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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jul 4, 2022 at 4:53 PM: Transparency report for June, 2022.
2022-06-22 - FBI Wisconsin: Grand Jury Subpoena
2022-06-22 - New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs: Formal Takedown Notice

July 4th

Warrant Canary covering the Month of June, 2022

This is a Warrant Canary for 1776 Solutions, LLC, Lolcow LLC, and
Mad at the Internet, LLC.

An explanation for what a Warrant Canary is can be found on the EFF:

National Security Letters
1776: 0
Kiwi: 0

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
1776: 0
Kiwi: 0

Gag orders under 18 USC 2705(b)
1776: 0
Kiwi: 0

In May, I mentioned the FBI had sent a request that was not followed
up with a subpoena.  The FBI alleges it sent me a warrant by email.
I did not receive any warrant.  I have instructed them to send paper
copies to the LLC virtual office in the future.  They complained I
did not respond in time but appear to have accepted the late response.

The subpoena did not include a gag order.  I have responded and my
response is present in this directory as images.  One user's
information was surrendered to the police as a direct result of
violent threats posted in a discussion thread about mass shooting.

On June 23rd, New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs requested
that video and PDFs related to the Buffalo, NY, USA shooting be
removed.  I did not respond and did not post the request because
I cannot manage to care about the New Zealand anymore.  I really
think they still just assume we're a New Zealand website.

In May, I had received a similar request from the Australian government.
I did post this publically on the forum but forgot to include it in
my transparency report.

Take it easy,


Sep 10, 2021
Featured on Jun 26, 2022 at 9:46 AM: WaPo journalist Taylor Lorenz (known for doxing @LibsOfTikTok and showing up at her relatives's homes) wrote an article about Keffals (trans Twitch streamer and shemale findom porn star).
Taylor Lorenz writes about the porn actor Keffals as some hero for LGBTQ teenagers

https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/06/26/keffals-trans-twitch-streaming-news/ (A)


:null: Did you enjoy this article? Read more about its author here.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jun 24, 2022 at 10:32 AM: The U.S. Supreme Court has reached two landmark decisions this week regarding gun and abortion rights.
The United States Supreme Court has reached two landslide decisions this week.

Yesterday, an 135-page opinion delivered by Justice Thomas has outlined that a firearms license requirement for a specific threat is not Constitutional. This is the basis of so-called "may issue" states. Now, all states "shall issue" firearm licenses upon request without any specific need. The State of New York vows to fight this.

10 minutes ago, a 213-page opinion delivered by Justice Alito reverses previous decisions by the USSC that restricting access to abortion is an infringement on the due process clauses of the 5th and 14th Amendments. Abortion rights shall be legislated by the State and Federal representatives without Constitutional protection.

Many states have "trigger laws" enacted which would automatically ban or limit abortions as soon as Roe v. Wade was overturned, but it's too soon to see effects of this.

Court reporters remark these decisions are very long even by USSC standards, which suggest the decisions attempt to stomp out any loopholes or ambiguity.

UPDATE: States are announcing their trigger laws are going into effect.

Triggered states: AR, MO, TX, WV.


You're now caught up.
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Scarlett Johansson

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall, China-hating lesbian.
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Feb 4, 2018
Featured on Jun 23, 2022 at 6:51 PM: Ezra Miller was discovered to be housing a mother and three children at a farm surrounded by weapons.

so this happening. Jfc this freak thinks he's koresh

Highlights courtesy of @0 1

- Was revealed by an anonymous source.
- Footage and reports shows there were multiple firearms littered throughout the house unsecured, including one propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals for the kids.
- One source states that a one-year-old tried ingesting a loose bullet.
- The article specifies "Miller is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns."
- During Miller's meltdown, Miller specifically secured a flight to Hawaii for the woman and children without the father's knowledge, and the father has not heard from them since.
- The father has been trying to get the kids back since April of this year.
- "Representatives for Miller did not reply to a request for comment."
- Multiple sources note there was "frequent and heavy" marijuana use in front of the kids with "little concern" for ventilation.
- The article states parents have accused Miller of grooming a 12-year-old child, including supplying said child with a high dose of LSD.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jun 20, 2022 at 3:28 PM: Elon Musk's son is changing his name to confirm his gender identity (female) and to avoid association with Elon Musk.
Elon Musk has had in vitro fertilization to pick male genders for all his sons. Yet, somehow, he now has a daughter. Jeff Goldblum would be proud.




(P.S. If anyone wants to hunt down unoriginal uncensored please do I'm too lazy)

Courtesy of @Taxi
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Jan 1, 2021
Featured on Jun 17, 2022 at 3:47 PM: The US Department of State has finalized its records for 2021. No death of an American citizen was recorded in Japan in 2021 after Byuu's suicide note was published.



That's that, then. No more deaths in the relevant period.

Hoaxin' Hector's last excuse can be laid to rest, in a cookie jar.

Near lives.


Sep 10, 2019
Featured on Jun 12, 2022 at 7:00 AM: Graeme Kelly, the Irish brony, has randomly confessed to being a nonce and claims he is leaving YouTube.
:null: This post being featured is not license to shit up the thread.
Read the thread before posting, and be considerate.

graeme admitting to being a pedophile and liking CP for some reason

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Nov 25, 2017
Featured on Jun 12, 2022 at 2:15 AM: Celebrating 200 pages of schizoposting!
If you don't mind, do you think you could get this thread to 200 pages for me? Thanks in advance.
nah its shut down time soon



- Imagine Memento if Leonard Shelby was a schizo sex offender.

- Alex (@ispsychiatryascam) is a schizo off his meds, although he denies both despite posting court and psychological documents reflecting his poor mental state, which he was kind enough to share below. He currently has brain damage which he claims was caused by people hitting him in the head with blunt objects while being carjacked, although the details are fuzzy as Alex has also claimed it was the result of a drug deal gone wrong.


- The first image is Alex's psych evaluation, and you can read in full by clicking here. It says basically what you'd expect. He had posted it to a forum he used, in a thread he made to identify a Gorillaz song he couldn't recognize, begging for people to contact his ex who he's stalking. For some reason, his fellow users reacted as if there wasn't anything strange in doing so, and actually cheered him on. It isn't clear if the website is a community of schizos or if they were simply trolling him.

- The second image is a restraining order against himself which Alex posted to Kiwifarms for zero reason. The key takeaways is that the order, issued just around four weeks ago at the time of writing, outlines how he stalks his ex and that the courts have zero expectations he will actually listen to a legal order, which Alex ironically proves by posting this document. The only oddity is how it isn't clear what "CMAH" mentioned on the report is and why he needs to continue it. Regardless, he openly defies this legal order regularly, as to be explored later.

- Despite acting as if he owns the court system, transcripts prove he was just told by his lawyer not to represent himself in any capacity. Because he's stupid on top of being a schizo, in the few words he was allowed to say, he tried sucking up by referring to the judge as "brilliant" unprompted.

- As you'll notice, Alex will frequently dox himself apropos of nothing. To prove this point, he shared his ID card for no reason.

- He likes a video game called "Tribes" and regularly talks about a forum for the game (where he has the username of "spockhammer"), which he uses as the gold standard in comparison to Kiwifarms. He ironically holds rank #1 on the list of most ignored users on that forum.

- He has used Something Awful in the past, and spent upwards of $1,500 registering accounts and getting banned because he wouldn't stop trying to talk to his ex. Lowtax, the late owner of the forum, even contacted his mother asking her to get him to stop. This is documented in the OP.

- Alex also wrote a 340 page manifesto regarding Lowtax in response, but it's incomprehensible.

- Additionally, Alex believes he was babysat by Lowtax and three US presidents as a child. Yes, this doesn't make any sense.

- He currently lives with his parents, believes he works for freemasons as a grim reaper, and thinks he can kill people with his mind (or, as he incomprehensibly suggests, through the "matrix").

- Given his occupation as an ethereal being, Alex claims to fund a billionaire lifestyle. This is the house he lives in. You be the judge.

- Alex also shares that his mother had him when she was nearly 40, and his father was 50 at the time. Draw your own conclusions.

- Even if Alex wasn't a schizo and not off his meds, he'd be a genuinely bad person, as he has stalked, threatened, and harassed his ex before he had his brain broken, including abusing her as she visited him long-distance in the hospital for his injury, and regularly sends death threats to random people. He also sends his ex regular rape threats, and had people send her threatening emails when she contacted the authorities over it, and she suggests he has a history of doing both to others in the past, which is supported by information in the OP. Even now, he has shared in emails to his ex that he doesn't find his charges as legitimate, possibly explaining why he so readily defies his court orders. Even in his own mind, if he believes in his own delusions, he's also killing people when he thinks about it. Alex is scum in every sense of the word.

- However, Alex really dislikes being called an "aspiring rapist" despite spending half of his posts talking about raping the girl he's stalking, who he of course had threatened with rape in the past, in addition to her accusing him of rape in general.

- He refers to the girl he's stalking using the shorthand "K8" because he thinks this is not violating his restraining order, which disallows him from referring to her by name. However, when pressed with this, he values his own ego over a legal order and will refer to her directly in an effort to "prove" he doesn't fold to the legal system.

- Alex soon realized (or rather remembered) his ex made an account here over a year ago complaining specifically about him. Excited, he attempted to contact her directly by airing out his dirty laundry for all to see, earning him the most blatant violation of his restraining order. Unbelievably, this happened just a few days ago, as of time of writing.

- In doing so, Alex provided the most direct evidence showing his ex accused him of rape, and in response, Alex sent people from his forum to attack her in emails.

- Despite clearly being afraid of further litigation, he claims he believes that he will gain money from the freemasons for violating his restraining order against his ex. The reasons as to why the freemasons would reward somebody for stalking a random girl are unclear.

- When responding to Alex, he seems to believe you are literally your avatar and will refer to you as such.

- Alex often claims this thread is dead and uses this as a reason for it to be taken down, and will post multiple times in it responding to literally nobody whenever it goes silent, unaware he is reviving the thread each time.

- The thread itself had only two pages until May of 22, wherein it currently has over 200 pages just three weeks later at the time of writing. Since Alex posts multiple times to respond to people, around half of the posts are his.

- Alex used cope by saying his definition of an "alive" thread is one with around 70 pages of posts and over 100,000 views when he first started posting here. Since this thread has surpassed both, he denied ever making that claim. When he was quoted directly having made that claim, he had a complete mental breakdown until he forgot it ever happened, due to the following reason.

- Alex genuinely has no long term memory. Upon awakening, he will restate comments he made earlier while responding to the same questions and falling for the same bait which he had already been sent in the past. Because of this, he will deny what he posted 24 hours ago and become frustrated when people link him to it. As an example of his bad memory, before saying he was the grim reaper, he denied saying he was the grim reaper, instead claiming to be Jesus.

- Alex seems to sleep in three or four hour bursts, although he will stay awake for over 24 hours at a time, and will respond to any message directed to him pretty much any time of the day.

-He will pretend not to read messages he dislikes, but respond to them anyway claiming he ignored them while usually summarizing what the messages contain by accident.

- Alex can't edit or delete his posts, so anything he decides to share is here forever.

- Lastly, here's a picture of Alex's pecker, which he posted for no reason. Enjoy!
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jun 10, 2022 at 2:10 PM: OnlyFans's DMCAForce has responded to me by email for the first time in 2+ years.
TL;DR: If you're going to post anything related to OnlyFans whores, please make sure you are providing commentary to ensure they are used fairly per law.

Re: Copyright infringement from OnlyFans
From: Lawrence DMCAForce <[email protected]>
To: Null <[email protected]>

Hi Josh,
My name is Lawrence, I am writing to you from DMCA Force.
I would like to apologize for the late reply to your emails, this is happening because the [email protected] is used mainly for sending the takedown notices.
I'm reading in your messages that you are not sure if we are authorized to send dmca notices on behalf of Onlyfans and that they do not own the content.
I would like to confirm that DMCA Force is the authorized DMCA Agent for OnlyFans and through our agreement with them we can request removal for any content stolen from their platform.
For any clarifications you can reach out to them directly.
I would also like to point out to the TOS available on their site where it is clearly stated that even though they do not own the content the creators grant them the rights to request DMCA removals.
Please go to chapter 10, paragraph d.
With this occasion I want to clarify that all the dmca notices we have sent so far need to be handled and the infringing content removed. All the reported links are coming directly from their legal team and you should handle them with priority in order to avoid any future legal trouble.

I believe that your aggressive replies to some of the notices are due to the lack of response from our side so we will let those one pass.
For a faster response please reply to this email.



I am not going to respond to any DMCA before this email. You have been using automated systems, often twice for the same content, and ignoring my replies for years now. I handled them correctly with counter-notifications until it became apparent your system was to send DMCAs without expectation of reply to just get content removed where it could be without any effort. It is your responsibility to protect your copyright, not mine, and to demand I go through years of emails - which I may not even have anymore - to comply to your requests and do your job for you is completely asinine.

You have also failed to submit sufficient identifying information for the content. I need a link to the page where the allegedly infringing work is found. Links to the image themselves do not include context for which fair use exemptions may be had. As a discussion forum, the overwhelming majority of copyrighted work present on the forum is used fairly - particularly for derision and ridicule, the most protected uses of any work. If you do not provide a link to the page, I cannot assess if the complaint [is fair use] and I would consider the notice incomplete.


This is a photo of Patrick Tomlinson which may be his intellectual property.

However, it is found on this forum page which uses this picture to show that, while he claims to he a professional athlete, he is fat and has tits.

This is fair use, and without the context I cannot evaluate your complaint.

If you want to submit any DMCA you should consider fair use. This is required of you, as set forth by a US District Court. I know my rights, and I know that if you continue to send me frivolous complaints I am entitled to compensation under 17 U.S.C. § 512(f). While compensation for DMCA is rarely granted, in exceptional cases where the abuser is a large copyright holder or agency (you), it can be.

I will also never take down derivative works - including, and especially, screenshots of Tweets or other posts. You routinely try to DMCA me for screenshots of posts, and as screenshots are derivative works they are not your property to file a claim on.

Your conduct is completely unprofessional and your agency is a personified representation of the abuse that the DMCA perpetuates . You work in an industry of mentally ill digital prostitutes and nobody should be surprised that people make fun of them on the Internet. If they don't want to be made fun of, they should not shamelessly debase themselves. They have rendered their body into product, and like with any other product, people are allowed to review them on the Internet. That is our first amendment right.

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Mr Moonface

2611 N Oakland Ave (Downstairs) Milwaukee WI 53211
May 30, 2021
Featured on Jun 8, 2022 at 8:43 PM: Pringles Can Jon has sadly passed away.
I have some very sad news. Pringles Can Jon (Jonathan Snyder) has died. PCJ is the man who raised Patrick's daughter after Pat voluntarily signed away all his rights as a parent. After Pat abandoned his daughter PCJ stepped up and became her father, he was truly a great man.



Here's the obituary:

Pat's biological daughter Annabelle was listed as Jon's kid (which she is):


Here is a much younger Jon in the lappening photo. Observe Pat looking on gleefully as his wife falls in love with a far superior man:

image (1).jpeg



Pat has repeatedly threatened to deface Jon's grave if Jon died first. Pat has yet to tweet anything since Jon's death was announced.
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soggy london

The Better Cher
Nov 6, 2021
Featured on Jun 6, 2022 at 8:11 PM: Puppychan briefly returns to blame her underage accuser of blackmail.
Seems like Autumn is breaking her silence:


Linking it, but please do not be dumb and view it while logged into your gmail account...
(This has been written as text to prevent anyone from accidentally opening it while signed into Google.)

