your ideal goal or dream body - one day, you may.

if you could choose any type of physic you could get at the snap of a finger, what would you take?



here is some for our anime boys


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nigger of the north
I don't do much bodybuilding work these days, concentrating on weightlifting/strength work instead. I still hit some hypertrophy stuff for upper chest, shoulders, legs; but that's because I don't want to end up like Uncle Ruslan...

If I can finish up like Oleksiy Torokhtiy, I'll be happy. Dude is strong as a motherfucker, and looks pretty damn good by the standards of your average weightlifter.



At least my third leg is still working.
Acquiring an abdominal pack of any kind once in life, and maintaining it. A crisp jawline, and some decently built legs for speed and strength to get up from a chair when I get older.

Last time I saw this gay hunk YouTube didn't even have mid-video ads. Is Scooby even still alive?

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My kingdom for fuller thigh genetics. (:_(
At least the thighs are proportional to the ass. Just keep doing your squats.
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