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That's right. Music videos. Those accompaniments to top forty hits--or, at least, projected hits--that have only emerged in the last thirty years.

Some tell stories. Some are just footage of the band playing. Some are great. Many are terrible. It doesn't matter what it is--but if you like it, post it here and explain a little why!

First up for me:

Rammstein's "Sonne." A sadistic Snow White beats the shit out of her dwarfs and OD's in a bathtub. What's not to love?


Next up: Murray Head's "One Night in Bangkok."


It's purportedly a song about nuclear armament and mutually assured destruction compared to a chess game, but the producers decided to go for the most stereotypical southeast Asian motif possible, context be damned. And so we have shots of people eating rice and going to bath houses. This song was so ingrained in my memory when I was a young 'un that I was disappointed when I actually made it to Bangkok and found no chess.

Next: "Brilliant Disguise" by Bruce Springsteen.


Here's a heads up: it's a black-and-white video of Bruce Springsteen playing guitar in his kitchen. And that's it. But consider the context: Bruce was going through a divorce at the time, and the song--as it pans in, ever closer, to his face--becomes increasingly powerful. The fact that it was shot in black and white only adds to the video. At the end, when the camera view is only a close-up of Bruce Springsteen's face, is when you really feel the significance behind his words.

Next: "One" by Metallica.


"One" is based upon the novel Johnny Got His Gun, an anti-war novel (and later film) penned shortly after the First World War. It follows the experience of a young man named Johnny, who was sent to the Western Front in 1917--and consequently lost the use of his eyes, ears, arms, and legs. Suffering from "locked in" syndrome, Johnny becomes a medical curiosity. Metallica actually purchased the film rights in order to produce this video.

And finally:


"Hurt" by Johnny Cash. I'm a Johnny Cash fan, and I consider this song the most poignant and significant of his entire career. It just sums up his entire life so perfectly--I can't help but get chills when I watch this video.


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Here's some pure 80s cheese at its finest:

It's got dancing hotdogs, a singing plaster bust and a man pussying out on a diving board. And I like to think the director was on some sort of plant when coming up with it.

Plus who else wouldn't want a frog butler?

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Jewelsmakerguy said:
Here's some pure 80s cheese at its finest

I'll raise you some early green screen.

And of course, I can't not mention this one...


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I gotta say, the video for Kiss's song Psycho Circus, is one of the funniest music videos ever. Corny Cgi that was probably good at the time, a SKELETON WHOA!!!!!!, a circus?? 2SPOOKY GUIZ!!!, the Cgi flying guitar holy shit! so fucking metal!!! Seriously I actually really like Kiss, they make some funny music videos though. This video is the funniest to me though. The video is also interesting because it was the first time in a long time that the original band was together.


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This is probably my favorite music video just because of how fucked up and confusing it is.


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Korn's video for Freak on a Leash
Marilyn Manson's video for The Nobodies
Princes video for Batdance
Madonna's video for Like a Prayer
Micheal Jackson, Smooth Criminal
Lady Gaga- Bad Romance, and Telephone (yeah I know, I'm Bi so these choices aren't embarrassing)
Die Antword makes great videos too.


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