ETA: pics
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mori-chan living under fascism
Jun 9, 2019
Featured on Jun 6, 2022 at 6:59 PM: Meet BustingShirts, a middle aged porn artist who pretends to be from the edgy early 2000's internet when he cries.
(this is my first thread, please be gentle-)

Shirtbusters / ToroTheKing / KingCarousel / Toro
AKA... Well, he has a million other usernames
ToroTheKing, GreatKingToro, Eetoro, LookBackToFour, BustingShirts, KingCarousel, milkforme, ODB-SSX, Ubiquitatem, milktimeforme, vultusinanis, hatetwisted, MrAecoq, MrAgrodolce, MoodKing, SwingerofMoods, Codbox, Peanuthill, CallMeCaucho, HighnoonHellframe, DelishHips, MolotovDimebag, BloodshedFantasy, CatharticFlow, WhateverWeWish, lollipopland, MyTurnNow, GodAlwaysWins, NNiceBuster, bahrnifex, MerveilleMister, MisterMerveille

Toro's strange art from his "Geometria" series, "Leib Inspects His New Pet"

BustingShirts is an infamous bizarre NSFW artist who threatens people if they don't give him recognition, draws porn out of people's OCs and real people without their permission, and is the person behind a harem that's so racist and stereotypical it could make the people behind The Birth of a Nation blush. He's currently around 30, in 2022. He's a Brazilian lolcow I decided to export because of his high-quality milk.


Currently, he's the guy behind "Barnaby and his Harem", in other words, Leisure Suit Larry from Chernobyl, making bizarre "raceplay" art.
First, he may be seen like just a weirdo, not a lolcow, except when you see him making strange threats to artists who he thinks wronged


Toro's alternate Twitter account
And when you learn the context... Oh, boy. Sit down, grab some popcorn, grab a drink, and enjoy the thread.


Apparently, he was sperging since 2016 in Tumblr, having mental breakdowns over people not reblogging his art, being desperate for attention.

1654362454085.png 1654362482094.png

A big archive of his 2016-2017 meltdowns, courtesy of Imgur. (archive)

1654362516933.png 1654362556307.png1654362579481.png1654362652755.png1654362755140.png1654362780641.png1654362738607.png1654362840393.png1654362895964.png1654362908255.png1654362922580.png1654362941748.png1654362949477.png1654362961958.png1654362987545.png1654363008879.png1654363071523.png1654363579471.png

If an artist he liked *dared* to ignore him, he would draw... Fanart out of their characters.


And of course, like the delicious salty butter on your popcorn, he has always had a massive ego. He'd also make sockpuppet and millions of alts to harass artists even more. Not just in Tumblr, but in other sites.


So, he promised he'd change for the better...​
... Except he didn't.
Here's him bombing people's DMs and being perverted on Twitter, this time, from a courtesy of Zedrinbot. This time, in 2021-2022. (archive)



And that leads to the crème de la crème, Barnaby and his Harem. Boy...


98590449_p0.pngturi ip ip ip.pngnapoli juve aperol.pngaperol.png

Bonus round - Shirtbusters debating with a furry about lolicon. Big fucking shock, he's not as tough when he's actually speaking

His social media:
Twitter (NSFW) - https://twitter.com/KingCarousel/with_replies (archive)
Alternate Twitter (NSFW) - https://twitter.com/bahrnifex/with_replies (archive)
Newgrounds (BANNED) - https://shirtbusters.newgrounds.com (archive)
Old Newgrounds account (NSFW) - https://greatkingtoro.newgrounds.com (archive)
Furaffinity (NSFW) - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/shirtbusters/ (archive)
Baraag (NSFW) - https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/71831968 (archive)
Inkbunny (NSFW) - https://inkbunny.net/shirtbusters (archive)
Reddit (NSFW) - https://www.reddit.com/user/bustingshirts (archive; popular.pics archive)
Fanfiction.net (NSFW) - https://www.fanfiction.net/u/8015947/TorotheKing (I can't archive it for some reason)
Discord - shirtbusters#9288
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Jun 1, 2022 at 12:32 PM: Dublin ushers in Pride 2022 with a new LGBTQIAP+ flag featuring the national flag of Ukraine.
designated shitting street for Pride 2022.

it finally happened. As a Ukraine-fluid person myself, I know how the gender euphoria feels after eating beet soup with pork fat spread.


Joe Swanson

Hey Peter
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Dec 23, 2019
Featured on May 29, 2022 at 2:12 AM: Ethan Klein advocates bombing an NRA conference.
H3H3 condones bombing of the NRA meeting in Texas, meanwhile he's threatening people with the shotgun he owns and fantasizes about. Has anyone combined those two clips yet in a quick cut to show how much of a fat tard Ethan is?

Would be a really funny quick cut of him talking about shooting people and then news coverage of a shooting.
Video of said bomb threat

:null: Full discussion. He does immediately walk it back because he realizes how fucking retarded this statement is.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on May 26, 2022 at 3:59 AM: MrKrabs9000, an account presumed to be Nick Fuentes's, posted a video featuring a trans porn tab.

A Twitter account that may be Nick posted a video which showed trans-on-femboy porn.


Arguments for MrKrabs9000 being Nick Fuentes

1. Ethan Ralph followed the account.
As a loyal Nick Fuentes capo and one of Nick Fuentes's closest friends, Ralph should definitely know which account is actually Nick's.

2. Groypers followed the account.
You can view the archive for the account here:

Many real groypers followed the account and engaged with it, for example the pizza tweet got 100 likes - which is pretty high for a random spongebob account. So clearly they thought it was real.


3. The account posted a picture of pizza and pepsi 30 minutes before Nick Fuentes mentions eating pizza and pepsi on stream.

4. Inconspicuousness of what is shown

If you were going to try and troll Nick Fuentes, this is a weird choice. You can't see anything besides oral sex, which could be (heaven forbid) heterosexual. It relies on people identifying the video to know it's femboy+trap..

Arguments for MrKrabs9000 being a hoax

1. Ralph is a retard.

2. Groypers are retards.

3. The pizza posted on Twitter was also posted on Nick's Instagram.
contentcreator008 has a story post with a slightly larger version of the pizza pic posted 3 hours ago. This doesn't prove anything either way, but it would explain how a fake account would have the picture of Nick's dinner. I still do think it's probably Nick's account though.

However, it was pointed out that the image is uncropped, so if it was acquired from Instagram it was not done over a phone.

4. Subtly is not proof
It's strange to use something so inoffensive as the let-on, but it's a pretty safe bet someone from this site would immediately recognize tranny porn. (And, as I point out, the subtly lends credibility.)




Up to you what you want to believe.

Post created to serve as new OP for this thread that was split out of the Nick Fuentes main thread.
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I'm not a Robot

Nov 12, 2019
Featured on May 25, 2022 at 6:28 PM: T. Greg Doucette has potentially sickened 5,103 elementary school kids by giving them peanut butter that was recalled due to salmonella
T. Greg has potentially sickened thousands of school kids by giving them peanut butter that was recalled due to salmonella.



Don't leave your brain at the door
Aug 1, 2021
Featured on May 25, 2022 at 1:40 PM: Ethan Ralph flew out to Portugal for unknown reasons. On his third day, British a-log CognitiveThoughts flies out to Portugal - also for unknown reasons - with a companion. They beat the fuck out of Ralph in the streets of Lisbon.
I'm just leaving Cog stream's archive here, just in case.

:null: Compressed, just the fight.

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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on May 23, 2022 at 3:18 PM: Response to the Katherine Deves controversy.
Hello. I run this website. A couple articles have come out like this one:


If you don't want normal women like her to visit this website, you should not censor them on every platform. Women are afraid of transgender-identifying-men because many of them are convicted sex offenders who have access to them and their children in restrooms and locker rooms. These convicted sex offenders are allowed to become teachers and closely work with children in areas such as libraries. Men convicted of a sex offense are now being given access to women's prisons. Imagine the abject horror of being a woman in a cell with a rapist. There is no closer thing to hell on this planet.

TIMs often crusade for "transgender children". To many of them, this means isolating underage children in private chatrooms on services like Discord, encouraging them to watch pornography fetishizing genderbending, and secretly providing them how-to manuals on procuring blackmarket hormone therapy. It is trivial to get cryptocurrency and have someone in Brazil mail you a packet of pills that will stunt your development. TIMs enjoy doing this to children. Mothers are women, and it is normal for women to care that their children may be getting groomed into destroying their bodies for the sexual gratification of strange men online.

On many websites (including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc), you are not allowed to say what I've just written. On these same websites, even identifying a TIM as a sex offender or pedophile convicted under their male name may get you banned for 'deadnaming' or 'doxing'.

What I've just written should be common sense. That what I've written is considered hate speech explains why normal people would visit a forum that allows so-called hate speech. To further label these ordinary people as extremists for perusing information, regardless of where it may come from, only harms the health of public discourse. If you disenfranchise a woman for saying "the Kiwi Farms makes a good point", you dismantle democracy at its core. That is what is happening in real time and we all see it.

I've never put a dollar into advertising this website. We are mostly hidden on search engines. Despite this, our userbase doubles every year. It's 100% word of mouth. This is why.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on May 18, 2022 at 2:17 AM: The Government of Australia has sent a takedown notice.
Dear Lolcow, LLC

Please find attached important correspondence from the eSafety Commissioner for your urgent attention.

Regards, eSafety Commissioner




The Kiwi Farms is an American company. The United States has laws protecting freedom of speech and the distribution of information.

Thank you for your understanding,
Joshua Moon
Managing Member
Lolcow LLC

There is a high probability that Australia will censor access to the Kiwi Farms after this is received.

Changing your DNS servers may protect against this and is very easy to do.

A VPN will work.

Tor will always work.

If you are already using Brave, you can find the Tor URL here:
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Jan 13, 2022
Featured on May 14, 2022 at 5:51 PM: White supremacist shoots black supermarket in Buffalo, provides 180 page manifesto that is mostly /pol/ memes.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


Current live news reporting

possible name in the manifesto
Payton Gendron, born June 20, 2003
Enrolled at SUNY Broome with a major in Engineering Science

***Confirmed on WKBW @ 7:35 EST, 14/05/2022***



If anyone has the full video, message @Null . So far we know at least one leaf has the whole thing, and that he maybe posted it on /k/

Also if you want to add something new to the OP, @ me


I am pretty sure the fucking leaf is still hoarding the rest of it. The mp4 above is 7 minutes long with only 1 minute of him in the store, and the stream is at least 24 min.

Any vidyas?
I'm going to Post a ton of shit I just archived/found

Someone who is more compotent in web scarping/archiving please help me out. Going to post as much shit as I can before it gets nuked.

Some fucking leaf on 4chan got the whole video, but he's too scared to post it according to him.
OG thread: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/377605335

Leaf paranoia:



Shooter name drops /pol/


View attachment 3282849
Heres the Military-Grade helmet he was wearing, and what looks to be... a boot?

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Edit to include a crime scene photo from the AP,


Shooter social info

Google User ID:
Fortnite account:
Apex account :
Steam Profile:
Steam Inventory:
TF2 backpack:


4Chan threads:
https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/377614602 (leaf with the video taunts people)

TikTok: https://archive.ph/XGzeR

Reddit posts:


Nice Local:




By luck, I just grabbed his worldtruthvids shit (Archive). No uploads, just a single video ("HOW TO ACHIEVE VICTORY - BY BOOKANON AND HV.") (liked from a channel (CroMagnon12 / Archive) that's pretty much what you expect -- Zoomer Babby's First HeilHortler. The video he tagged is itself a repost from another of the same kind of shit over on BitChute, from some tard called HV14/88 (Archive). HV14/88 has a Gab (Archive), a BitChute channel (Archive), and an Odyssee channel (Archive).

View attachment 3283412

Aaaaand Worldtruthvids is already gone. I was able to grab the lone video he had saved from HV14/88 off the guy's Bitchute channel though, in case anyone wants to kill some braincells watching it.

View attachment 3283430

HV1488 glows. First image of his most recent vid is pure fedbait.

View attachment 3283458

Skimming around on these channels that Jimboboiii was watching is giving me flashbacks to the Buffalo subway shooter's podcasts and viewing habits -- they're both the same kinds of bulk-produced schizo trash that piles up every single conspiracy into a giant mess. The only difference is whether it's got a black or white supremacy cherry on top of the shit sundae.

(This looks like someone who knows him and is not him)
Not him


Discord stuff


Here's one of the docs we haven't seen yet that a user posted here in a screencap

Its a transcript of Discord

Download a copy

Fuck, I was in discord with this guy
View attachment 3283507
I didn't realize he was going insane. That's him spamming out his retard shit before he went ape

Mediafire links worked for me. One of these two is the 17 meg one shared upthread (with a typo -- this should be "Post April 29th Discord Transcript", not May). The other one is the bigger, older transcript "April 29 and before.docx" (73079 words, 589 pages). VirusTotal checks out clean, raw .docx attached, as well as printed to PDF copies for those who want something with less Microsoft cancer. Enjoy the autism.

View attachment 3283704

The Manifesto in question (his upload URL):

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Apr 24, 2022
Featured on May 12, 2022 at 2:02 AM: Andy Dick (yes, that one) has been arrested from the IP2 camper van. Orange County, CA has charged him with felony sexual battery.
I moved the clips punished 🌏 posted in the general thread here
Andy Dick want to do coke before the cops come and arrest him for supposed "rape" of JJ

Andy Dick is arrested

JJ thinking about the Flowers before he take his Rape Kit at the Hospital

JJ wonders if the Olive Oil he spilled all over his Pants that he got raped in supposedly will be fine

Captain Content sniffing JJ pants for some reason and said it has a nice smell

JJ talking to captain about cops escorting him to the hospital

TMZ article

Andy Dick is in custody after the trailer he's been living in was surrounded by cops, placing the actor in handcuffs and hauling him away ... and the whole thing was broadcast live.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dick's been arrested for felony sexual battery after an adult male at the O'Neill Regional Park claimed the comedian sexually assaulted him.
The arrest was streamed on Captain Content's RV live stream Wednesday. You see several Orange Co. Sheriff's Deputies speaking with Dick before walking him to their vehicles, continuing the conversation and eventually cuffing him and taking him away.

Dick and a group of live streamers have been living at the site in RVs for some time now ... sheriff's deputies were seen entering Dick's trailer and searching it after he was placed into custody. They also asked to collect the male victim's pants as evidence

Chan the Wizard

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Feb 10, 2015
Featured on May 11, 2022 at 4:39 PM: Baked Alaska sperged out during his plea deal hearing and declared himself innocent, which prompted the judge to end the hearing so as to not allow an innocent man to plead guilty.

Judge nixes Jan. 6 plea deal after right-wing streamer 'Baked Alaska' declares himself 'innocent'​


Only the kindest and friendliest of all Goodmans
Retired Staff
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Dec 28, 2014
Featured on May 11, 2022 at 3:47 AM: Baked Alaska has a teleconference hearing scheduled today in regards to his "Violent Entry and Disorderly Contact on Capitol Grounds" felony charge.
04/21/2022 MINUTE ORDER. A plea hearing is hereby scheduled for May 11, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. via video teleconference. The parties shall contact Mr. Mark Coates, the Courtroom Deputy Clerk, for the dial-in information. Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 4/21/2022. (lcegs3) (Entered: 04/21/2022)
04/21/2022 Set/Reset Hearings as to ANTHIME GIONET: Plea Agreement Hearing set for 5/11/2022 at 1:00 PM in Telephonic/VTC before Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. (zacr) (Entered: 04/21/2022)
Screenshot 2022-05-10 163320.png
And instructions on how to use that: https://www.dcd.uscourts.gov/public-and-media-access-to-court-proceedings-during-covid-19-emergency

Sorry if this has been posted already but I couldn't find it.
There are multiple times a week that I chuckle to myself that Baked's real name is Tim Treadstone. Like is this guy a fucking leprechaun hahaha.
No, his real name is Anthime Joseph Gionet. I believe the Treadstone name was what he used for his Buzzfeed period.

