• “that video where he and shaun_jen make fun of DSP was really fucking ableist with this "look at how this person can't function as a human being" undertones that gave me traumatic flashbacks of the SA anime board.“

Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverrideCunt, slept with 5 guys, Con Artist, ruined own life & blamed neckbeards, ANTIFA field medic

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by anusaurus, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. Better yet, take her hand and use it to hack her phone. But start sending tweets to her, including pictures of her own hand sending her tweets from her stolen phone.

    The way to which you could use just her hand to "Hack" the LOLS so qUiRkY wanna be cyborg are vast

    Edit: Better yet, program an actual game using said severed hand, and include a link to the advertisements on the microchip
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  2. Lol that pasty nigga cant even get laid and still worships a con artist. Pathetic.
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  3. Reading that filled me with such joy. Poor little fucker torpedoes his (albeit unremarkable with no reason to see it going anywhere anyway) career for her, and he hadn't so much as kissed her at the time. And wouldn't ever get to, either.
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  4. She calls him a right hand man because he got very acquainted with his right hand while being her cuckolded never-laid slave.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  5. :late: Anita's channel is dead. She's gone from millions of views down to barely scraping 2k views, and her attempts to tropes vs women other things have failed miserably. She could murder someone live on YouTube no one would ever know. Zoe still makes headlines at least. :late:

    Something like that might have already happened (though I hope not). There was an anti-gger who admitted on Twitter to masturbating while thinking of GamerGate. Add in various game journalists writing articles about shoving things up their own bums. It's not to unreasonable to think that Zoe has a Vivian James outfit covered in game journo spunk.
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    Judge Dredd

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  6. That was David "Ass Boy" Gallant, "game developer," mainly known other than for masturbating to Gamergate for sending Zoe unsolicited nudes of himself.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
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  7. salute to a real one

    it brings me an unreasonable amount of joy knowing Milo Yiannopolous has nearly a million subscribers and has way more views than her.
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    Rekkington Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"

  8. As much as everyone made fun of that McIntosh cuck she used to date, it's pretty clear that he was mostly the one who made her material anything of note. As soon as he left, her turnout got much worse in terms of frequency and content.
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    Francis York Morgan

    Francis York Morgan FBI Special Agent
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  9. and never uploads new videos, but still maintains his following
  10. lmao at Anita's channel having 223k subs and getting like 3k views. Assuming 3k views per vid that is like 1.3% of their subs watching their videos. Pathetic.
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  11. I guess anyone is a possible powerful right hand man if this is all it takes.


    zq (1).jpg
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  12. pets-wearing-wigs7.jpg
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  13. I feel like Josh McInjosh was the stupidity magnet that put the most effort but being some woke propaganda lover couldn't resist making the most egregious errors while warping facts. Look at it, since he left FF they haven't made any headlines, because not only did they become more slow but also more dull and derivative. Without the Jonathan's special stupid sauce, FemFreq is reduced to a dry, unapetizing gruel, and with woke crowd dividing into neoliberal and anti-capitalist tribes, she picked more well off but merely paying lip service neolibs whereas Jonathan was one of the rabid crypto-communists before it was cool.

    Also, interesting fact, since leaving Macintosh developed a new strategy, instead of being "this cool thing you like? It's patriarchy and capitalism" he's now "this thing you hate? It's patriarchy and capitalism's fault". Which just shows what a propagandist ideologue he truly is.

    She looks way better when you don't see her face. Would probably look pretty good if you couldn't see her at all.
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    #10673 Stock Photo James, Sep 15, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  14. It makes me really happy that Shoe has more subscribers than Anita (1,062,248 ) despite much lower production values. In contrast to Anita's HD camera and green screens, Shoe uses the same outdated webcam in her bedroom but gets 5 times the attention because she's that much more appealing.

    Once Anita stopped focusing on video games most people stopped giving a shit, though her rallying cries in favor of Communism still get videos made of her (on channels that also have more subscribers than she does.)
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    UnclePhil Getting older in a changing, frightening world.

  15. Wait, how did she "lose a lover" because of Gamer Gay? Alex thrived off the energy and gamergay didn't kill his chances of working in the game industry again, his shit attitude as an intern for multiple game companies did. Then again knowing this slut she probably fucked someone else then blamed it on gamer gay.

    It does answer why Alex hasn't left her side though. It's not cause he's orbiting her to get puss, he's orbiting her because she is a victim bux generator and he can use her to get his name on actual vidya work instead of just being the guy who fucked the cum dumpster. Alex comes from affluence, however he may not have any real drive or work experience because daddy cuts the checks.

    My hypothesis: Dad may be willing to pay some bills but tell him he refuses to let his son go full leach. He has to hold SOME kind of job. Could be any kind of job, just a job. He now gets to dick around with indie games.

    You're failing to see the big picture with Anita. Does she want over funded kickstarters and patreons that floweth over, yeah but that's all extra. Anita wants to make her money on the education circuit where she can get all the prestige and produce NO results, then get grant money, 501c3 tax exemption status, corporate sponsorship, and network and events to meet influential people. Anita got all this and more. She make her money giving speeches about feminism, rubs elbows with people who are famous who don't mind giving her charity a $5k or $10k tax deductible donation, produce low effort/low overhead content, pay little to no taxes. Sure, the public quit giving her money but to her it's all publicity. She wants to be worships and payed for verbally jerking off on stage and she's getting it.

    I remember a while back seeing she had some fishy stuff with moving money around in her 501c3 companies, but I'm not autistic enough to figure out how that system works.
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  16. I remember her blowing up about this picture because /v/ was trying to figure out what the fuck was that thing on her face. Like she did everything she could to take it down everywhere.
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  17. Something along the lines of, her social justice buddies donated to FemFreq and the money disappears. Presumably to pay Anita and/or her buddies

    Edit: If I remember correctly, someone tracked Zoe's Rebel Jam money to FemFreq.
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  18. There's a Super Seducer 2 now. Isn't this the same game mechanic Zoe's games has right? What's taking so long?
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  19. Yeah, it's an fmv game from what I've seen and iirc the guy is planning on making a third after the second one releases.
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    King n Yellow

    True & Honest Fan

  20. Oh it's sketchier than that. Don't quote me on this b/c I don't understand how this tax shit and 501c3 shit works. They would throw money through crash over ride, zoey would do the same. I don't wanna call it laundering per say since it doesn't come from illegal sources, but it is moved in weird ways.

    Then they contract each other to do work on projects, projects that are low overhead 0 effort over funded and over paid. The short of it is not only can you write off stuff but avoid your personal income taxes and funnel some of your earnings into "projects" that include personal shit you get to keep. I call it short of embezzlement because technically they do the projects and use the equipment, its just low effort. Tropes v. Women did require fancy new computers, top of the line big screen TVs, entertainment systems, etc. Speeches can budget in 2 or 3 outfits for the presentation as a work expense.

    I don't fully get the money movement though. This is why I respect Anita and not Zoe. Anita saw the bigger goal and got it. She knew where the stable income source was and she knew how to generate hype and buzz. Anita is good with the law and amazing with her taxes (which everyone and their mom filed IRS complaints on). Zoe is a small time begger who occasionally gets to do jobs for the big time con man.

    Anita is a whiny cunt and I don't like her, but to have your scam running this well after everyone has gunned for you, kicked the hornets nest of gamming only to be a guest of honor every year and network all over without sucking and fucking.... That gets some dirty respect.
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