Zinnia Jones / Satana Kennedy / Zachary Antolak / Zack Sklar / Lauren McNamara/Soersdal / @zjemptv - Queen of the Horse Dildos and Defender of Rapists

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Feb 15, 2015







@yawning sneasel helped with much of the research that went into this thread, but I have heard about Zinnia Jones before through other sources. Sargon of Akkad has even mentioned him a few times in some of his YouTube videos and from what it looks like, he's been a major fixture in the Atheism+ and atheist feminist community for years now, especially when you're talking about Free Thought Blogs. @Chemical snorfare is someone I consider one of the foremost experts on this topic so I hope he comes around to fill any gaps I might have missed here. Atheism+ is also important to talk about with the rat king because some of these cult members like Laurelai were active on the Atheism+ forum and banhammered a long time ago. I strongly feel that there should be a thread due to how people like Richard Jones and others in the rat king always seem to follow this tranny's Twitter and pay attention to his YouTube series. He appears to be a big influence on a lot of them so this page is going to serve as an infodump on what Jones has been up to for the past couple of years.


He has a little entry on ED under the Free Thought Blogs section but really not as much as I thought he'd have and I found an entry about him in the Chloe Sagal thread as well. The comment for quick reference here.

Has the fight between her and Zinnia Jones been discussed yet? https://twitter.com/[email protected] @ChloeSagal&src=typd You can really only see her side of it now but I guess it was huge in the community? Those fights were under Rani's "watch" also. You can't see it but it was Chloe + a gang against her and her friends, and it was another one of these "YOU'RE NOT HELPING ME ENOUGH SO I WILL DESTROY YOU" things.

Kinda impossible to read though you can find some in the January/Early Feb tweet saves http://tweetsave.com/chloesagal (<- HUNDREDS OF TWEETS HERE BTW)

"You fucking people are scum. Humans are scum. All of you deserve to fucking suffer the pain I'm currently going through."

"i am autiostic and i dont understand hiw to talk to you normasl people"

"I wish I had the power to just kill every single human on the planet."

"You fucking people are scum. Humans are scum. All of you deserve to fucking suffer the pain I'm currently going through."

"uan aytustuic all ui want is a litrle help and i dobt kjow how to do it right and rthat fustrates me"

"Good bye everyone, i'm about to jump off the roof."

Though to be fair just taking the worst tweets and lining them up in a row would make everyone look bad... except all of those tweets are from the 11th... and it's not all of the tweets. I repeat, those six are from one day.



Cathy Brennan is obviously a cow of her own and quite a dyke, but when it comes to doxing these clowns, she is surprisingly a valuable resource and was the one who doxed Laurelai to fuck.



Zinnia seems to be the ebegging type too just like Richard Jones and all these other losers we've covered extensively. The only difference is that somehow Zinnia actually has a big following on YouTube. Over 40,000 subscribers and counting when I checked up on the page. Patreon account is also included if you want to see the money that he gets goes. At first glance it looks like an Anita Sarkeesian style kind of thing going on with how a lot of the money goes towards creating these vlogs that he does on his YouTube channel.

From that Cathy Brennan page, the Tumblr to this assclown sis also linked if you want to see how much of a rat he looks like. The domain is called zinnia.sexy for Christ's sake.

He has also written for Free Thought Blogs in the past and now has his own blog that he writes on. Email and contact information is given right on the left part of the page. The Orbit is where he currently does his blog posts.



In the massive amount of links I was sent, a LinkedIn account was also included and the following is a screenshot from it and a link to a Reddit account that he's also quite active on.


YouTube Wikia page goes into good detail about his polyamorous relationships:


Just by typing harassment into the advanced search feature on Twitter
, I found a whole plethora of tweets from Zinnia about the subject.


With all of this said, which rat king members are Zinnia Jones fans? Tyler Thorp is one great example of one. I found a bunch of these tweets from him.

https://twitter.com/search?q=from:thefirefly14 to:ZJemptv&src=typd


NekoArc also appears to be a fan and I strongly suspect that Richard Jones is likely a big fan of Zinnia's. Even if Zinnia isn't that much of a cow, he attracts a lot of these nutters and is a valuable resource in being able to understand where the rat king hangs and festers.