Cat Attack

I'm not at liberty to do math your honor
Feb 22, 2021
Featured on May 6, 2022 at 3:00 PM: Incel who went semi-viral for pepperspraying women is now wanted on three charges, including hate crimes against women.
lol how long till hes arrested
Any day now and when he does he's absolutely cooked.

Hate crime against women
Assault with a deadly weapon
Unlawful use of pepper spray


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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Apr 30, 2022 at 5:14 AM: I'm doing some Random Quote mining.
I've been neglecting this thread for a bit but I want some more random quotes. Submit some favorites.

What I'm looking for:
- Couple sentences max.
- Is interesting out of context, optimally begs a question.
- Not a quote from me.
- Links to thread where it originates is a huge bonus.

Does not have to reference the Kiwi Farms.
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Synthia The Dragoness

Apr 25, 2022
Featured on Apr 26, 2022 at 7:05 AM: Synthia The Dragoness posits the community, "Can't a person have a chance to change?"
You know it is stupid I am being harassed for bad things that I did. People who harass others should get a life. I HAVE FIXED MINE. I HAVE CHANGED I don't want this to continue. I want to live my life in peace. I don't have no interest in kids at all like wtf. I have a partner I am engaged to.

Yes I did do pedo actions. I did like cub.
I don't do any of that anymore. I have been clean for a good 5 weeks. So why just why. I am actually getting help and it worked. Why does drama have to continue when I have stopped what I was doing. Just forget about it and move on. Don't waste your time on me.
I was doxxed in a thread on this site but yet all my personal info was false.
So please I need your thoughts. I know if you hate me so be it. But I have fixed myself and nobody will make me go back to my bad ways. I am good again and I intend to keep it that way.
I will no longer do this bad shit and that is how it will stay.

Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do. For all I care yes I should perish for what I did, as long as I am not doing it anymore it isn't a problem. That is why I posted here. I don't care if you are not on my side. I don't want people to take sides. It's information on me that I WILL NOT BE DOING THIS ANYMORE!
Now I will just go about my days living normally. Getting married and putting my bad life behind me.
5 weeks is not enough yeah I know that. You will see that in a few you will notice things.
I want to be forgotten and left alone. Leave me too it would you.

Thank you.
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Featured on Apr 23, 2022 at 5:26 AM: Filipino /pol/ user shoots 4 people in D.C. and then kills himself.

Police are responding to reports of a shooting in Washington, D.C., and are urging residents in the Cleveland Park and Van Ness areas to shelter in place.

There are at least three victims: one girl and two men, D.C. police said. Their conditions are unknown.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Normally, I'd assume this was just another day in DC, but Ian Miles Cheong says someone uploaded footage to /pol/:

Someone posted this:
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Apr 20, 2022 at 4:11 PM: Baked Alaska, Ethan Ralph, and Nick Fuentes have declared a Lolcow Uprising.


Punk's not dead
Oct 15, 2018
Featured on Apr 13, 2022 at 4:16 AM: Ethan Oliver Ralph was featured on Channel 8 News in New York, with wishes from Josh, Ronnie, Jim (Mister Metokur), Flamenco and Gator.
Minor Happening:
Someone managed to trick Channel 8 News in New York to wish Ethan luck with his corn harvest. 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽


Delete this if it doesn't deserve its own thread, but I thought it didn't really fit into any of the most active threads.


jonathan gill yaniv aka jessica serenity simpson
Apr 24, 2017
Featured on Apr 8, 2022 at 10:24 AM: Jonathan Yaniv has a warrant for his arrest.
Cross-posting from link ... an arrest warrant has been issued MMix article / archive
He can't go within 100m of his mother's place :lit:
Details in attached PDF


He's even stupid enough to lie and accuse someone of doing the assaulting when I'm assuming there was at least one witness (reportedly someone broke up yaniv's assault)...and expect to get away with it. Reminds me of when he was on the phone to the police accusing Bexte(?) of running him down with his car when it was all on video showing him and the old trout blocking the car's exit.

Would love to see all those mug shots, must have quite a collection on the go.
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Sep 10, 2021
Featured on Apr 4, 2022 at 4:19 AM: reddit launches collaborative pixel-placing art game called r/places for April Fool's. Admins ban anyone painting a cat.
@Null Maybe Marseygate ought to be featured? It has gained significantly more reach than the antiwork tranny janny Fox News interview fiasco

A reddit admin was caught abusing her position to set her tile cooldown to zero (note: cooldown is 5 minutes and 20 minutes for email verified and unverified users respectively) in order to erase an Orange Cat (A) that was previously posted by Reddit on twitter. (A)

This cartoon cat was the creation of Anton Dimitriev, a Ukrainian artist who is currently living in Kharkiv that is besieged by the Russian military as we speak.

His art station: https://www.artstation.com/mine_flood (A)

His deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/anton-d/gallery (A)

In addition, reddit permanently banned everyone who placed a tile in that area or tried to change her tiles to repair the Orange Cat. Merely placing pixels near the cat resulted in a personal ban, resulting in the bannings of users from /r/AnarchyChess as their subreddit logo bordered the Orange Cat.

People who tried asking about their bans had their posts removed as well


https://reddit.com/r/place/comments/tukjit/why_was_my_account_shadowbanned_after_placing_a/ (A)

Reddit went a step further and manually deleted the accounts so that whenever you try to visit an account banned for placing a tile - you get this page.

Example of an account manually deleted - they last posted yesterday proving it is a real account. As you can see, this was an active and real account that was not only banned, but deleted (the sub he posted in has now gone private, so this is an archive).

2nd example - proof (A)

Other people caught on, resulting in posts calling it out that reached the front page. Initially the admins tried to do damage control by setting a filter on /r/place to automatically remove any post that mentions the cheating or the Orange Cat that was overwritten. Another reddit admin responded (A) saying admins have been cheating to "keep the canvas safe for everyone," a laughably poor excuse considering they didn't interfere with people drawing penises, the 4Chan logo, or swastikas over the German flag.


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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Apr 3, 2022 at 4:32 PM: Half of the April 1st silver orders will be refunded. (Final-final-final update on anything silver I promise.)
After investigating product (2021 1oz 9999 Silver Round), I determined that our team performed a spot-check down for 88 units of this product on April 01, 2022, with reference ID (xxx)as per the inventory history page here as shown below. Please accept my sincere apologies for the hassle caused to you and your customer because of this spot-check.

Basically, they straight up fucking lost 88 coins of the 163 I sold.

I will issue refunds tomorrow. Only half of buyers will survive. The others will not receive their motherfucker coin. I will email those I have to refund. They've already sent the coins out with the other half marked OUT OF STOCK so I have no discretion over who is getting what.

As a friendly reminder I am absolutely desperate for a competent 3PL that doesn't require 1000+ orders a month. Preferably with WooCommerce integration.


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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Apr 1, 2022 at 5:58 PM: Regarding April 1st downtime
In March, I received contact from our Upstream requesting deletion of content on our Forum. The content is in regards to a known Pedophile and his alleged Employer. The Employer is a very shady ISP that my Upstream does business with. Upstream claims I cannot see the court order, despite being subject to it.

Fragment of court order I have not been allowed to see said:
b) all statements and/or posts (pertaining to Path or their officers and employees) published by the user known as “Ricomark” on the kiwifarms.net forum (accessible at https://kiwifarms.net/threads/corey-ray-barnhill-lulz-xyrix-ruxpin-zoom-internet-godspeed.46297/)

I took down the content within 24 hours of receiving this notice. I followed up with requests for more information about this court order. I informed Upstream that it could be forged. Neither Upstream nor the Employer/Complainee has replied with identifying information about this alleged court order. They refuse to communicate with my attorney, who is an active member of the D.C. and Federal Bars.

I believe this court order is fraudulent. I believe that the Employer/Complainee is acting on behalf of the Pedophile. We may still be forced by Upstream to physically relocate our hardware elsewhere. I am making arrangements for this.

We are working on changing our networking so nothing goes through the Employer/Complainee. I do not know why the website is currently available.

This is not an April Fool's joke.
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Cereal Eater

May 4, 2021
Featured on Mar 31, 2022 at 12:56 AM: Autumn Neville (Puppychan) has been accused of grooming one of her underage followers.
Mod edit for full context:
Puppychan, aka Autumn Neville, a non-binary black perpetually suicidal furry artist, has recently been outed for grooming a minor named “CallMeGreen”. In response she’s deleted her vent account, and claims she is taking a break from her main


Mod edit 2: More comprehensive post found here for further context

Although he is the victim in this situation, CallMeGreen is now currently attempting to get linked to the NSFW accounts of furries who are supporting him, despite it being known that he is underaged and was groomed by Autumn.

(Also Autumn claims to be deathly allergic to blueberries and suicide baited by "threatening" to eat some, so expect many blueberry jokes following this post.)

Original post:

Autumn has deleted her vent account. Here’s the last few tweets from it. She even mentioned the farms. I’m sure she’ll be back soon, and I can’t see her deleting her main account.
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Mar 3, 2022
Featured on Mar 26, 2022 at 5:20 AM: Keffals, a transgender communist obsessed with Twitter engagement, prepares to take on the "Final Boss of Transphobes" after gloating about getting Destiny and Laura Southern deplatformed.
Keffals / Clara Sorrenti / Lucas Roberts

keffals02.png1649631940759.pngKeffals lucas mom1648306238916.png


Clara Sorrenti (pre-transition name Lucas Roberts) is a Canadian/(((Italian))) commie tranny twitch streamer who has gained notoriety on the internet for claiming to get twitch streamer Destiny banned for "transphobic" comments about trans athletes.


Sorrenti is very obsessed with "ratio-ing" people on twitter, which is basically just replying "ratio" to a tweet and then having your army of troons giving your tweet more updoots than the tweet you are replying to. In a trannies mind this makes your points more valid than the other person's because twitter likes are everything to them. It is speculated that Sorrenti is using bots to accomplish his "ratios".


Rape accusation
Sorrenti also accused Destiny of raping someone by stealthing (taking the condom off during sex without consent). He then walks back his accusation.

Now you may wonder why Sorrenti is so angry at Destiny, who has often declared his love and support for trans folx. It's because Destiny has criticized Trannies who do not disclose to their partner that they are trans. Which is something Sorrenti admits to doing.

tweet 1 / archive 1 / tweet 2 / archive 2

Some consider this rape by deception.

Child grooming
Someone else suggested that the reason Sorenti hates Destiny is because Destiny called out Sorrenti's friend/boyfriend(?) "Bobposting" who is apparently grooming minors on discord and sending them HRT that he home-makes in his bathtub without their parents consent.


"Chloe" already has a thread on PG here.


Hmm.. wonder why these two are such good friends...

tweet / archive
^ this tweet was deleted and nobody archived it
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

tweet / archive

Stream where Bobposting and Keffals discuss and advertise Bobposting's DIY bathtub HRT to minors whose parents don't want them to take it. (warning, lots of dead air and two incredibly boring people).

tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

The Catboy Ranch
Sorrenti used to run a discord server called "Catboy Ranch" along with a twitter account of the same name. This server was apparently used for grooming minors. Members were called catboys, while Sorrenti called himself the "rancher". He sent out collars to his favorite catboys with tags on them that declared them his property. Sorrent shut down the server and twitter after the sordid details of what goes on in the server came to light. Ask yourself why they are called catboys and not catmen.. well you will see.


tweet / archive
catboy faggot.png
tweet / archive

tweet / archive


Proof that Keffals personally interacted with underaged "femboys" from the catboy ranch discord:
tweet 1 / archive 1 / tweet 2 / archive 2 / tweet 3 / archive 3

And here is Keffals flirting on twitter with that same 16 year old:
tweets / archive
More about "Maya" and how he was groomed and provided with HRT from Sorrenti's friends can be found here, here, here, here, here and here aaaaand here.

And here is another minor interacting with the catboyranch account.

But it's all in the past right? Sorrenti surely has learned to stay away from minors from now on? ... NOPE!
Sorrenti will groom your kids in his discord and twitch chat and there is nothing you can do about it.

tweets / archive
tweets / archive

His current discord still has a "resident catboy" role and a channel for selfies in it.

Keffals VS Lauren Southern
Lauren Southern calls out Sorrenti over deplatforming Destiny, Sorrenti has to resort to the only tactic he knows: RATIO!!!

Reminder that Lauren Southern is a married woman and a mother. Something Sorrenti will never be.

Lauren Southern proceeds to get banned from Twitch as well, which Sorreti immediately claims as a huge win, but is later disproven by Lauren. She was actually banned for restreaming Destiny.


Keffals VS Null and Kiwifarms
Sorrenti is a confirmed fan and reader of the forum so he will likely quickly find this thread and bitch about it, since he has already been searching the forums for mentions of him. Don't worry tho, he promises he will never lock his accounts and he is neither coping, nor seething. But probably dilating.


tweet / archive
Soon after this thread picked up speed Sorrenti deleted absolutely fucking everything, went private on twitter, made his mom delete her facebook, wiped his discord clean, deleted a shit-ton of tweets and has been whining ever since.

On 03/25/2022 Null mentions Sorrenti and the Destiny drama on his podcast.

Sorrenti IMMEDIATELY finds out about this and complains to twitter that Kiwifarms is trying to "doxx" him and calls Null "the final boss of transphobes".


Sorrenti is a male to female tranny who has had his penis turned into an inside out fronthole in Thailand. Apparently this was his father's dying wish. It is probably from the pain medication he was given for this surgery that he is now addicted to opioids.



https://lfpress.remembering.ca/obituary/kingsley-john-roberts-1073598410 (archive)

More old pictures of Sorrenti can be found here, here and here.

tweet / archive

Could this have something to do with him trooning out? Sexual abuse sadly is often a cycle that victims tend to repeat when they are adults by victimizing others.

tweet / archive
tweet / archive


Communist Party membership
Sorrenti was a member and organizer of the Communist Party of Canada until he resigned in 2020 after some controversy where he spread some lies. More details about his resignation can be found in this reddit post (archive). Reddit commies accuse him of being an opportunist and not a "real commie".



One reason Sorrenti is a big fan of communism could be that he has lived his entire life on government handouts.

twitter / archive

More archives from Sorrenti's commie twitter.
He also used to run a communist podcast. All evidence of this was quickly deleted as soon as we started digging into it.
Archives of episodes can be found here , here, here and here.
Here and here are some more pictures from his time as a communist.

After his career as a communist failed spectacularly, he deleted the twitter account tied to his real legal name and re-invented himself as "Keffals" the Twitch streamer.

Keffals vs Women
Like all trannies, Sorrenti is basically just a misogynistic incel and the whole reason he trooned out is to show those mean Stacies who made fun of him in High School for being a sweaty neet that he is so much BETTER than them.

Remember this is the dude who is writing tweets about hating women:

tweet / archive
tweet / archive

tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

tweet / archive

You are not a woman and therefore can not experience misogyny. Women don't chose to be women, they can not opt out of womanhood unlike you, a man who cosplays as an oppressed group because it makes him horny. There are women in third world countries who are being set on fire for "letting themselves get raped". But of course a twitter tranny has it WAY WORSE.

tweet / archive

Do I sense some projection here? Reminder that this is what Keffals looked like in High School.

tweet / archive

Violent sexual fantasies about raping people's mothers... clearly this guy is a woman.

Mommy Issues
The reason he hates women so much could also stem from his weirdly incestuous relationship with his mother.
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

Sorrenti is a huge fan of "I raped your mom" jokes

tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

You will never be a mother.

