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Zinnia Jones / Satana Kennedy / Zachary Antolak / Zack Sklar / Lauren McNamara/Soersdal / @zjemptvQueen of the Horse Dildos

Discussion in 'La Zorra' started by chimpburgers, Apr 13, 2016.

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  1. the difference is that if a step parent leaves they have no rights to visitation, and the reason that they don't is because children overwhelmingly prefer their biological parents in every possible respect. If zach noped out of the situation the kids would not react the way they did when their real dad left. A biological parent has to fuck up really badly for their child to prefer a step parent. There is an automatic bond that develops between genetically related parents and kids and it can't be replicated or replaced. Many adopted kids seek out the parents that abandoned them, or even try to find out who their mother's sperm donor was, that behavior makes zero sense if all types of parents are totally interchangeable. All of this is obvious to anyone who isn't trying to make it seem like reproductive biology is irrelevant.

    edit: look at this exceptional idea go to its logical conclusion.


    "Full Surrogacy Now brings a fresh and unique perspective to the debate. Rather than making surrogacy illegal or allowing it to continue as is, Sophie Lewis argues we should be looking to radically transform it. Surrogates should be put front and center, and their rights to the babies they gestate should be expanded to acknowledge that they are more than mere vessels. In doing so we can break down our assumptions that children necessarily belong to those whose genetics they share.

    This might sound like a radical proposal but expanding our idea of who children belong to would be a good thing. Taking collective responsibility for children, rather than only caring for the ones we share DNA with, would radically transform notions of kinship. Adopting this expanded concept of surrogacy helps us to see that it always, as the saying goes, takes a village to raise a child."

    you can file this under worst ideas ever, and also shit that has already been tried and failed in the 60s
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    #5661 sperginity, Feb 10, 2019
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  2. How dare you challenge the gender studies wunderkind Zinnia?!!
  3. Imagine being so empty inside that you have to fill up your butt with horse dildos...
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  4. Not even Bad Dragon sells horse dildos big enough to fill up the void and emptiness that is Zach.
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  5. 2222.png
    Yup, why don't we all lead productive, mentally healthy lives like Zach does?



    POSIE PARKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Compared to all the sizzling takes Zach and other troons have made, "women who call themselves men should be sterilized" is very mild.

    It doesn't remotely follow.


    The Amsterdam Cohort of Gender Dysphoria Study has recently published a report. Two take home messages:
    1) Even in a hive of degeneracy like the Netherlands, the prevalence of troons is way lower than 1% ("The estimated prevalence in the Netherlands in 2015 was 1:3,800 for men (transwomen) and 1:5,200 for women (transmen)" -- and that's after a 20-fold rise since 1980)
    2) Post-surgical regrets are few; "only 0.6% of transwomen and 0.3% of transmen who underwent gonadectomy were identified as experiencing regret", and the researchers further split the regretters into several camps, only half of them are classified as having "true regret".

    Guess which point does Zach focus on?

    To be fair this is an interesting study and Zach seems to be drawing the appropriate conclusion, so I make an exception and link to his blog.

    Going to college doesn't turn you into any thing you want to be; just ask any number of college grads.
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  6. "College is great, I don't need validation now!". Zach, the reason you're in college is to have anything that provides "evidence" that the nonsense you speak is right.


    Well, hello there!

    I knew you were reading this thread. You still aren't proving me wrong because no evidence has been offered to do so.
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  7. Reminder that she is in her first year of undergrad.
    Slow your roll there, ace. This sudden rush of smug intellectualism you're feeling?
    That's what those of us who went through college at the normal age refer to as "Freshman Syndrome".
    Or, if you like, "Dunning-Kruger".

    That's the reality here, and it's going to be harsh, because even if she goes the distance and graduates? She ain't done. The kind of research she wants to do and the kind of clout she's looking for is a PhD program level of research.
    Right now? She's the kid who's half through his intro psych class and is diagnosing his friends.
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  8. :story::story::story::story: we can't all be drug abusing cam whores! It's only for mentally healthy individuals like zach. In fact, having a kiwi farms thread is reserved for the sanest of people, and that is doubly true of lolcows who obsessively read their own kiwi farms threads and subtweet about it.

    Posie said they should be sterilized because being a mother is the opposite of being a man, so it is more of a case of "if you're really a man, logically you should sterilize yourself to avoid ever being pregnant". Posie argued that children deserve to have a mother so it is unfair for FTMs to have children and not acknowledge that they are mothers instead of fathers. In her mind the role of mother is specific and meaningful for children and I would say that's a compelling argument. She didn't call for the state or doctors to sterilize anyone, how dramatic of zach.

    The absolute best thing about posie is that she doesn't give a shit. She isn't going to issue an apology for having an opinion, she just keeps on working for women's rights regardless of who supports her or not.
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  9. If he was so much better than us like he pretends, he would at least link the thread.