Zinnia, just like a lot of these rat king people, loves to show off their bodies in a sexual way.


There was a lot stuff that might be worth going through. I really wanted to have this thread up as soon as I could because its relevance to the rat king and how weird it is that people like Neko and Tyler would be fans. Jesus Christ, even Laurelai has tweeted Zinnia before too, strengthening the case for this thread needing to be up.


Further reading:

Archive I took of one of Zinnia's old Myspace photos


@introman posted some important background information about Zinnia's drama with Reddit in this link to the Something Sensitive forum.

Edit 2: A brief rundown of Zinnia can be found later on in the thread below
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Dec 25, 2015
Ah, this guy. Loves to present himself as some sort of academic oracle of all things trans, when in reality it's all bollocks he imagined with some long words thrown in, cos he just loves the attention. His arguments always boil down to how you can't argue with a trans, shitlords, cos oppression or something. Wooo, scientific.

Didn't he start out as a weeaboo or furry or something?

(to be fair to him, he passes better than most)


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Apr 8, 2016
I used to watch the occasional ZJ video back in the days when there was an "atheist youtube community." This was before multiple schisms, and then the king of all schisms that resulted from Atheism+. That was back when you could do direct video replies. Why the fuck did youtube get rid of that? Anyhow, I'll just say that the notion that ZJ passes better than most must be a recent development, because that definitely wasn't true a decade or so ago. Dude's adam's apple reminded me of fucking Quato from Total Recall. Pretty sure I had a nightmare one time where it told me to open my mind to transgender rights.


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Jan 22, 2016
Yeah this exceptional individual popped up on my radar because they had beef with ICP

Only they could make ICP look good in comparison for being so goddamn smug about it

Nooooo!! I loved the miracles review. Ugh god I hope this post is wrong. I've enjoyed a few of her vids in the past. One of those no no it can't be this is clearly someone else things only to accept the truth.

Please don't crush my dream of zinnia just being an interesting person with interesting views on numerous topics beyond trans issues... I think I need a moment to quietly weep and digest this new found revelation.

Fucking magnets how do they work will remain funny til the end of time. The dead pan review of said question only made it funnier.

Oh well.
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Feb 25, 2015
Passability does not add up. Seven non-passable boys in panties does not equal Bailey Jay.
the formula for passability is as follows
(p_1)*e^(p_1^2)+(p_2)*e^(p_2^2)+.....(p_n)*e^(p_n^2) such that the more badly passing trannies there are in the room the more they look like a group of men and this grows exponentially (note that lack of passing is always a negative number)


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Jan 30, 2014
Haha, yea. They're definitely a part of the rat king. Zinnia Jone's power word is Zack Sklar. This chucklehead drank so much Pepsi that he nearly died when complications arose from kidney stones a few years ago. I believe it was sepsis, but not 100% on that.

Pretty sure you can't give yourself a kidney stone just from drinking too much soda. It won't do you any favours if you're already forming one or have a predisposition for them, but soda alone won't do it.

Sort of surprised this thread didn't turn up sooner. I guess ZJ just manages to keep a thick enough armour of credibility, appeal, and passing to avoid becoming a full scale cow. I watched a few of their videos about five years ago but I just couldn't get used to the very... stilted-sounding delivery? Autistic? I don't know, but the way they talked managed to put me off.

Oh, and apparently ZJ doesn't understand heterosexuality.



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Mar 15, 2016
This guy learned his diction from watching discovery channel documentaries, I think

Also: "After years of identifying as a gay male, Zinnia finally came to the conclusion that she was actually a transwoman"

Translation: After being jailhouse-gay because he couldn't get near pussy, he grew weary of getting his asshole rekt on the reg, and decided to put on lipstick and find some fugly (and/or daddy's money) lesbians to bump uglies with.
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Apr 12, 2016

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