Keffals VS JK Rowling
Since Sorrenti couldn't ratio Null, the "Final Boss of Transphobes", he had to settle for his second in command instead. The brave british queen of the TERF army, JK Rowling. Nothing makes trannies more butthurt than real women speaking out against them.

Opera Snapshot_2022-04-03_221105_twitter.com.png
tweet / archive

To Keffals great dismay, JK Rowling didn't acknowledge this savage act of troon-bravery at all. lol.
tweet / archive

Pay attention to me mommy! Why won't you notice meeee?! REEE!
jkrowling2.png queenterf.jpg
tweet / archive

Doxing is only bad when it happens to ME!
tweet / archive

Now he's borderline sexually harassing her.

tweet / archive
tweet / archive

We've seen your porn. You clearly can't feel pleasure and aren't good at faking it either. Keep reading if you want to see the horrific troon-hole.

Keffals ratios women's rights
When it was leaked that Roe v Wade would be overturned SCOTUS put out a tweet about it and Sorrenti being completely tone-deaf did what he always does... RATIOOOO!

tweet (deleted) / archive

This didn't go over well on twitter, here are some reactions:

Sorrenti does not understand what the issue is, why are women upset?? Must be that they hate me because I'm trans...
"Is transphobia less serious than women's reproductive rights?" Yes, you clown. Women are 53% of the population. Trannies are 1%.

Keffals VS Melina
Melina is Destiny's wife, the dude that Keffals got deplatformed from Twitter.

tweet 1 / archive 1 / tweet 2 / archive 2 / tweet 3 / archive 3 / tweet 4 / archive 4
tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

Triggered, Tranny?

Keffals the Porn Star
Now it's not unsurprising that a tranny would do porn, but for Keffals it's not something he is open and honest about since he is now trying to be a wholesome online-mommy for a bunch of groomed minors. He started doing porn as soon as he turned 18, even before he got his neo-snatch installed and kept filming several porn videos afterwards under the name "Skye".

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
>Skye is going to Thailand for her SRS this coming January 2013
Same dress as in the porn photos:
The birthday listed on the site is also Sorreti's birthday.


Remember that fellow former communist party member of Sorrenti who said he stole money from the party to fund his drug habbit and dominatrix work? Well... we can at least confirm one of those claims. Sorrenti tried to be a femdom dominatrix on OnlyFans and Manyvids (archive). He also had a Queen Clara twitter account (archive).

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

A real review left under one of the videos:

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

One can only imagine how much pornsick brainrot is required to film this shit and put it out on the internet. Vile. After the tapes were first leaked in this thread Sorrenti dedicated an entire stream to crying about it, calling it "revenge porn". Something you have put out there yourself and sold as a commercial product does not qualify as revenge porn under any law.

tweet / archive

In this stream Sorrenti whines about the "revenge porn", admits that he did "Dominatrix work" and says that nothing can be done about this because "they don't give a shit about the law" when his chat points out that revenge porn is illegal and ask why he doesn't go to the police. He knows fully well that it's not revenge porn if someone finds the porn that you PUBLICALLY POSTED and sold as a product. He calls Kiwifarmers "stalkers" and blames Destiny for it all. He claims that the stalkers want him to kill himself. "They hate me cause I love myself! That's literally it!"

After the paypigs donated to his pity abloo abloo stream he changed his tune:

tweet / archive

Assorted retardation
tweet 1 / archive 1 / tweet 2 / archive 2
tweet / archive
tweet / archive
tweet / archive

Keffals ratio'ing a cancer charity for kids
tweet / archive

tweet / archive
tweet / archive

tweet / archive

Keffals tried to smear Matt Walsh as a groomer for his documentary where he asks random people "What is a woman?", after crying repeatedly about people calling him a groomer.

^ Pervert troon touching himself while the camera is still rolling

Feminine posture.

If reading this thread made you big mad, please remember:
tweet (now deleted, lol)/ archive

https://keywiki.org/Clara_Sorrenti (archive) - Keywiki
https://www.patreon.com/keffals (archive)- Patreon
https://twitter.com/keffals (archive) - Twitter
https://twitter.com/secretkeffals (archive) - Alt Twitter
https://archive.md/https://twitter.com/ClaraSorrenti/status/* - old twitter account

Followers list

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.
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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Mar 26, 2022 at 3:45 AM: Putin compares war in Ukraine with criticism of J.K. Rowling and says the West is trying to 'cancel' Russia.
I don't know where else to put this but it must be featured.

Putin has apparently compared the war in Ukraine with the war against J.K.Rowling.

"They are trying to cancel a thousand-year-old country," [Putin] said, "JK Rowling was cancelled because she, a writer of books that have sold millions of copies around the world, didn't please fans of so-called gender freedoms."




Apr 22, 2020
Featured on Mar 24, 2022 at 4:01 PM: Destiny has been banned from Twitch. A weirdo who obsesses over 'ratioing' people on Twitter takes credit.
Meanwhile Pro trans destiny is being trying to be cancelled by the very side he's fighting for, this is twitched partnered stream keffals, ill try to clip the anti trans comments later
This is person is mega deranged holy shit! Even for a troon! The guy whole thing is being proud of ratioing people on Twitter, that's his whole existence. I'm almost convinced he will join the 41% the minute he gets ratiod back by any right winger. I'm sure he'll do something lol worthy eventually.


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Nov 14, 2012
Featured on Mar 23, 2022 at 8:35 AM: Update on the Spring Patch Run
I'm looking over all the designs and I'm going to source a few more. Unlike previous runs, I'm going to try a high amount of variety.

Patches should be very, very cheap (a few dollars each) and will weigh very little. This means that the sale price will be low and it won't increase shipping to buy a bunch of different designs. What I'm going to do is print a couple hundred of 6~10 designs and let people pick out all the ones they want and it wont cost more than a shirt does usually.

I am still looking for a 3PL. I've talked to 5+ now and they all expect 1000+ monthly sales. I don't do monthly sales so trying to find one that accommodates this has been extremely difficult.

Thank you everyone submitting designs so far. Once I have a 3PL picked I'll start finalizing the design list.

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Featured on Mar 22, 2022 at 2:50 PM: Narcissa/Cosmo Wright briefly returned to streaming, got banned by Twitch, and then announced on his verified Twitter account he wanted to kill himself "and shoot people at twitch HQ".
The tweet was probably deleted even before the account was disabled, so it's hard for me to prove the tweet ever was made. Here's the raw data though: https://pastebin.com/CL5HmvkD
Luckily someone capped it.


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Featured on Mar 21, 2022 at 1:21 PM: Patrick Tomlinson fails to obtain restraining order against a forum user.
Looks like the courts once again have ruled against Patrick due to lack of evidence. Pretty surprised considering most of the times they just grant these. Patrick really must've fucked up for them to deny it.

case dismissed.png

@Null can we get this featured in Happenings?

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Featured on Mar 18, 2022 at 11:09 PM: After informing his mother, Chantal's roommate Peetz has announced he would be happier if he was a woman.
Archive (360p):

HIS MOTHER SUGGESTED HIS TROON NAME TO BE CATHERINE! (Ironically similar to Kevin "Kathryn" Gibes)

You will never be a woman. The 41% awaits.
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Featured on Mar 18, 2022 at 4:48 PM: Open source developer Brandon Nozaki Miller, who released a virus targeting Russians, has had his social media hacked.
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Featured on Mar 18, 2022 at 8:29 AM: Nikocado accidentally recorded a woman being stabbed and calmly engorged on fast food while his neighbor was screaming and being murdered.
In one of his latest videos, at the 34-minute mark, you can hear screaming in the background. Turns out this was one of his neighbors getting stabbed. Nick made a video on his Instagram pointing it out. Imagine this video being evidence used in the court of law. They have to sit and hear Nick burping in between the screams.


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Featured on Mar 16, 2022 at 2:27 PM: Drachenlord’s house has been demolished.
Der Abriss der Schanze hat begonnen!

If you want videos or other pictures of the Schanze how its getting demolished look here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/drachenlord-rainer-winkler.44445/page-459#post-11417324
or here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/drachenlord-rainer-winkler.44445/page-460#post-11418945
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Featured on Mar 14, 2022 at 6:54 PM: Daman Mills's accuser has retracted his statements.
Trayce Wilcox has retracted his accusations against Daman Mills.


I was in the middle of capping Daman lusting after barely legal boys (in Ohio).





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Featured on Mar 14, 2022 at 4:09 PM: Peter Coffin was spotted at the Center for Political Innovation meeting, which played the Soviet national anthem and unfurled the flag of the Donetsk People's Republic - a communist breakaway state in eastern Ukraine sponsored by Russia.
So uhhhh what's this piece of shit up to?

Well, first of all, he defended Laurelei Bailey's latest misadventures, but that's not why I'm necro-ing this thread. Oh no, it gets much better.

You see, some weird uhhh.... nazbols? i guess? idek what they are, some kind of new "nationalist communists" or something equally politarded, just had a founding ceremony (consisting of like 2 dozen white nerds):

note the pro-putin Z of course!

The tweet is archived here. everyone's laughing and riding and cornholing, esp in the QTs.

Video of this majestic hilarity has now emerged:

...and you'll NEVER guess who's one of the founding fathers of this cringetopia... (well, maybe you will, given what thread this is):


Right there applauding in the front row!

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Featured on Mar 14, 2022 at 1:00 PM: Meet the Kinkeads: an entire family of lolcows!
Meet the Kinkead family: parents Dianna and Frank, and sons David and Eric. If you think you've seen trainwrecks on the Farms, think again. This one has it all: schizophrenia, bipolar, homelessness, autogynephilia, a suicide attempt, death threats, stalking, and an utter lack of Southern charm.


Dianna Mae Kidd Kinkead / diakidkin

Dianna loves her oxy.

74-year-old Texan Dianna Mae Kidd Kinkead is pretty much what you'd expect her to be. Religious, Republican, bad with technology, and more than a little racist, most of Kinkead's social media presence seems very typical for a woman of her age. She posts plenty of prayer-related images, Fox News videos, and videos of her children when they were younger. However, both of her children want nothing to do with her.

Dianna often posts pictures of her son Eric and his wife Amy.

Dianna shares some of David's old performances.

When her son David was 17, he was disowned by Dianna and her husband, Frank. They appear to have spoken several times since, but neither David nor his younger brother Eric have seen their parents in at least five years. Dianna, however, won't give up.

According to Eric, Dianna has made at least 10 Facebook accounts, 5 Twitters, and numerous other social media profiles to stalk him and David. Dianna allegedly kept calling Eric and his wife in the middle of the night to try to harass them and has admitted to trying to sabotage Eric's business. Here she is trying to weird out Eric's customers with images of her back after surgery:


And here she is calling him "kinky" and telling people not to buy his products:

She often shares content from the pages of businesses where Eric works.

Dianna also sometimes posts about trying to locate her eldest son, David. She knows he's in Albuquerque (which she calls "queerque") and has been in and out of motels and homeless shelters since he went off his schizophrenia meds, but hasn't traveled there to find him. She bemoans her failed relationships with her children on social media and appears to use their estrangement to try to garner sympathy. Instead of being honest that David's life fell apart after his second divorce when he went off his meds, she claims he was "abducted by a cult" in Albuquerque. Eric doesn't believe Dianna's attempts to reconnect with David have been genuine.


She's quite racist:

Dianna has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Per Eric's recollection, she was institutionalized for it at least twelve times while he was growing up, with some stays lasting over a month. Her posts range from relatively clear to loopy on alcohol and meds.



Walls of text are one of Dianna's specialties. Like mother, like sons.

Eric brings the receipts:


Twitter 1 (a)
Twitter 2 (a)
Twitter 3 (a)
Twitter 4 (a)
Facebook 1 (a)
Facebook 2 (a)
Facebook 3 (a)
Facebook 4 (a)
Facebook 5 (a)
Facebook 6 (a)
Facebook 7 (a)
Facebook 8 (a)
Facebook 9 (a)
Facebook 10 (a)
Instagram (a)

David Neal Kinkead / Autumn Mariana Lez'Chaleureux / Justine Z. Fay / Belle Star Lovermoon / "Amber" / Kneeling Dragonfly / autumnsmystique / davcarafawn / dnkpeace


This may be the most schizophrenic person on the Farms: 53-year-old New Mexico troon Autumn Mariana Lez'Chaleureux, born David Neal Kinkead. A former folk rock guitarist, David was married from 1993-2016 and active in the local music scene, performing in small venues and trying to build an online following. In early 2017, shortly after his divorce from second wife Rebecca Clark, he stopped posting on his artist pages and there's no record of him doing any more performances. He announced he was "genderfluid" in summer 2017. His identity shifted frequently, from genderfluid to fae/faer to "trans lesbian." His sexual orientation has also flip-flopped between pansexual, bisexual, and lesbian.


It was around this time that he began living in hotels when he could, in homeless shelters or on the street when he couldn't.

As of 2021, David was writing nearly-incomprehensible anti-MAGA gibberish on Twitter, Medium, and Facebook, replete with pictures of his vibrator and pro-trans hyperbole.


He attaches random gifs to most of his Twitter posts. Don't try to make sense of any of it; there is no sense to be found.

Despite his incoherence, he managed to muster a TWAW:

David is autogynephilic. He has a particular fascination with younger female characters such as Arya from Game of Thrones and the girls from Disney's Frozen. He claims he is on SSDI for PTSD, but his brother denies David was ever diagnosed with PTSD, just schizophrenia.

"Womb Witch War Weapon" - Stephanie's book of curses?

Most of David's writings on Medium appear to be his schizophrenic attempts at songwriting, but there's also some weird religious(?) fiction and anti-TERF rants mixed in. He also likes to reference Jews.

AGAIN : The Noble Pursuit of the Concrete Planet of the Seven Hundted Police Clubs of the Holy -Houses of the Seven Deadly Yodas.

Chapter 1 : The Revenge of The Adobe Makin’ Jews of the South West, ***Stomping Mud and Straws under the rule of Three Un- wisemen***

From a Spiraled Star mr time ,not so far away ,from A Home not far, from Brandy of the Woods. 2016: The Questioning “.The What exacaly is the age of Maturity Realy, She thougt , in this place we call The United States of America?

The Year: April , a.m. somewhere in rje SouthWest.2019.

The year of the Quest, for the Bestest Mother of all Cheeseburders, and the greatness of the beginning of our collective Devolovolution and enforced co-depsnce as law and the dissed .

The circles had started already somewhere “ He tboughr quietly

Jesus was alrwafy drunk again, agyer down I g the last of whay was lwft 8n a vwru rall olqstoc solo cup on the bofhr stand. Ge wgsn to try and make out, or even possibly make out ,it would seem, with, the morning light in her eyes, as he stated feet at the Woman in the bed to him.

“Maybe I killed thu bitch” thought Jesus.

“She was stupid anyway, “ he thought, “and not no very good Christian , as I go .”

He reahed over her head and grabbed his hat, off the headboard, dumped the last of a package of smokes, out from the center stash part of his hat , and lit the mornings first cigarette .

He thought to himself on his way to the kitchen, where the auto coffee maker had been gurgling already, for rhe last fifteen minutes, and the scent of it began to finaly overshadow the stench of the musty motel roam, that Jesus had rented for everyone the consecration events, of the past evening.

“ I wonder if Judith is even up yet?” He thought, as he scratched the mole agsin , on his over grown belly , only this time nearly completely off, after spending way too much time, mindlessly dazed , trying to squeeze it pointlessly, as if it was merely a pimple he could just he could just be rid of that easily . He then let go of a fart ,he had intended to take outside onto tbe cheap downtown hotel balconey , in hopes he could continue to enjoy the pleasant morning scent of the coffee aroma ,that had been dancing accross the left over smoke,as well as rhe left over scent , wich was apparently the last of the Frankincense, from the previous evening’s events, he was now struggling to remeber.

