Your favorite music videos -


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And here we have a very beautiful (and mylawd she is just soooo :heart-full: ) singer perform a very badass song.


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I Stay Away by Alice in Chains


Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam


Late at Night by Futureshock



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Maria Vidal on the 80s variety show Toppop. What a fun song.

Neener, neener, neeneener, neener. Neener, neener, neeneener, neener. :)



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Since I got beaten to the punch for Rammstein's Sonne, here's my other favorite video from them. It does a fantastic job tying together some of their past videos (including Sonne) into one big storyline, plus a Se7en reference.

Also, with no shame whatsoever:



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Oh, we do have one of these threads! I was about to make one myself, and boy would I have had egg on my face.

Psychedelic heavy metal nightmares

Jesus Christ's identical twin travels through time to score some weed



Billy of Hills

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Features a literal asshole.
Talking anus aside, the animation is really good. A political cartoonist, Gerard Scarfe, was in charge of animation.


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Yazoo -- Only You. Predates Bjork's famous All Is Full Of Love (Chris Cunningham) by 8 years:

Culture Club -- Miss Me Blind. You can't do this shit on TV anymore.

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