You're going to die and you can have any one thing - I guess this is sorta like Make-A-Wish Foundation


By your genders combined, I am Captain Tumblr
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At the moment just prior to death, an almost-perfect (as close as possible) copy of my conciousness is copied into a computer complex enough to run the simulation in real time, with reasonable amount of cycles to spare for future advancement.
It's no reincarnation because it's not me it's just a copy of something that behaves like me, and we exist at the same time (briefly). It's enough like me to continue to do all the things I would have done if I didn't have this ridiculous contrived curse/wish situation placed on me, such as get revenge on @skiddlez
The ability to control the flow of time and act outside of it. Haha, how are you gonna kill me now fatal disease?

If I can't have that, I'll also take the brain upload to paradise land server.

Midlife Sperglord

Sperging over console gaming.
A part of me wants to make the sarcastic joke about wanting a harem of willing sex servents to party with until I die.

But, seriously, I would want a vacation to Germany. Preferably if I were to die while partying at Oktoberfest.
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New Zealander & Agriculturalist
I'd like a TARDIS for a few days.
Go to the past, get some nonextant documents for scholars and historians. Right before death, go to a close-ish extra solar planet and die, so a probe finds a human corpse in the far future.

spurger king
I want one of these, but with an eye-rape paint job and a couple of powerful speakers facing the ground. Oh also it would be my means of dying as well.


Russian Collusion

All Hail The Galactic Empire
This will sound weird but I'd ask someone I love where they want to go for vacation. That way they have something fun to look back on after I'm gone.

Emperor Julian
Well there's this guy in my home village who likes to fuck little girls and it's only the fact he's getting old and everyone knows him which prevents this so If I ever get a terminal decease I'm just going to go and choke him out.

Does that count?

my wish is that i get to make a list of people (and groups of people), and when i die they all drop dead with me.
for thousands of years to come, everybody will remember the day of the great mysterious purge as a pivotal event that ushered in a great golden age for humanity.
I would do this. But I'd also write a book full of bad poetry and dungeons and dragon larping, as well as a couple chapters in latin and a non-existing language. I'd print at least 10 of them, handbound them if need be, and make a youtube video how I studied hamsters all my life and how studying hampture finally led to a breakthrough of the coming world changing event that was coming and predict the purge about 90% acurately, just wrong enough to keep people debating for centuries.

Should result in either a hampture religion or eradication of hamsters. Or both, with people secretly builfing underwater habitats for hamsters and hamster police trying to find them all.
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Imperialist #348
one giant library containing all and every item to exist and will exist, which is watched over by those who will stand the test of time.

Systemic Shock

Unable to restore equilibrium
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The eradication of suffering. Death is inevitable, we can at least die in peace.

The Fool
I would wish that, moments before my death, I would spontaneously get an erection, that, through a series of unforeseeable but blatantly observable events, would result in a terrorist being stopped from committing an act that would have deviated the world and would have left a long-lasting mark that would result in decades of tragedy. The world over would herald my dick and it's incredible erection as the savior of all mankind, and my tombstone would be erected (lol) in the facsimile of my phallus to honor me and my unique capabilities. These events would accumulate into a chain reaction of all the fit and capable youths in the modern world to forego their own futures and skill-sets to instead focus on their erections and their capabilities for forming one. As the decades passed, families would fail to form and society would fail to prosper as all young males would be too focused on perfecting their erections to re-enact my own world-saving erection. As the years would persist, the Erection Games would ensue where world leaders would be selected not by their political connections or charisma, but by the power of their erection versus the erections of the men chosen previously by the Erection Games. Eventually, mankind itself would be so focused on forming erections that all their self-preservation and procreation instincts would become overridden with the desire of having an erection, and mankind itself would revert back into the middle ages. Through the primitive nature of man learning how to weave cloth again to protect themselves from the harsh winters brought about by global warming, their monuments crumbling by the day, only one thing would be left standing amidst it all; my solid stone cock.

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