“ Maybe if we hurry , “ he thought , “we could get the job done faster, at the convenient store , FreakingzH holier than thine , DADDY FREAKIN FRESNO, (ahem ) our father, “ he said in a bot more of a paranoid het recent sort of tone. the hath assigned us , this time. Maybe we can head back early to Houston. I have no clue how um gonna turn all that damned water, and how even possible in time, for my speech for a short set, on the mount at that?”

He looked down at the used condom on the kitchen floor,then back at the bed.

“I really hope the bitch is really just sleepin” he thought. “This will not go over well at the club, very good, otherwise.”

He opened the window near the kitchen , took in the morning’s cool crisp air , then looked up towards the direction of the motel above, and began to sharply yell upwards.


TOMMY !!! “



Here he is raging about TERFs and threatening to become a Republican because of them:








David repeatedly references his brother, but none of it makes sense:



Twitter (a)
Old Twitter (a)
Old Music Twitter (a)
ReverbNation (a)
IndieInternational (a)
Medium (a)
Medium 2 (a)
Music Facebook (a)
Music Facebook 2 (a)
Facebook (a)
Facebook 2 (a)

DOB May 14, 1968

Eric Wayne Kinkead / techsplanations / LavaLevel / KompozytorE

Unlike his mother and older brother, Eric Wayne Kinkead, 50, doesn't seem to have inherited the absolute insanity that runs in his family. However, their continued presence in his life has taken a toll on his mental health, and he's now lashing out against them, making a big spectacle on social media.


Like his brother David, it's been over five years since Eric or his wife Amy have seen Dianna or Frank. According to Eric, it's because of the terrible treatment they received.

Eric had a successful-ish software business that did well for many years. He blames his mother's online harassment of the business and its customers out of petty rage for the business's eventual failure.

Instead of letting the past go and working on his future with his wife, Eric is airing all the family's dirty laundry on Facebook, bombarding all of Dianna's posts on her various accounts with pages-long tirades. Some of Dianna's friends have tried to rebut Eric's claims, but he gets into arguments with them as well. The insane amount of energy Eric puts into trying to "expose" his mother's unstable behavior to her friends is lolcowish in itself.

Note how Dianna's tone changes between these two screenshots. Any kindness she shows her children appears to be fleeting, often arising from moments of loneliness or self-pity.



Here, edgelord Eric alleges Dianna and Frank had David take psychoactive medications as a child and blames that as the cause of his schizophrenia.

Eric alleges his parents threatened lawsuits:

Eric has also tried reaching out to David, who hit on him, then reacted with vitriol.






Twitter (a)
Old Gaming Twitter (a)
Twitter 2 (a)
Facebook (a)
Game Facebook (a)
Game Website (a)
Old Game Website (a)
Ko-Fi (a)
Instagram (a)

Ellis Franklin "Frank" Kinkead Jr.

Frank Kinkead, 79, probably didn't know the absolute shitshow he was getting into when he married Dianna. Having to deal with your wife going to the loony bin on a frequent basis would take its toll on anyone's mental health, and Frank is no exception. When Eric was 14, Frank put a gun in his own mouth and threatened to kill himself. Eric has also recounted tales of extreme miserly behavior from Frank, as well as verbal abuse toward his wife Amy. Both Frank and Dianna were reportedly sexual toward their children, with Eric accusing Frank of "fondling" the kids.

Unlike the rest of the family, Frank's social media presence is very small. What we can learn about Frank's history comes from Eric's Facebook rants.




Facebook (a)

The best bet to keep tabs on the drama is to watch Eric and Dianna's Facebook accounts. David posts dozens of nonsense messages on Twitter every day, but most of his posts are incomprehensible.

Dox (courtesy of KF user @Coach Kreeton Of All That):

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

I had to abridge this OP to keep it within the character limit; there's tons more juicy content on their various social media profiles I couldn't fit in here.
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Featured on Mar 10, 2022 at 5:33 PM: Funimation voice actor and #KickVic supporter Daman Mills has been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.
In a twist of irony, Daman Mills - one of the more vocal supporters of #KickVic among the voice actors that worked at Funimation (most notable role is being the late Chris Ayres' stand-in for Freeza from the Dragon Ball franchise) and who pulled out of KamehaCon 2019 when Vic Mignogna was invited back (http://archive.md/rPWq2) - has found himself in the midst of accusations similar to Mignogna (https://archive.ph/FZcTd). Only, this time, there seem to be teeth to this claim (please excuse Anime News Network, they're the ones reporting it at the moment):

In a public document, an Ohio man has accused Evangelion film and Sonny Boy voice actor Daman Mills of groping him and masturbating next to him while he was asleep. According to the alleged victim, the incidents took place between 2014 and 2015, when the man was a high school student and Mills was 20 to 21 years old.

Mills, through a Cease and Desist letter sent to the alleged victim on February 18, asserts that the relationship was "consensual and mutual" and the allegations are "wholeheartedly false and without merit." The voice actor is asking that the allegations be retracted.

According to the man, who spoke to ANN over a video call and has asked to be called "Duncan" due to concerns over retaliation and privacy, he met Mills via Facebook when he was "just a shy, quiet, and anxious" 15-year-old boy. He said they began talking in December of 2012 when the yet-undiscovered voice actor was living in Hawaii. According to Duncan, they became familiar with one another through the fandub scene. Duncan told ANN that the friendship intensified, and Mills confessed sexual and romantic attraction which Duncan did not reciprocate. According to him, he wanted to be kind to Mills and did not want to end the friendship because of their different sexual orientations; however, he added that he was routinely explaining to Mills that they were not romantically involved over the several year friendship.

"I tried to be as nice as possible, while also stating I did not feel the same, but didn't want it to affect our friendship. He continued to talk to me every day, texting me constantly. Getting angry and emotionally attacking me if I did not respond as quickly as he did. He would often bring up that he felt sexually and emotionally attached to me; all of these things I would try to avoid," Duncan wrote in the public document.

Duncan said that Mills moved to Ohio in January 2014, approximately a year into their friendship. He said Mills' new home was about an hour from where Duncan lived with his mother and brother, and the two would see one another about once a month. Duncan claimed that the first time Mills stayed over at his house, he insisted that they sleep next to one another in the 16-year-old's twin-sized bed.

"I awoke that night to him heavily wrapped against me. Nose in my neck, and his entire arm up my shirt. He was caressing my bare body. I felt confused and outraged. This man I had been vulnerable to, taking advantage of my trust. I confronted him," Duncan wrote in the public document. He claimed that Mills denied being awake and the teen asked him to not do it again.
According to Duncan, Mills behavior didn't stop and the sleep overs routinely included Mills asking to sleep in his bed followed by him waking up to being kissed, caressed, or having his hand moved toward Mills' genitals. On one occasion, Duncan said he awoke to discover Mills masturbating next to him in his bed.

"I was so alarmed, that it took me a couple days to bring this up to him. He then admitted to me that he had been pleasuring himself in my bed. He also told me he would get-off to the idea of me a lot. I feel so much shame for letting this go on for as long as it did, but also angered that someone who knows right from wrong would do these things," Duncan wrote in the public document.

Duncan claimed that on Mills' 21st birthday in 2014, Mills came to stay in Duncan's family home and spent "hours" attempting to persuade the 17-year-old boy to perform oral sex. He stated that Mills told him "friends help each other out sometimes."

"I am so happy now, that through the emotional abuse and mind games, that I didn't give in. However, I would still wake up to him kissing me in my sleep, and fondling me. Some of these things, I was too cowardly to even address," Duncan wrote in the public document. He said that Mills even sought out one of his other acquaintances in hopes of getting photos of Duncan in his underwear, under the pretense of it being a joke.

That acquaintance was Brian, who has asked us not to publish his last name due to privacy concerns. Brian said he was introduced to Mills through Duncan in approximately 2014. He and Duncan were friends forged over the internet and both teens took part in a Skype-based chat group that included other similarly-aged friends. The group often joked around and did "dumb shit" that Brian described as typical humor for the time. He said he took a video of Duncan in February 2014 and set a screenshot of his friend's face as his own profile photo on Facebook. In a screenshot Brian shared with ANN, Mills is shown to have messaged Brian and began asking for the video repeatedly, after Brian declined.
The above image has been edited so as not to reveal the alleged victim's name.
Brian told ANN that Mills would often make off-color comments on his and other boys' Facebook profiles and play it off as jokes, including statements like he was going to "rape" them.

"He would comment on Facebook posts and, you know, spell [rape] incorrectly to try and act like it's funny," Brian said. In one message from 2014 shared with ANN, Mills wrote to 16-year-old Brian that they should "fawk" and asked the teen to send nude photos of himself.

Brian said he was contacted by Mills the day after the voice actor's birthday, when Mills allegedly asked Duncan to perform oral sex. In the message screenshot shared with ANN, Mills stated that he and Duncan "never really dated" and that his feelings for the teenager were "unrequited."
The above image has been edited so as not to reveal the alleged victim's name.

Duncan told ANN that another incident allegedly took place outside of his home when he went to visit Mills in February 2015. Like previous incidents, Duncan said that Mills asked that they sleep in the same bed. Duncan stated he woke up that morning to Mills "prodding my penis through my shorts – and that's only what I was awake for." According to Duncan, he woke up mortified to which he said Mills only laughed. Duncan said he confronted Mills about it later and that Mills made him promise not to tell anyone.

When Duncan would try to talk to Mills about his interest in girls, he said the voice actor would tell him he was jealous or otherwise concerned that Duncan would abandon him if he entered a relationship with a girl. Facebook messages shared with ANN show that in 2015, Mills told Duncan that when the teenager found a significant other, it would hurt him.

Additional Facebook messages from 2014 to 2015 show Mills discussed helping the teen masturbate, asked what kind of sexual acts he was interested in, and asked for a measurement of his penis.

Eventually, Duncan stated that his mother got involved and by March 2015 the two were no longer in regular contact. Duncan said that he never told his mother in depth what was going on.

"I didn't tell her about it for years because I felt ashamed, I guess. I was like, 'I'm a guy, I should feel like a man, you know? This isn't happening to me.' I tried to dismiss it in my head because I didn't know how to deal with it," he said. He told ANN that his mother thought it was strange that they were sharing a twin-sized bed and offered Mills the couch instead. According to Duncan, Mills became offended and accused his mother of assuming he would do something inappropriate just because of his sexual orientation.
Duncan said he felt trapped during the confrontation because he claims that Mills had already been inappropriate with him in his bed but he didn't want to say anything in front of Mills and his mother.

According to Brian, Mills began distancing himself from the friend group as a whole in 2015. When he reached out to Mills in May 2015 to ask why, Mills replied that he didn't "want to deal with [Duncan]" or "hear about what I've done wrong or anything between him and I." (Note: the linked image is edited so as not to reveal the alleged victim's name.)

"Because of all this stuff, everyone pretty much stopped talking to him. Duncan started opening up to more people about [the alleged incidents], I think? I don't know if Daman found out about it, or what, but he started very quickly cutting everybody off. He started badmouthing Duncan to his voice actor friends and people he knew in the industry," Brian said. "That's what I believe, because he was trying to distance himself from it as much as possible."

Duncan began seeing a girl and said he discovered that Mills had told their mutual acquaintances that he was a "liar" and a "bad friend," including to Duncan's own brother. Duncan stated that he confronted Mills who he claimed admitted to doing it because "making himself and others hate [you] made it a lot easier to move on." That same year, Mills was cast in the lead role of Media Blasters' Holy Knight anime OAV. In 2016 he was cast in his first lead role for Funimation as Jyungo in Nanbaka with additional roles in Yuri!!! on Ice, Cheer Boys!!, Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru, Trickster, and All Out!!

Mills told ANN that he has sought legal counsel and has been advised not to comment on the allegations. He sent the alleged victim a Cease and Desist letter on February 18. As well as claiming that the relationship was mutual and consensual and the allegations be retracted, Mills also demands that the alleged victim cease and desist from further contacting Mills' employers or contractors. He was given until February 25 to agree or face potential legal action, including potential liability for damages, costs, and expenses.

The age of consent in Ohio is 16 years old.
Daman Mills is represented by Kenneth J. Berke of Berke Law Group, A.P.C. in California.

When asked why he is coming forward after all these years, Duncan said his primary motivation is admitting that what happened to him was real.
"I'm just trying to get this story out there because this did happen. As unbiased as I can be, this all did happen to me and when things like this happen, people should feel comfortable speaking up about it."

🎵🎶when karma is a bitch
she'll bite you in the ass🎵🎶

@Panera Bread posted more chat logs found on ANN's server:
Lynzee Loveridge changed the name of the alleged victim to "Duncan" to protect his privacy but then uploaded all of his pictures to ANN. In the article, there are images titled "dm15.jpg" and "dm16.jpg". If you change the URLs to numbers 1 to 14, you can find images and chat logs that were not included in the article. They appear to show the alleged victim, whom Daman calls "Trayce" in the uncensored Facebook chat logs. J. Michael Tatum can be seen in one of those pictures. 🤔

View attachment 3056796View attachment 3056797View attachment 3056798View attachment 3056799View attachment 3056802View attachment 3056805View attachment 3056810View attachment 3056818View attachment 3056819View attachment 3056822

01: https://archive.ph/H4yEq
02: https://archive.ph/ynStP
03: https://archive.ph/zqxuw
04: https://archive.ph/Y3RTS
05: https://archive.ph/vcmvy
06: https://archive.ph/pJRjV
07: https://archive.ph/qMwkC
08: https://archive.ph/DBbxi
09: https://archive.ph/tQYqv
10: https://archive.ph/rPblj
11: https://archive.ph/i2GnM
12: https://archive.ph/SvaLm
13: https://archive.ph/h8vaI
14: https://archive.ph/UAuMK
15: https://archive.ph/7zpf9
16: https://archive.ph/lgucN
View attachment 3056817
View attachment 3056815
View attachment 3056813

These 2 images were in the article, but the 4 above were excluded.
View attachment 3056794
View attachment 3056793

Edit: More chat logs on ANN's server.
View attachment 3056905
View attachment 3056908
View attachment 3056909
View attachment 3056910
View attachment 3056911
View attachment 3056914
View attachment 3056915
View attachment 3056917
View attachment 3056918
View attachment 3056967
View attachment 3057019
01png: https://archive.ph/6fq6l
02png: https://archive.ph/RlrSh
03png: https://archive.ph/EwMFB
04png: https://archive.ph/QiMRA
05png: https://archive.ph/NaNPv
06png: https://archive.ph/jN2fm
07png: https://archive.ph/kpun4
08png: https://archive.ph/FSaKE
09png: https://archive.ph/1kQ7e
10png: https://archive.ph/FQKPp
11png: https://archive.ph/8B4gQ

A quick reminder of the tweets Daman Mills made in February of 2019 in support of Monica Rial and "assault victims":
Now that the tables have turned on him, he looks like a big hypocrite sending a cease & desist letter to his accuser, the victim, doesn't he?
Another reminder that Vic cast Mills in the only anime Vic was an ADR director:
And Mills betrayed him.
Karma is a bitch.

UPDATE (03/10/2022):
Sausomecon, a convention Mills was going to be a guest at, announced that Mills will no longer attend:

UPDATE (03/14/2022):
Anime News Network has reported that Mills' accuser, now identified as Trayce Wilcox, has retracted his statements:

UPDATE (03/26/2022):
Kyokai Con, another convention Mills was listed as a guest for, has removed Mills from the guest list on their website:
Before: After:
UPDATE (06/27/2022):
Anime Expo featured Mills as a guest:
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May 6, 2020
Featured on Mar 10, 2022 at 1:31 PM: Jake Paul is being sued for involvement in cryptocurrency project "SafeMoon" which is alleged to be a rugpull scam.
Jake is being sued over a cryptocurrency pump & dump scam
Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty, and (((Jake Paul)) are among those named in a class-action lawsuit over an alleged “pump and dump” scheme meant to benefit SafeMoon founder and CEO Braden John Karony and other top-level executives, per ClassAction.org.

