bodies have a wide range of enzymes that deal with reactive oxygen species. Glutathione peroxidase turns hydrogen peroxide into water using glutathione and selenium, for instance. If these are disabled, then reactive oxygen species will start to build up and form oxidatively modified lipids, and those oxidatively modified lipids can act as DAMPs that feed right into TLRs and trigger even more cytokine and chemokine release, and they can also trigger autoimmunity because the immune system recognizes them as non-self and forms antibodies against them. This is a feedback loop. ROS oxidizes lipids > oxidized lipids summon neutrophils through their action on toll-like receptors > neutrophils release ROS > ROS oxidizes lipids > ad infinitum. The body needs some level of oxidative stress at all times. Immune cells use it to kill bacteria and fungi, and it’s also used by the body to destroy cancer cells. Oxidative stress has key signaling properties that can even stimulate cell growth as necessary. You don’t want to cancel all of it, but at the same time, you don’t want too much of it, either.

When people talk about red wine and leafy greens and antioxidants and shit like that, what they’re talking about is molecules that act as electron donors and acceptors. A lot of plant phenols have this property. Radicals are molecules that strip electrons from adjacent molecules. An antioxidant is just something that donates an electron to the radical and makes it “happy”, instead of the radical, say, stripping electrons from cell membranes or DNA or something important.

Oxygen is highly reactive. We breathe oxygen because our metabolisms are very high-energy and we need it as an electron acceptor at the end of the electron transport chain. Without oxygen, you would die. Also, oxygen slowly kills you, just as surely as it rusts iron. Go figure.

COVID-19 can cause capillary leaks, edema, and micro-clotting in basically all of the vital organs, but particularly the lungs. This is actually caused by over-zealous immune cells tricked by the virus’s proteins. Over-zealous immune response is a hallmark of SARS, and that’s why they treat it with steroids, of course. SARS-CoV-2 can, and does, attack astrocytes in the brain, endothelial cells and pericytes in the cardiovascular system, the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas (some survivors of severe COVID-19 have developed new-onset diabetes), intestinal epithelial cells, renal tubules and podocytes, reproductive organ tissues, and possibly even the bile ducts.

They can quite possibly tune the lethality of the virus up and down by adjusting cell tower broadcast power, without needing “variants” or anything like that. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but there is evidence that this is possible. Look up the work of Dr. Martin L. Pall on NO/ONOO- disease and VGCCs.

EMF at a power level below that required to induce heating of tissues can potentially open voltage-gated calcium channels, or VGCCs, which are membrane-bound gateways in cells that essentially act like floodgates on a dam, but only to specifically admit calcium ions. This would result in more calcium influx into the cells, precipitating additional oxidative stress. Since the virus already admits calcium into cells with its viroporins, this is calcium on top of calcium.

Some insist it’s a virus, others say it’s cell towers, but what if it’s both? A binary weapon, of sorts. If people aren’t compliant in injecting the mystery vaccines with their completely unknown constituents (which Spanish researchers say may contain graphene oxide, and which appear to perhaps be making people‘s shoulders fucking magnetic), the Shadow Government can try blackmailing the public by raising the fatalities whenever they like, using surreptitious control of wireless infrastructure. A respiratory virus which may be harmless in 99.9% of cases could suddenly have a much higher CFR due to co-occurring exposure to intense EMF.

What is in the vaccine that makes them want us to take it so badly? It can’t be anything good. If they are trying to pull a fast one on us, it will be exposed. They can’t hide the truth forever.

The FDA trying to ban NAC is very suspicious. If ROS-induced tissue injury is how COVID-19 kills, then as I said before, NAC and selenium supplementation could potentially be very helpful at prevention of severe symptoms.

@eternal dog mongler is a doctor and knows a thing or two about using NAC to treat COVID-19.

