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Zoosadist Zoosadism MegathreadJoshua "Kero the Wolf" Hoffman & Friends.

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Reality Doctor, Sep 16, 2018.

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If you really had to who would you sex?

  1. a dead cat

  2. a dead dog

  3. a dead tarantula

  4. darksydephil

  1. All scalies are gay. And they have weird fetishes.
    Mentioning which, the scalie aspects thrown onto a dog (coyote?) sona should have been a dead givaway that SnakeThing was a fucked up individual.
    You can tell waaaay too much about furries just by their fursonas.
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    NoFeline Mario's stomach ulcer practically explodes


  2. Daddys Home!!

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  3. Coyotes in specific tend to belong to some real weirdos.

    A guy who pays someone to draw his scalie/coyote fursona kissing a pet snake with his dick out is undoubtedly into some fucked up shit.
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  4. Not super informative or anything, but there is a new wave of "wah KF is bad" as some altfurry made a zoosadism evidence telegram and I can't help but laugh a bit at this one thread regarding it: https://archive.li/gcbeK

    KF caring more about "lulz" than accuracy is the most off the mark thing I've ever read. How many people were banned for faildoxxing? It sure was funny, but it isn't like mods allowed the bullshit not to be called out as such.
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    Yutyrannus Autism For The Greater Good

  5. "the alt-furs were using it so they could upload fabricated evidence"

    So I guess thinking people who literally rape puppies to death and molest their nephews deserve to be in jail means you're a neo-Nazi now.
    They really stacked all the buzzwords they could think of together to make it seem like you're the enemy of social justice and equality if believe that someone who shared a video of them raping a dead animal means that person raped a dead animal.
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  6. My current impression based on previous cases is that every single person to freak out over Kiwifarms being given credibility either has something to hide or are lolcow thread worthy themselves.

    And the altfurry connection accusation is laughable, those guys failed at every infiltration attempt due to how transparent they are.
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  7. As a plushophile Tuskyn would put children's underwear on his plushies then piss and cum on the underwear.

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  8. Altfurries are the lolcows that just keep on giving.

    It's the only reason we keep them around.
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    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  9. .. as we saw with the @Dammit Todd saga and where that group is quietly getting fed their zoophile information. Their sudden interest in helping with the zoosadist leaks has so far looked like a way to divert attention from the 'good' regular zoophiles among their number. Had been talking about the connection they have with someone privately, actually.
    Golden Compass

    Golden Compass Depart for points unknown

  10. I mean, Foxler fucks his dogs, so I have no reason to think other alt-furs would as well.

    But if I’m honest, lefty-furs would also be the first to defend someone that got outed as a subhuman if they were #woke enough. Politics and guilt by association makes for the worst bedfellows, and it’s probably why the furries who get political are some of the most degenerate ones. They see people knocking someone’s fetish, and they defend them in hopes of gaining memebers.
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    Reynard Rabid Rat with a Rape Face

  11. From an evolutionary perspective, humans relate and sympathize more with mammals because we are more closely related. Even with aquatic ones like dolphins, we find them to be cute and sympathetic because their eyes and mannerisms are relatable.

    The whole reason we use terms like "lizard people" and "reptilian shape-shifters" is because we naturally see reptiles as alien and "other" because they are so widely different from us on an evolutionary scale.

    With this in mind, furries make more sense (they're still fucking weird,) but the gap is smaller between humans and mammals than humans and reptiles.

    tl;dr: scales are even more naturally seperated and weird than furries from a biological perspective. So I'm not shocked that they're somehow more depraved as a whole.
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  12. As soon as I start seeing that I'll call the lefties out on it too. Furries need to stop protecting animal fuckers, just because they aren't killing the animal doesn't mean it isn't horrifying.
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    Golden Compass

    Golden Compass Depart for points unknown

  13. Lefties seem to be the ones more willing to defend pedos and their ilk from what I’ve seen, so...
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    Reynard Rabid Rat with a Rape Face

  14. I think altfurs are just degenerate enough that one of them being a pedophile is normal while the lefty furs pride themselves on how morally just they are, so they'd rather defend a kiddie diddler than allow their reputation to be tarnished while altfurs have no good reputation to begin with.
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  15. Scalies are notorious degenerates even among furfags.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  16. The movie.

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  17. You're taking it too literally, but then again if this thread or the popularity of "knots" is any evidence so do a ton of furries. Some are hardliners about species accuracy but others aren't in it for the animal angle at all and just mix and match whatever looks visually coherent. That's probably why people have noticed that scalies tend to have weirder fetishes, too. They're probably not involved for the same reasons.
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  18. Scalies are inherently degenerates and letting Jesus into your heart doesn't change that.

    @Meowthkip Thread when?
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  19. Well, the next time you see that be sure to archive and post it in the relevant thread. Until then I'll just point towards the many instances of altfurries doing it and also repeat the mantra 'furry degeneracy knows no political affiliaton'.
    Wasn't that the guy that went nuts and threatened to put Xydexx' head through a wall? Great stuff.
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    Golden Compass

    Golden Compass Depart for points unknown

  20. Wasn't there something with Cuteosphere or something? I wasn't paying too much attention. Though you're not wrong. Degeneracy knows no political affiliation, because alt-furry defends the exact same shit. Weird how opposites mirror each other, isn't it?
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    Reynard Rabid Rat with a Rape Face

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