Soulja, Yachty and Paul, along with Nick Carter and YouTuber Ben Phillips, were used to promote SafeMoon and increase the number of investors, in exchange for tokens. Their endorsements increased the value of tokens while misleading statements shared with investors led them to believe the best was yet to come. However, the suit alleges that this entire approach served as a “slow rug pull” ploy.

By the end of 2021, SafeMoon tokens cratered and have since struggled to stabilize. “On Dec. 31, 2021, the price of the SafeMoon Token hit a low of $0.0000006521 per token, an over 80 percent drop from its height during the Class Period, which it has not been able to recover,” the lawsuit reads. “As of the filing of this Complaint, the trading volume for the SafeMoon Token has plummeted to around only $60,000.”

Created in March 2021, the SafeMoon token lived by the alarmingly suspect phrase, “safely to the moon,” as if to suggest that this latest entry in the cryptocurrency game would reach new heights in a “safe” manner. As the celebrities attached to SafeMoon were driving up its investor numbers, the company was notifying them of “token burns,” or removing a certain number of tokens from circulation. Investors were led to believe that this method would surely increase the value of their tokens.

SafeMoon allegedly informed investors less than a month into its inception that their profits would be “going to the ‘moon’ imminently” after nearly four trillion tokens were “burnt.” When the shine from the celebrity endorsements wore off, and token trading volume started to plummet, SafeMoon utilized that same approach once again and it worked.

SafeMoon’s marketing efforts extended to YouTube ads, social media awareness, and even a billboard in Times Square. All of which worked to build up the value of its tokens, but over time, trading volume dipped. SafeMoon was able to successfully revitalize its value with the “imminent” arrival of the wallet, but as investors were waiting for the company to live up to its promise, Hank Wyatt resigned as chief technology officer and sold his tokens to unsuspecting investors. The suit alleges Wyatt “knew or should have known” about the wallet’s failed launch.

One day after Wyatt’s resignation, Jack Haines-Davies stepped down, causing the price of tokens to go “from a close of $0.000000153 on Sept. 9, 2021 to the low for the day of $0.00000119 on Sept. 10, 2021.” A number of other execs went on to leave SafeMoon “under similar circumstances.”


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Featured on Mar 8, 2022 at 7:07 AM: Women's Day 2022: Come find real women on social media celebrating the occasion.
It’s International Women’s Day, which means the menfolk will be turning up in unironed shirts and will have to make their own dinner.

Still, fast out of the blocks are the Troons acting all girly and stating how Trans identified men are equal, and are the most downtrodden of whummin.


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Featured on Mar 6, 2022 at 9:23 PM: There's an ex-Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, and he wants your money for hookers and a suing Internet trolls.

Quick intro to Jehovah's Witnesses and internet Ex-JWs
Glossary post here.

Most people know the Jehovah's Witnesses as the friendly oddballs knocking on your door on Saturday mornings or hanging around with a cart of leaflets on your commute.
They have a lot more sinister cult practices behind the scenes, including but not limited to: expecting members to inform on each other to the congregation elders so they can control what they think, do and say; keeping Catholic style secret databases of paedophiles in the congregations and spending members' donations on their legal defences for the resulting court cases; banning blood transfusions to the point of having elders who will visit you in hospital specifically to talk you out of it; "disfellowshipping" or shunning, where, like Scientology's disconnection policy, current members are made to cut all contact with anyone who leaves the church or who the elders judge to be guilty of sinning in some way (e.g. getting a blood transfusion), even if they're family.

The disfellowshipping policy leads to a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses leaving the organisation and finding themselves without any family and friends, so for a while there has been a growing ex-JW movement on the internet to provide that replacement support network. The various ex-JW communities do a lot of good helping people get out and build their lives and raising awareness about the dodgy things the Jehovah's Witnesses organisation and Watchtower do.
But when you grow up in an isolated hierarchical cult full of paranoia, manipulation and infighting, you don't always leave all that behind when you quit, which brings us to the subject of this thread.

Lloyd Evans / John Cedars


There's many ex-JW YouTubers with lolcow tendencies, but the most popular (and biggest cow) is James Lloyd Evans (he goes by Lloyd). He's the host of JWWatch (formerly JWSurvey.org) and has had his own channel since leaving the church in 2013. His channel is all about the cult's practices, reviewing its weird propaganda videos and internal documents that PIMOs have leaked to him, discussing each new legal trouble and scandal that the church is caught up in, and interviewing other ex-JWs about their experiences in the organisation.

When he first started the channel, he used the pseudonym John Cedars because he was a PIMO, and didn't want to have his real name attached to the videos he made voicing his doubts, since he could be disfellowshipped for that. He explains that he picked the name "Cedars" as a reference to an old JW convention in Cedar Point, Ohio where photos show them flying US flags, and then in a JWBroadcasting reenactment of it they removed the flags.

As for why he picked the name "John"... well, you'll see.

Life in the JWs
He actually gives a pretty concise summary of his early life on the site (archive). In which he describes how he became an elder in his local congregation - that is, responsible for "shepherding the flock of God" and dealing with discipline within the congregation.
Rather bafflingly, he includes a lot of detail about when his wife caught him cybering with "girls".

But these troubles were soon to pale into insignificance when my wife made a heartbreaking discovery. She learned that, though I hadn’t cheated on her, I had been fraternizing with girls on the internet in ways that I shouldn’t have done as a married man. I had a big issue with cyber sex and pornography, which I had developed as a teenager, and which remained with me even into my marriage.
I am not proud of my actions, and to this day I grimace at what I put my wife through. She has never been anything but loyal and loving, and it saddens me that I hurt her by betraying her trust so early in our marriage.
I also feel it was hypocritical of me to accept an appointment as an elder with the aim of helping others and offering spiritual guidance when I had so many issues of my own to contend with. I was living a double life and being dishonest with people.
Even so, I can’t help but consider these actions to be very much a by-product of sexual repression in my formative years. In particular, I think of the difficulties I had in finding a marriage partner from a narrow pool of Witness girls, and the unscriptural Watchtower injunctions designed to induce guilt over masturbation.

Of course, I accept responsibility for my actions and I do not blame Watchtower for everything. After all, plenty of Witnesses seem to develop into well-balanced adults without these problems.
But my wife and I both now realise that sexual repression in my upbringing was a major factor. It forced me into finding ways of satisfying my natural sexual urges as a virgin without intercourse so as to remain “morally clean,” and this led to an unhealthy dependency on the internet and pornography.
Once my wife discovered my problem we had a number of emotional exchanges. Decisions needed to be made. My first instinct was to sweep things under the rug and work things out between us, but in the end I decided to stand down as an elder and move back to the congregation I had grown up in to receive discipline.
Apart from anything else I knew I wouldn’t get a fair trial from the bully elder, who would doubtless want to make sure I suffered further for daring to question him. This matter involved my wife and I, and not him – so I chose to receive my punishment from elders I felt I could rely on to be impartial.
I wrote an exhaustive confession in a letter and posted it through the letter box of my new Coordinator. Before long I was summoned to a Judicial Committee and made to relive everything I had done in excruciating detail, despite my signed confession which had already explained everything.
At one point I remember being reduced to tears. By the end of it all, it was decided that I should be reproved and not disfellowshipped. However, my reproof was to be publicly announced both in my new and former congregations to make it clear that I had done wrong during my time as an elder.

He repeats this anecdote in his book, "The Reluctant Apostate":
and later on his channel. Hold that thought for now.

Leaving the JWs
Before JWs are disfellowshipped, they are summoned before their congregation's elders for a judicial committee: basically if you do something the church considers wrong, and it gets back to the elders in your local congregation, you'll essentially have an interrogation with them and they decide whether to forgive you or disfellowship you. This is what they do for everyone, from normal people with doubts to actual criminals (including chomos) instead of calling the police.

He mentions the first judicial committee he had in the UK in his book excerpt above. Soon after this, he left the UK and moved to Croatia with his wife Dijana, for a fresh start, and has lived there ever since. Then in Croatia, he had a second judicial committee, for his doubts about the organisation and apostasy.

It's become common practice for PIMOs to record the proceedings, so that they have evidence of any bullying tactics, criminality or negligence by the elders, and proof that it was for a minor "offence" and they conducted themselves well in the hearing, in case anyone still in the organisation later tries to slander them. Almost all of the big ex-JW YouTubers have a video in which they react to or comment on their own judicial committee.

Unusually for an ex-JW YouTuber, Lloyd didn't record his judicial committee. There's a lot of speculation as to why, but so far, that's all it is. The Vast Apostate Hour, another ex-JW channel, clipped and captioned this part of his video from the time, pointing this out. Lloyd doesn't mention this in his video, but it's very rare for a branch representative to sit in on a judicial committee, it's usually just the local elders. VAH also said that it's very rare for elders to be removed by judicial committees at all. (thread) This is all stuff that former JWs would know, and Lloyd usually explains internal JW practices to us normies, but he didn't do that this time. He also heavily implies he has some kind of leverage over the organisation, or at least the Croatia branch. What did he mean by this? VAH theorises it's a sort of mutually assured destruction tactic on his part: yes, they could out him as on their secret database of nonces, but to do that, they'd also have to admit that there was a database in the first place.

They give a lot more context to this here (attached).

The Grift, part 1: The Australian Royal Commission book
Lloyd's forever plugging his Patreon, his books and his merch. Not necessarily a bad thing in itself, man's gotta eat. However, a few times he has really compromised his integrity as a "professional activist".

2015 saw the Australian Royal Commission - an investigation into child sexual abuse in Australia that focused on a lot of different groups, including Jehovah's Witnesses. Lots of testimonies from victims and a couple of the governing body members. JWWatch (then JWSurvey) made a lot of good videos about it, though while Lloyd hosted them, almost all the information and insight came from the cohosts Daniel Walker (Covert Fade), Mark O'Donnell (John Redwoods) and retired lawyer Kim Silvio.

Fade decided to write a book about it all, without consulting any of the victims who testified, and when one, "BCG", objected, he and Lloyd sperged out at her and summoned their personal army to bother her on socials, and later issued a non-apology, a running theme with this guy. Here's the public statement from BCG.

This wouldn't be the last time he'd be accused of trying to cash in on victims without their permission either. https://archive.ph/wUyBT

The Grift, part 2: Crisis of Conscience
The seminal ex-JW book is "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz, a former governing body member who quit the organisation and exposed all its inner workings and explained his doubts. It was (and still is) a huge catalyst for helping people to escape the JWs.

In 2016, Lloyd announced a competition for his viewers to win "bootleg" copies his mate had printed. When people pointed out this was illegal, he wrote a long non-apology screed (archive) in which he reeeees about "the haters", and yet if you read between the lines, he admits everything.
On November 22nd, 2015, I posted a video on my channel announcing a competition in which I would give away a copy of Crisis of Conscience, by Raymond Franz, to one of my readers. I had bought five unauthorised copies from a friend in Romania (for which I paid $50, or $10 per copy) for no other reason than that the book had been allowed to go out of print, and second-hand authorised hard copies were only available for exorbitant amounts on Amazon.
Little was I to know that two of my most determined “haters,” a couple of evangelical activists from New Mexico called Mike and Kim Brooks, would seize on my competition as a pretext to frame me as some sort of criminal. They released a video in which they tearfully bemoaned the fact that I was distributing bootleg copies of a copyrighted work, apparently oblivious to the fact that PDF copies of the book available on their own website represented just as much a violation of copyright as my reproduction hard copies.
Mike and Kim Brooks also have a YouTube channel. Far from being "evangelical activists", they're also ex-JW activists who happen to have converted to a normal mainstream kind of Christianity instead of atheism like Lloyd.

More video diatribes followed, with one especially fixated hater, Joel the “Unwitness,” declaring me an intellectual property thief. The situation escalated to such an extent that the copyright holder, Deborah Dykstra, was called upon to make a statement in which she strongly implicated me as an infringer of her copyrighted work. Rather than approach me privately to resolve matters, Dykstra allowed herself to be swayed by the Brooks’ and other activists who had an axe to grind. I eventually received a formal “cease and desist” letter via UPS at my home in Croatia, which probably cost more to write and send than the total value of the bootleg books.
On receiving the letter, I contacted Deborah directly and quickly managed to reach an agreement. It was agreed that (1) I would remove all third-party links to Crisis of Conscience on JWsurvey, (2) I would pay her $50, or 100% royalties for my five bootleg copies, (3) I would ensure all details for others to order bootleg copies were removed from Facebook and Reddit, and (4) I would arrange for all placed orders of bootleg copies other than my five copies to be cancelled, and the buyers refunded. (Fortunately, although a number of orders were placed with my Romanian friend, none of the books had yet been printed, thus allowing him to abort any further unauthorised reproduction and return all the money.)
Once all of these issues were successfully resolved, Deborah agreed that the matter was finally settled.

He then rambled about how important it is to make this wonderful resource available to people, despite having criticised Mike and Kim for making it available as a free PDF, while talking about returning the money, implying he and his friend were charging for it.

Lloyd has been interviewed on TV and radio quite a bit, and was in Leah Remini's Aftermath special about Jehovah's Witnesses.

In 2019, the UK government held IICSA, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse; basically the same sort of thing as the Australian Royal Commission. Lloyd applied to be a core participant and was accepted: (application here)

It's not clear why he applied instead of other ex-JWs. He did have some knowledge of how the church operates in the UK, having been an elder, and he has interviewed a lot of ex-JW CSA victims on his channel.

Remember that date, though, 2019.

On 31st January 2022, Lloyd's former JWWatch collaborator, Kim Silvio, put out a statement on the ex-JW subReddit accusing Lloyd of repeatedly cheating on his wife with prostitutes he rented with his Patreon money:

I write this statement in the interest of scrutiny, transparency and truth. Knowledge can be a powerful thing however in this instance, knowledge has been a heavy weight that has taken time to consider.

Sometimes a day comes when the good that someone does can start to be outweighed by the not so good. Behaviour becomes toxic, hypocritical, suffocating and controlling.

Some weeks back Lloyd openly and without warning notified me of his infidelity and engagement with prostitutes on a very regular basis over many years, amongst other matters that don’t need to be specifically mentioned.

This was shortly before he notified the community that he would be taking a two month break from activism “to re-evaluate my life for the sake of my mental health”.

This is not correct. Lloyd had been in Thailand making use of the many different facilities and getting to know the locals and other tourists since shortly after Christmas, only returning to Croatia a few days ago.

It has often been said that activists are happy for individuals to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, providing that they know the whole truth about the organisation.

Lloyds subscribers, support team and patrons are not being given the correct information. There are matters that he does not want the public to know about, wanting rather to maintain a facade that appeals to those concerned.

To show his narcissistic behaviour, deficit regard for the feelings of others, use of funding generated through his activism work to pay for prostitution, an industry known for the exploitation of women and minors, a solo non-mental health related trip to Thailand and failure to be honest in respect to the true reason for his absence would cause reproach to be brought upon his name and therefore must not be spoken about.

It is hoped that this information will give you the same opportunity that Lloyd gives to all Jehovah’s Witnesses about their religion. The truth. You are being deceived by this hypocritical, dishonest and misogynistic man.

Many times Lloyd has shouted down other activists, members of our community for not agreeing with him, or as a result of him somehow convincing others that on every single occasion he is questioned, he is the victim. How many activists have stopped their efforts? How many people have been silenced? You would be shocked at how many people have left activism because of him.