There are actually numerous mechanisms by which NAC may treat this disease:

  1. Envelope (E) and spike (S) proteins have a triple cysteine structural motif located directly after the E protein’s transmembrane domain (NH2- … L-Cys-A-Y-Cys-Cys-N … -COOH) and a similar motif located in the carboxy terminus of the S protein (NH2- … S-Cys-G-S-Cys-Cys-K … -COOH). The position, orientation, and composition of these two motifs may serve as a center for the structural link between the E and S proteins which is mediated by the formation of disulfide bonds between the corresponding cysteine residues.36 Previous studies have indicated that the entry of viral glycoprotein is affected by thiol-disulfide balance within the viral surface and the cell-surface of the host.37,38 Any perturbations in the thiol-disulfide interchange equilibrium would deter the entry of the virus into host cells.39,40Cleavage of disulfide bridges by N-acetylcysteine disrupts the structural components of the interacting proteins, thereby impairing receptor binding affinity and infectivity.
  2. N-acetylcysteine is a chemical reducer of disulfide bonds via its free sulfhydryl groups may interact with the extracellular disulfide bridges of angiotensin II receptor, alter its tertiary structure, and inhibit the binding of angiotensin II to its surface receptors (AT1a receptors) with subsequent attenuation of signal transduction and cell action. The AT1a receptors possess two sets of disulfide bridges at the extracellular domain of the receptors: C18-C274 and C101-C180. N-acetylcysteine can reduce the disulfide bonds in a dose-dependent manner,41,42 decreasing angiotensin II and increasing angiotensin 1–7 (a biologically active peptide exerting many opposing actions to angiotensin II), thus protecting against lung inflammation and fibrosis.43
  3. The sulfhydryl group of N-acetylcysteine inhibits angiotensin converting enzyme, reducing production of angiotensin II.44 In human lungs, angiotensin converting enzyme is expressed in lower lungs on type I and II alveolar epithelial cells. Following infection, viral entry begins with the attachment of spike (S) protein expressed on the viral envelope to angiotensin converting enzyme on the alveolar surface. Hence, N-acetylcysteine may prevent viral entry by limiting viral protein angiotensin converting enzyme interaction and internalization of the receptor-ligand complex.45 It also protects against oxidative stress and prevents glycosylation of proteins which may confer protection against respiratory disease syndrome and lung failure.
  4. The antioxidant effect of N-acetylcysteine ameliorates oxidative stress and inflammatory response in COVID-19.46 It amplifies the signaling functions of toll-like receptor 7 protein and mitochondrial antiviral-signaling protein for boosting type 1 interferon production.47 Type I interferon functions to induce expression of various interferon-stimulated genes that exert antiviral activities to host cells.48
  5. The receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) and its ligands have a crucial role in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome as well as lung inflammation. Circulating levels of soluble RAGE (sRAGE, a decoy receptor) are positively associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome severity and mortality risk, whereas reduction in circulating levels of sRAGE drop results in disease resolution.49 Advanced glycation end products are formed by a reaction of the dicarbonyl compounds methylglyoxal and glyoxal with amino acids in proteins during glycolysis. Methylglyoxal and methylglyoxal-derived AGE can further activate inflammatory cells by binding to RAGE.50 N-acetylcysteine induces endogenous glutathione and hydrogen sulfide synthesis, thus attenuating methylglyoxal-induced protein glycation and additional glycosylation events in SARS-CoV-2 which may then inhibit the virus’s infectivity and associated pathologies.51
  6. N-acetylcysteine inhibits NF-κB activation by suppressing TNF-induced IκB kinases, followed by impediment of proteasome-dependent degradation.52 This prevents translocation of NF-κB from cytoplasm to the nucleus and block expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines which have been correlated with severity and lethality in various acute respiratory viral infections, including Influenza A H5N1, highly pathogenic H1N1, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2.53
In short, in addition to being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it may even be antiviral.

The FDA are trying to ban its use as a dietary supplement, despite its safe use as such for many, many years. The people that we’ve entrusted with our health are actively harming us.

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