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On the day of your country's next election, and for early voting the days before that, 70%+ of the eligible voting population woke up, thought about you, and decided you had to be president, prime minister, or what have you. To make this happen, they voted for you. The jews/lizard people/aliens/gamers etc. have their backs turned long enough that you actually get into the seat of power and are there for 1 term. If there are age limitations, just assume you were born earlier for the hypothetical. Nobody in the media voted for you, so they're all confused and extremely critical as they try to figure it out. Every other demographic, including other politicians, voted for you with a 70/30 split or greater in favor of you. Anyone who did vote for you, when asked why, gives a vague answer like "I just through he/she would do a good job, you know?", but you can't count on them for subsequent terms unless you actually win them over again. All of the restrictions, power checks, and benefits apply.
If you don't want to power level, just assume your parents immigrated into the USA legally before you were born and you won the USA presidential election.

Now that you are in power, what do you do? Who do you pick as your last minute vice president, or your countries equivalent if it has one? Who do you put into your cabinet? What bills do you try to push through? Where do you direct the military? How do you try to influence the budget? How do you deal with the media? Through executive order do you establish a tabletop RPG group with the speaker of the house and party leaders?

Arctic Fox

Does it have to be so cold?
I'd push to make it unlawful for any state to enact weapon restrictions, push for one time vehicle registration nationwide, one time licensing, and spen the majority of my time swinging the Sherman Anti-truat Act into the skulls of every huge company that deserves it.

I have more, but I'm not typing an essay on my cellphone.


Cryptids are a Cute! CUTE!
I will round up all non-Aryans starting with Jews and excluding slavs and japs and then cheaply and effectively dispose of them, anyone trying to protect them will face the same fate.
Anyone practicing any region besides Christianity and Buddhism will be corrected.
Anyone practicing any forms of degeneracy from shit-play to just being a homosexual will be sterilized.
Any forms of book burning and censorship will be punished with an iron fist, however anyone being influenced by older texts will re-educated.
anyone with any unhealthy traits or disabilities will either be disposed of or sterilized depending on their severity.
All current political parties will be eradicated and a new one will built around being unified under the same religious beliefs and race.
pedophiles will be subject to extremely painful public tortures before being killed.

I'll turn the country communist, steal a fortune which I will deposit on my Swiss account and when the populace starts eating its own dead I will skedaddle to the Philippines for my retirement.
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Dock every politicians retirement funds and their bank accounts and make them work in refugee asylums, the Bundeswehr, the healthcare sector, nursing homes, schools and similarly neglected fields for at least a year, then slowly allow them back into politics and see if they finally understand just what the fuck they have been doing wrong this whole goddamned time.
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Harvey Danger

getting tired of this whole internet thing
  1. Immediately start legislation to create 1-term limits on every elected office, including mine.
  2. Start prosecutions against executives at Mastercard, Paypal, etc for injecting politics into payment processors. Change any laws that might prevent this. Make clear threats to banks that they're next.
  3. Create regulations that any metropolitan population area can not import its water from more than 15 miles away. Call them "sustainability laws", let the climate change fanatics feel smug and take credit for that one.
  4. Find the biggest, baddest, man-portable weapon our military has in its vaults. Pose for my official Presidential portrait dual-wielding it.
I figure everything else will work itself out once those are taken care of.

Papa Adolfo's Take'n'Bake

It's screamin' good.
(Assuming all policies will then go through)

Repeal the Patriot Act
Re-institute donation caps to political campaigns
Re-invigorate and get the DEA back up and working by hamstringing the ATF
Bring the CIA to heel, cease all extra-constitutional military actions
Audit the Federal Reserve
Audit the MIC

It would be a hell of a lot of fun while it lasts.

Sofonda Cox


Institute a moratorium of ten years on breeding of all species, including human.

Create incentives for sterilization, and involuntary sterilization programs for the disabled, the exceptional, and the genetically diseased.

Abolition of Islam by aggressive and hostile means - those who refuse to comply would be deported to the middle east. Institution of militant separation of church and state.

Destroy and rebuild the infrastructure of major cities in the rust belt, create relocation and training programs for the chronically unemployed.

Revamp the foster care and mental health systems completely. Close the bureau of Indian affairs completely and fulfill the legal duties proscribed in all our treaties.

Programs to voluntarily repatriate any person who wishes to return to their country of origin, followed by a course of militant nationalism.

This sounds a lot more like 'tyrant' than 'president', huh.

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