Is it possible for us all to consider that he has manipulated the entire community to see him as the authority, the only opinion that should be considered? Does he have a monopoly on the activism movement?

Experts often say that the indication of a cult is what happens when you leave. It cannot go unnoticed how many people are cut off, cut down, attacked and shouted into silence for expressing a varied opinion to Lloyd or for daring to question him or critique him in any way.

Is it now time that the community are given the opportunity to consider these matters and to ask this question:

“Is it time to let the videos Lloyd has produced speak for themselves, and let many other activists take the mantle with a truly free and community spirit?”

I have given great consideration as to whether I should disclose this information to the community and I have considered a few factors; Would I want to know if I were a patron? Yes. Would I want to know if I were a subscriber? Yes. Would I want to know if I were recommending Lloyd for media opportunities? Yes. Would I want to know if I were considering entering into a joint activism project with him? Yes.

And finally, can I live with myself knowing that each and everyone of you are being lied to just like we all were as Jehovah’s Witnesses? No.

We will not accept it from the organisation therefore we cannot accept this type of behavior in our community.

Producer Bob and I have resigned from the JW watch team as we can no longer support this behaviour.

We wish you all well and trust that this knowledge will not divide the community, rather unite and build a community that is built on freedom and truth.

In closing I do wish to say that I hope my reputation through the work that I have done and my known association with Lloyd may give you confidence to accept this as truth. I am not concerned that I may be accused of deformation as the first defense of such a claim is truth.

Kind regards,

Kim Silvio

The jannies quickly deleted the OP and locked the thread. Kim discussed it on her Twitter and has since done streams with several other ex-JW YouTubers discussing it.
Lloyd responded with a thoughtful video statement, in which he showed self-reflection and deep contrition for his actions.

...Nah, just kidding, he got wasted and did an hour and a half livestream in which he chimped out at Kim, the haters, and the chat, and he confessed to everything.

There's a lot of him just sitting around and the sound and video fucking up, so here's the highlights:
00:00: The stream starts and Lloyd's sound is off.
02:06: He looks at the chat yelling at him that he's muted, and fixes it.
02:23: He has been dragged kicking and screaming back onto YouTube and cut his mental health break short because of a "massive invasion of privacy and betrayal of confidence". Reees about his privacy and how it's nobody's business but his.
04:59: His in-laws are looking after his daughters, and his wife Dijana is out and "she's asked me to say as little about her as possible".
05:40: "I haven't raped anyone. I haven't committed any kind of sexual offence." (Remember this part.) "I haven't murdered anyone, no seal cubs have been bludgeoned by my hand."
06:05: He grumps about how Kim Silvio, his former colleague and friend, posted the statement on Reddit, and says it "grossly invaded my privacy AND MY FAMILY'S privacy. My wife's privacy, my children's privacy, because they're gonna grow up eventually and they're gonna want to know what's on the internet about their daddy."
07:19: "I feel like my house was burgled and I've been held at gunpoint." Shades of Russell Greer's fanfic about what Taylor Swift figuratively did to him. Rages about how he feels "abused".
08:40: Technical difficulties.
9:10: Starts explaining the situation. "Apparently you all need to know what I do with my dick, the world needs to know."
9:44: Plugs his book, whines about how he was sexually repressed by growing up in the JW church.
11:12: Reminds himself that his wife specifically told him to talk about her as little as possible.
11:29: Immediately starts spilling the beans about his and his wife's sex life.
12:24: Plugs his book again. Says he didn't write about it because he wanted to, but because he had to, because he knew that his judicial committee and other JWs in his family had that dirt on him and could share it themselves.
13:23: Says he explicitly moved to Croatia because his wife had discovered him chatting with girls online.
13:34: Hurriedly corrects himself, "When I say 'girls', I mean 'women'". Superchats come in begging him to end the stream.
13:57: Credits his porn/cybering/sexting/infidelity addiction and subsequent move to Croatia with him getting out of the cult.
14:59: Mentions his wife as little as possible again, saying that she wasn't "enough" for him and goes on about their sexual difficulties.
16:45: Technical difficulties again
17:15: Superchat says "no need to tell us anymore" and he starts laughing about how apparently it's everybody's business according to Kim.
18:00: The visual and audio cut out for a few seconds. The visual returns but no audio for a good few minutes. as Lloyd keeps talking and apparently doing some weird impression of "the haters" and laughing.
23:20: Lloyd floats the conspiracy theory that one of his former friends is tampering with his video and that's why he keeps fucking up.
25:00: He says all the creepy sex shit continued "up until very, very recently". Continues to talk about his wife as little as possible.
25:40: "There were no affairs... I haven't wanted a relationship with anyone else, but I have looked for sex."
26:00 The chat pleads with him to shut the fuck up, he gets all snarky about it and downs his entire whisky. He says the technical problems appear to have stopped now that he's suggested someone's tampering with it, as if they've realised he's onto them.
26:55: "The situation came to a head very recently when Dijana made a discovery... she saw some pictures" - so again, like the previous, he didn't actually confess any of this to her, she found out.
28:50: A chat from Alien Encounters says "YOU WERE GROOMING A 14 YEAR OLD" and he loses his mind and rants about how everybody betray him, they no good. "They want me to be a paedophile".
31:33: This happens.

It later got posted to /r/PublicFreakout as "Mastery of the Penis".
36:00: Lloyd explains he took a break for mental health reasons and says that technically he was honest about that, because he was stressed at the consequences of his own actions.
37:00: He finally starts telling the story. He had a Zoom call with his producer Bob and Kim Silvio, both of whom have since left JWWatch, and he told them everything, apparently without them having asked. At the time they were really supportive and understanding of him at the time.
39:00: He ditched his wife and kids and went to Thailand on his own to FiNd HiMsElF for three weeks, over Christmas and New Year, to see if it was "possible for him to exist" without his marriage.
40:00: Starts reading WhatsApp messages from Kim helping him organise his holiday and approving of his video where he announced he was taking a break.
42:00: Reads messages he sent to Kim on NYE when he was thinking about suicide and she told him to keep it together for his kids. Fakes sobbing for a bit, face is completely dry and normal when he pulls his hand away.
45:00 Mentions he had some weed and says "maybe that's something I'm also a villain for".
48:00: Says he was grumpy at his friend, fellow ex-JW and occasional contributor Javier Ortiz, for not responding to his messages.
50:30: "By the way, this was literally called 'The Meltdown Support Group'. So, not just 'The Unfaithfulness Support Group', or 'The Prostitutes/Sex Workers Support Group' or whatever". PLOT TWIST.
53:30: Lloyd says Kim's tone changed on New Year's Day when an ex-JW attempted suicide and posted about it on Twitter. (Lloyd tries to keep it vague here, but his drunk ass slips up and names the guy.) Lloyd reads her message to him, in which she talks about managing his public persona and reputation, because people look up to him. She tells him either to get off social media or come clean to his viewers. He responded grumpily to her and said he didn't like being told what to do. He interprets her message as shaming him for talking about his mental health issues.
1:03:00: He compares it to being back inside the JWs and being judged, "where if you do anything outside of what the organisation expects, you're worse than a paedophile."
1:06:00: He finally reads Kim's statement. "He notified me without warning of engagement with prostitutes on a very regular basis over many years." He takes issue with this and says it was "only" every 2-3 months, for 3-4 years. "I didn't have an opportunity to do it on a regular basis, I'm not sure I would NEED to, so that part is factually untrue. And libelous!"
1:11:00: Says it's none of his Patreon patrons' and superchat donors' business how he spends their donations, and compares himself to a doctor who gets paid for helping people and is allowed to spend his money however, and calls his Patreon NEETbux "my wages".
1:13:00: Doesn't understand how any of his actions ever could possibly be misogynistic, so chalks it up to him disagreeing with Kim, a woman.
1:17:00 Plays the victim for a bit and talks about how this impacts on all of his family, again saying as little as possible about his wife. Talks about his children, including giving their names and ages, and his in-laws.
1:23:00: Again talks about how he spends his "wages" and asks if he's supposed to get receipts from the hookers for expenses.
1:24:00: A chat asks "is prostitution legal in Croatia?" He freaks out.
Also illegal in England and Thailand, so wherever he did it, he actually has committed a kind of sexual offence, possibly several.
1:28:00: Kim shows up in the chat and he bitches her out.
1:30:00: Someone in chat calls Kim a snake and Lloyd puts it up on the screen and leaves it there for a good few minutes. "Oops didn't mean to leave the 'snake' comment up for quite so long!"
1:32:00: Lloyd says he never presented a facade, but if he did, everyone does that on Facebook and Instagram all the time anyway.

Now, Lloyd says he was punting "until very ,very recently" (and doesn't ever actually say he's stopped) , every few months "for three or four years". So that's from 2018 or 2019, through to the present day.
This means he was, under English and Croatian law, committing sex offences throughout the entire period of 2019 and 2020, at the same time he was interviewing CSA victims on his channel and was a core participant of IICSA.
Also while his wife was pregnant with his second child.

Adam van Wirdum, the ex-JW who'd attempted suicide has since also made a public statement on /r/exjw, initially supporting Lloyd and Kim on the mental health topic specifically, and then when he found out "further facts", he cancelled his Patreon subscription to Lloyd.

Since the stream, Lloyd has released a more sober statement on his Facebook page (archive). tl;dr: he doubles down on all of it and blames Kim for everything, and says he's going to block all the haters.
Hello all

I’m briefly breaking my social media hiatus to say a few things that some may need to hear:
(Note: I have updated this list to add points 3B, 3C and expand on point 6. I may make further updates as needed.)

(1) I want to clarify that I don’t think my livestream on the 31st was sabotaged by anyone. I was extremely stressed when recording and when my mic inexplicably kept muting itself, which it has never done before, my mind raced to possible causes. I remembered that Producer Bob at that point had access to my Streamyard and verbalized this on air, but there’s simply no way she could have interfered without me seeing her in the studio interface. I want to apologize to her unreservedly for making that inference/accusation.

(2) Since the livestream I have been informed that Producer Bob was very much involved behind the scenes in orchestrating/supporting the sharing of private information about my life despite her personal assurances to the contrary.

(3a) What little I’ve glimpsed of people weighing in on this issue falls very much into slippery slope fallacy territory. To reiterate: I am not a criminal, nor have I engaged in or facilitated any abusive behavior. Aside from the violation of privacy that impacts my whole family there is one injured party in all of this - my wife - and I know she objects to people treating her as a victim. Anyone wishing to accuse me of perpetrating crime should be going to the police before posting their claims on social media if they truly care about the crime itself or any potential victims. To hurl accusations without proof of any kind is slander. I am seeing accusations resurfacing that were leveled at me in 2017 as part of a cyber-bullying campaign orchestrated by the self-styled “Vast Apostate Army” or VAA. These accusations were forwarded to both the producers of Leah Remini’s Aftermath series and IICSA in an attempt to sabotage my involvement in both of those projects, but were given short shrift because minimal scrutiny revealed them to be utter fiction - the product of troubled minds who seek my destruction so fervently that they would like there to be a child who was molested, or “sexted”, by me. Let me be clear: I have many flaws, but exposing child sexual abuse while participating in it is not and has never been one of them. It feels like a violation that I even need to say that.

(3b) A specific concern that has been brought to my attention is the notoriety of Thailand's sex industry and its problems with sex trafficking. Such concerns were doubtless fueled by Kim's remark that while in Thailand I was "making use of the many different facilities." I want to assure everyone that I did not go to Thailand for its sex industry. My main reasons for choosing it as a place for reflection and self-discovery were its low cost of living (I didn't want to live exorbitantly if my trip ended up lasting many weeks), its amazing food and its natural beauty. If sex tourism had been my incentive I am sure I would have headed straight to Bangkok rather than Phuket and its stunning beaches. Suffice to say, not that its anyone's business but of those I met in Thailand, sex workers or otherwise, nobody was a minor by either Thai or US law and all were in their 20s or older. Again, it feels invasive to even make that statement but I am anxious to reassure people who may be being fed wrong, salacious information.

(3c) Today (February 7, 2022) photos are being circulated that Dijana disclosed privately to someone she assumed to be a trusted friend. I want to make it clear that the woman in the photos is in her 20s and not a sex worker.

(4) It is more than likely that Kim will try to share more personal information in the coming days and weeks. I won’t be commenting on each and every WhatsApp screen grab she tweets, if any. Suffice to say: I know who I am as a person and that I am not the narcissistic super villain that she is portraying. I know that despite my differences over the years with trusted colleagues and fellow activists, those I am working with now are the ones I have nothing but respect and admiration for. Whatever words of mine may surface on Kim’s social media, which will almost certainly be shorn of context, I know deep down that I am a good person; that I care passionately about the cause I have served for over 10 years, and that I care about and value all who have helped me in my work including my colleagues and patrons.

(5) I would like to reiterate that as a professional activist I get to spend my wages as I please. My patrons know that I churn considerable money into my channel. It is due to their generous support that I have been able to hire a video editor, build a studio, travel to investigate stories and invest in the best equipment. I simply shouldn’t be asked to account for how I spend my personal funds. If that had ever been the case, I would never have used Patreon to begin with.

(6) I am currently running a poll on the “community” tab of my YouTube channel to see whether my viewers would like me to keep my livestream from the 31st on the channel for the sake of transparency, or have it removed due to the invasive nature of its contents. At this time, the poll is running at 59% in favor of the video remaining. I will do my best to respect the wishes of the majority of my viewers and keep the video on my channel as long as possible, but I also reserve the right to override the results of the poll if I am asked to do so by Dijana who as with myself never asked for any of this attention on her private life. (Update: I have chosen to "unlist" both the 31st livestream and the "Taking a Break" video so that both videos are no longer being promoted on my channel but the information is available to those who want to see it.)

(7) I am now unapologetically blocking on social media anyone who sympathizes with Kim and her grossly judgmental, vindictive, surreptitious behavior. What Kim has done is the single biggest personal violation I have ever experienced, and it’s hard to believe anyone will ever be able to top it. I generally shy away from “you’re either for me or against me” rhetoric, and I want to be clear that I am not asking people to take sides. But if you use your social media platform to facilitate what is now being inflicted on me and my family, I don’t want to see any of what you have to say showing up in my feed in the future.

(8 ) I am at a point where I am seriously considering stepping down from ex-JW activism altogether. I have been overwhelmed and deeply touched by the outpouring of support by the vast majority of my viewers and patrons. However, I am also seeing the ugly side of the ex-JW movement as never before and I genuinely shudder at this moment when I consider summoning the energy to devote more of myself to producing content that can be enjoyed by individuals who would treat me and those I love with such disdain. Quite apart from that, a significant element of my work involves collaboration with other ex-JWs, which in turn requires trust. Kim’s actions have decimated my trust in working with other ex-JWs and I am not sure I can ever collaborate again on the level I was doing before all this happened. Suffice to say, my life is in turmoil right now and I have no idea what is going to happen next. But whatever becomes of me I want to sincerely thank all those who have extended support and solidarity in this profoundly stressful period. Your kind words and unconditional love means more than you can know.

So far, that's what we know for sure and that he has confessed to.

This is the photo he mentions in 3c, the one that his wife found, then sent to a friend who then leaked them.
Some Twitter users speculate that this is a ladyboy, the resolution is poor so you decide. Either way (s)he doesn't look happy.
Lloyd's statement doesn't clarify things, since he happily calls troons women, as in his occasional cow crossovers with Tranny Sideshows thread regular Colin "Katy" Montgomerie:

Regarding part 5, that he's allowed to spend his hipster neetbux however he pleases, this is pretty hypocritical in light of his multiple videos on JW governing body members spending followers' donations on legal defence for abuse trials, investment real estate and debauchery.
In 2019, the Bottlegate scandal broke. Governing body member Tony Morris was filmed at a liquor store buying a cartful of Macallan whiskey bottles, and Lloyd got hours of content out of it, making fun of it and referencing it every time Tony shows up drunk on JWBroadcasting.