    Cleansing the thread's palate with a wholesome image of Parker Posey
    palate cleanse.jpg
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    MediocreMilt Trigger the libs. Own the libs.

  10. No one has to "stalk" you, Zach. You work overtime to make yourself into a "celebrity" through self-promotion and freshening your brand online. You put a great deal of effort into continually inserting yourself into internet battles with your betters and reminding everyone that you were a "consultant" on the Jazz show. (As if this is something to actually be proud of.)

    As such, you've made yourself a de facto public figure. Stop whining like a little bitch, and accept that you don't get to dictate how each and every member of the viewing audience perceives you.

    You're the guy standing on a soapbox in the middle of the sidewalk, with a dildo hanging out your ass and fondling your own fail-titties, ranting about your personal sexual fetishes to the crowd. Sure, you've gathered a small crowd of like-minded people who are fans, but you've also attracted those of us who can still recognize a sideshow freak when we see one. Not everyone likes or endorses you. Those who don't, have every right to heckle and jeer you when you make a spectacle of yourself. That's show biz.

    TL;DR Grow the fuck up and accept that if you choose to live in public you must endure the haters as well as the sycophants.
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    Winnie the Poohnani

    Winnie the Poohnani Bird is the word.

  11. Come talk to us, Zach, as long as you're reading this thread. I'll even play nice and call you a she if you do.
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    Fat Pikachu

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  12. [​IMG]

    Hey ZJ!

    It's not a "conspiracy theory" to accuse an individual of lying. :P
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  13. I think it's safe to say that even if Zach is currently attending classes, his history of dissembling and hiding the truth is going to take over soon.

    It won't be long before he keeps up the facade of going to classes, but actually uses the time to argue on Twitter or send newds to some other perv. Like the guy who gets laid off but keeps pretending to go to work and spending money just so the wife won't find out for a while.

    Zach will start figuring out ways to get larger student loan overage checks cut for him without Heather's knowledge. He will hide spending and live high on the hog.

    This is a guy who absolutely thrills to feel duper's delight. He got off on cheating with an ugly troon on his wedding day. He gets off on convincing people that clear, definitional untruths are true. He would no doubt love to spend a semester pretending to go to college while picking up checks and making purchases without Heather knowing. Anything that puts him in a position of power that he can betray while jerking off.
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    #5673 Abortions4All, Feb 11, 2019
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  14. That's because they've had gay rights since the 1990s. It's not at all surprising that a country where gay people are already accepted and integrated would have a low number of troons. More gay acceptance means there is less pressure on gender non-conforming homos (femme gays and butch lesbians) to transition, that should be obvious.
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    Nykysnottrans Repeat after me: I am beautiful.

  15. I don't think that explains the explosion of troons after gay marriage and the recognition of gays as being functioning members of society.

    Instead, it seems like the transtrending assholes and sociopaths have moved on, decided being gay isn't extreme enough, and picked something that can still piss people off.
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  16. This is why traditionally you'd see way more black or Latino trannies, especially in poor areas; the super homophobic culture in those communities meant a lot of effeminate gay guys ended up going trans as a coping mechanism. Even today you still see most "legit" trannies being minorities, as opposed to the recent crop of vile autistic AGP white transbians that make up 80% of the lolcows documented here.
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  17. This is the kind of shit I've heard from radical Marxists, because no one that isn't bullied and brainwashed from birth buys into that insanity. It's about the only they'd be able to have rank and file idiots to fill their horrendous system, which they somehow imagine envision as placing them in a position of post-revolution luxury, instead of either against a wall or in a rice field.
  18. After same sex marriage was settled by the Supreme Court, gays had achieved the holy grail that activists had been focused on for decades. This, however, left intact a huge army of activists and nonprofit groups who needed a new cause celebre, or risk extinction. Those groups weren't about to say "we won" and just get on with their lives doing non-activist things -- they'd built a machine and there was no point in walking away from such a lucrative institutionalized cash cow.

    So gay rights organizations collectively determined that trans bathroom rights were the next battleground, and they pivoted to embrace the new trans narrative, one that would keep their organizations viable.

    They've got a path to the future now that there are more and more recruits who are vulnerable to being told that all their problems are because they're "gender non-normative" or whatever. In this particular instance, assholes like Zach are salesmen for a rapidly growing troon industrial complex built on gender affirmation, hormone therapy and surgical reassignment. All of which have exploded in the last decade as the political power being wielded pushes aside all the old "archaic" ideas of medical protocols, and "first do no harm".
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  19. I hope ZJ continues to spreg out every time Debrah Soh mentions desistance.
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  20. And the problem with this is a near absolute refusal ever to address the Ma'amoths in the room, actual violent male predators who are viewing shit like this as an excuse to go rampaging around aggressively menacing women in their own spaces.
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