A month later he criticised this JWBroadcasting cartoon that tells kids to donate their pocket money to the church.

He also mentions in part 3a some allegations from 2017 resurfacing.

The Gobbler69
NOTE: So far, these allegations aren't nearly as well substantiated as Kim's and, unlike hers, Lloyd hasn't confessed to them. It's entirely possible that this is a massive gayop by aggrieved JWs or other ex-JWs, but I mention it here to separate it from the other proven stuff, and because it does come up from time to time and was brought up recently. Lots of ex-JWs have gone back and forth about whether they believe it or not.

So what did he mean about allegations from 2017, and what was Alien Encounters's comment about "grooming a 14-year-old" all about?

You might spot the name Marc Cora as one of the few other people asking about this in Lloyd's trainwreck of a non-apology video. That's Marc and Cora Latham, also British ex-JW YouTubers. They hadn't made a video for three years before this went down, but then on February 8 2022, Marc made this statement about him:

In this video, Marc says he's got information about Lloyd that he's given to the police in England.

UPDATE: Cappytan, another ex-JW on Twitter (archive) says that Gloucestershire police have taken a report (presumably from the Lathams, since the police station Marc's outside in that video is in Gloucestershire). He gives the crime reference number as GC-20220214-0123.
However, I will say I've never seen an English police crime reference number in that format. They're usually two letters (either CR or to indicate the particular region, so it would be GC in this case) and then 7 digits. Not the date and then four digits. It's possible a report genuinely has been made but Cappytan, not being familiar with English police reports, has quoted the wrong part of it as the crime reference number.

He doesn't clarify whether he means he's told the police about Lloyd visiting prostitutes, or about child abuse. But in the comments, the account (either Marc or Cora) has uploaded screenshots of e-mails allegedly from Lloyd in 2008 to someone called Becca claiming to be 14.

JLE First contact Mar-28-2008_Mar-8-2008 - Copy.jpg
JLE 4-4-2008_Apr-4-2008 - Copy.jpg
JLE Apr-4-2008_Apr-9-2008 - Copy.jpg
JLE Apr-10-2008_ Apr-19-2008 - Copy (1).jpgJLE 4-29-2008_5-2-2008 - Copy.jpgJLE 5-2-2008_5-3-2008 - Copy.jpg

These screenshots have been going around for a few years now, even before IICSA, and nothing major has come of it so far, so it had largely been dismissed as fake.

Around the same time, there was a statement going around by a guy called Marko, who claimed to be related to Lloyd's in-laws. Someone claiming to be the same Marko has made another, repeating the claims of the first and expanding on them:

I am related to the Croatian family of Lloyd Evans by marriage. I have lived in Sisak for most of my adult life, but after last year’s earthquake there was some damage to my home and I do not live there at the moment.
I am personally acquainted with Lloyd Evans, his wife and her parents. I also know many of the people who go to the local church of Jehovah’s Witnesses that they attended, either through my line of work or from everyday life. I have never been a Jehovah’s Witness but my wife had some association.
I haven’t spoken to either Lloyd or his wife since shortly after I had made a comment on a Facebook group in 2017 about his troubled history. These new revelations regarding him going to Thailand and using prostitutes is new to me. I won’t have any comment about them since I did not know about it and have only found out about it on the internet. What I have to say is culled from personal recollections, discussions with his wife, my wife, and to a lesser extent, Lloyd himself. My English is not completely fluent as I have not been formally schooled in the language and I have been assisted in the second draft to correct grammatical mistakes and placing them in a way that is easier to understand.
I also asked for information from former Jehovah’s Witnesses regarding their practices in order to better understand and place into perspective. I have been contacted by many concerned former Jehovah’s Witnesses online, some of whom were close to Lloyd and asked for information. I have been reticent to do so due to the harassment I got online and in real life last time. This time I am far enough away from him that I do not fear the repercussions at least from a real life aspect. I do know that he has a lot of supporters online who will do anything to discredit and troll information that is negative to him. Many have already noticed that.

I realise that there is the burden of proof that everyone seeks from me. They ask for pictures, text messages, emails and even explicit photos. I want to be clear that I possess none of these. I was also asked to report this to the police. Again, I only know what was told or shown to me. I did make an attempt to contact UK police in 2017 but was unsuccessful in getting this investigated. The period in time that I am going to speak about are the years of 2007 to 2014 which is roughly the period of their wedding to about the time Lloyd had gone fulltime into his work with former Jehovah’s Witnesses. Should you choose not to believe me, I understand. Had I have known that much of the information I was provided at the time would be important to have documentation of over a decade later, I would have done more than just look at it or nod my head and not ask questions. So take what I tell you as a witness to the character of Lloyd Evans, much of which you already know from firsthand knowledge.

I am also concerned about the current situation of his wife and I am trying hard not to directly implicate her into much of this for her protection. Lloyd was married in Croatia in 2007. It was on the coast and many were invited including my wife. We were not married yet so I did not attend. The news round the town and especially in the family was initially positive. It was sad to see such a well respected young woman leave permanently for the UK, but the opportunities for her were great. I wished them nothing but good fortune.

By the time 2007 was nearing a close, it was clear there were a lot of dark issues with Lloyd. He was an overbearing husband and had a clear idea as to how his wife should treat him and her position in the household. Small things he made huge issues out of and was always onto his wife for things he thought she meant or did.
He also had rules about his own privacy which he berated her for. Lloyd was active on sex dating online sites which were suited for people looking for sex, not relationships. He felt this absolved him and it wasn’t truly cheating but working out his desires and fantasies. His wife found out about this with browser history and on his texts which he had on a second phone.
His online names were as I can recall “The Gobbler” and “The Pussy Destroyer”. I had seen some of his chats as they were forwarded to my wife in confidence back in 2007-2008. They were very animated and he had a fetish where the girls addressed him by “daddy” and he called them “daughter”. This pattern was established. Lloyd got angry when caught with inconvenient information and blamed his wife for not keeping it “in the family” where it could be solved by his reasoning. But as a foreign woman in a strange country, with a man she had barely known, I hope you can understand why she had reached out and asked for counsel.

After this Lloyd became more careful in his activities, but not careful enough. In 2008 he had moved his family to Bramhall church of Jehovah’s Witnesses and became appointed as an elder. It was explained to me he had become surer of himself and relished in his new power. He took it upon himself to endear him to many in the congregation. He took the lead with youths and was very interested in their well being. The problem with his online activities continued. Lloyd often waited for his wife to leave for work to go back on the chat sites. Suspicion was aroused and sexts were found on his phone of a graphic nature. He has a nose which is very protruding and he liked to fantasize about his nose being able to stimulate a woman while pleasuring orally. His wife found one of these sexts which stated something about when her parents were leaving so they could meet at her home. A call was made to the number and a young girl answered. Once she found out this was not Lloyd, she was upset and asked to please not inform her parents. She was 14 years old.
Bank records were examined and many of his transactions were in Wales. Lloyd was in a downward spiral. He was drinking heavily and looked weary. He was up all night secretly chatting when he thought his wife was sleeping and had many different chat relationships going. The very next day another sext was found and the decision was made to confess to elders.

But there was a problem with one of the elders there who was suspicious of his actions around young children. At Lloyd’s insistence, they were to hold back on the confession and move back and establish themselves at their old Wilmslow church. His father was an elder there and he still had a good reputation. He quickly resigned as an elder soon after the move and thought he could just write it down on paper and move to Croatia. A series of Judicial Committees were set up which asked for details. Lloyd felt his confession he wrote should be enough and demanded privacy. He felt since his father was an elder there he would fully protect him. This turned out to be incorrect, and it was the beginning his fallout with his father.
What his father did do for him was advocate that relocation to Croatia would do him well and in the end he was not disfellowshipped. Both parties were relieved to be in Croatia after all of that. I met Lloyd for the first time and he told me how wonderful this country was and had many ambitious plans for establishing himself here. Since I spoke better English than he spoke Croatian, we spoke in English. He looked to me like a man who had just went through a huge crisis. He did not know that I knew all about the crisis and his actions which led to it.

At or about 2011, Lloyd was serious about quitting Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am not sure how the information was relayed to the Croatian Jehovah’s Witnesses church about his problems in the UK but I doubt it was from his wife. It had become common knowledge round the Jehovah’s Witnesses that he had been unfaithful to her. The initial optimism about having a member overseas turned into suspicion. Lloyd picked up on that and I believe it was a factor in him wanting to leave the religion quietly.

By the end of 2013 everything started to reach its climax. His wife had recently left the religion and was expecting their first child. Lloyd was adamant about doing a public disassociation from the religion. His wife was not completely in agreement with this decision. Though she had genuinely left, it was not the kind of exit she sought and was compelled to author a letter of resignation. She preferred to wait after the baby came but Lloyd was more interested in making a good video and drawing attention to himself.

One of the elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses was a client of mine and I had known him personally for some time. It was during one of my visits to service his home that he asked me what I knew about Lloyd Evans. He stated there were a lot of stories circulating about him and wanted to know what I had heard if anything since I was related to his wife’s family. I asked him what they knew and he said and I will never forget it “everything”.

The file on Mr Evans had been forwarded to the Zagreb office and from there to the elders. An elder in the Bramhall church had felt he was preparing his 14 year old daughter for sex. Lloyd had very sexually explicit discussions with this girl and tried to use his position as elder to influence her. I relayed the information I had on him sexting a 14 year old girl and his wife finding out. He did not know about that.

That was all my involvement with that matter, though I noticed on the John Cedars channel that he said someone from Zagreb would be in his Judicial Committee. Lloyd Evans resigned as a Jehovah’s Witness in 2013. He stated it was for apostasy against Jehovah’s Witnesses and I have no reason to doubt that was one of the reasons.. What happened in the Judicial Committee meeting only Lloyd and three Jehovah’s Witness elders knew. For my part I know that he was preparing 14 year old girls for sex in the UK.
This is my testimony. Marko

In this thread on the forums of Jehovahs-Witnesses.com (an ex-JW website), various ex-JWs discuss them. Some Redditors are also looking at the EXIF data and think the second Marko statement may be linked to Mike and Kim Brooks, the ex-JWs mentioned before. That could either mean that they were the ones who helped him with the second draft, or that they made the whole thing up (including the entire Marko character) and put in the bit about multiple drafts to cover for it.

FWIW, Lloyd's wife has said it's fake and gay, and the Lathams say they've given everything to the police, so it could go either way. I'm inclined to think it's fake, but include it because it's mentioned so much in discussions of Lloyd.

The Aftermath
/r/exjw has a megathread on #Lloydgate, now in its sixth iteration. Archives here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 and the live thread

The thread on Jehovahs-witnesses started by the Brooks is still continuing with updates too.

Other ex-JW YouTubers have weighed in too.
Kim Silvio gave her side of the story in an interview with Jonathan Burger here
Fateful Slave
AltWorldly gives a pretty good summary of the situation

Handling Criticism
Lloyd likes to rage at "the haters", and will flip out at even the mildest, most constructive criticism. If his livestream didn't show that, his Reddit post history certainly does.
One of his fans posts a thread asking "Real question. Why are there people that don't like Lloyd Evans?"
Lloyd (cedars1929) responded to a lot of the comments bitching at them.

He then posted a thread of his own, "Real question. Please can people give me reasons to cancel/dislike [insert name of ex-JW activist]?"
I don't care, any name. Apparently this is the sort of post you can make on this sub-Reddit these days (which is a shame, because I had been recommending it quite extensively).
Let's see how many ex-JW activists we can character assassinate and/or put off from ever doing activism in the first place due to the needless toxicity.
Even the Reddit jannies told him he was being unreasonable.

The next day he posted "Goodbye everyone", in which he announces he's leaving the sub and cannot believe people were criticising him and criticised Reddit mods of all people for not being censorious enough.
I know I've not posted much due to time constraints, but I want to make this my farewell post. It's come to my attention that this sub-reddit is no longer well moderated as I had assumed, and I don't feel comfortable posting here or recommending this as a resource to my viewers or readers.
Yesterday someone made a post literally titled "Real question. Why are there people that don't like Lloyd Evans?" and it was allowed to gather dozens of comments over many hours. The post only got deleted after the poster themselves acknowledged how unreasonable and uncalled for it was.
I have always said I am perfectly fine with being challenged on my ideas, statements, comments, books or videos. But a sweeping call for gossip/slander/mudslinging clearly goes beyond fair and reasonable criticism and is a breach of the community rules.
Rather than apologizing for leaving the post up rather than locking it or otherwise shutting it down as their own rules require, the mod team have declined to apologise and effectively censured me for complaining.
It's a shame that things have deteriorated to the point that ex-JW activists are not protected from muck-raking "please give me any negative stuff you have on this guy" posts. Apart from being detrimental to the mental health of individuals who deserve better than to be on the receiving end of this sort of treatment, it's a huge disincentive for others to get involved in activism if they know they can look forward to open invitations for character assassinations with no censure whatsoever from the mod team.
Maybe things will improve at some point and I can work with the sub again, but I'm done for now. Take care all

More examples of him telling fans with even the mildest criticism to go away:

And here is how he speaks to a someone raped as a child, who doesn't appreciate him representing CSA victims. With bonus blaming the haters:

He also likes to threaten legal action, or just say he's talking with his "legal team" and getting legal advice, so the current saga with the former lawyer who did most of the research into legal cases for JWWatch calling him on his shit is particularly entertaining.
Kim has a Twitter thread collecting instances when he's calling his lawyer and wants everything off the internet now now now now now. thread (archive)
His usual MO is to say he's retained legal counsel and then not do anything, so far he doesn't seem to have brought any lolsuits. He will likely claim this thread is the work of Watchtower glowies or haters, much like Watchtower themselves call his work "apostate lies".
I've never been a JW, my only connection to this is that I like laughing at arrogant cult leaders embarrassing themselves, whether they be church leaders or YouTubers.

If you find a funny Facebook post Lloyd's done, screenshot and archive. Or use Removeddit if it's on Reddit. Null says "archive everything", but this applies especially to Lloyd's social media: he has a habit of writing great long threads on Facebook bitching at people, and then deleting all his comments afterwards.

Final Thots:
You can take the boy out of JWs, but you can't take the JW out of the boy. Not without a lot more therapy, genuine humility and work on himself than Lloyd has done so far.

Lloyd's Books:
Attached, "The Reluctant Apostate" and "How To Escape From Jehovah's Witnesses".

Social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cedarsjwsurvey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/john.cedars.5, JWWatch Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jwwatchorg/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LloydEvans
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/cedars1929/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cedars
Speakpipe: https://speakpipe.com/cedars
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lloydevanscedars/

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

edit: oh yeah I had this old classic in the attachments and meant to put it somewhere in the OP but forgot, so I'll just put it here.
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Featured on Mar 6, 2022 at 2:12 PM: Discussing merch for Spring 2022: Patches.
For the next merchandise run I'm doing a patch. Maybe several. These will help us identify each other in WW3.

Three things a run needs:
1. A vendor who manufacturers the patch.
2. 3PL to distribute it.
3. A design.

I'm working on 2. If you have a suggestion for a vendor let me know. If you want to pitch an idea for a design post it here.

Patches generally have a Velcro back which can be removed so that it may be sewn on instead. A patch looks like this and is generally put on outdoor apparel like jackets, vests, and backpacks.


Usually I start the sale in February or March but I've been super burned out on physical merchandise so I've not been to eager to start it all over again, but it's definitely time now.

This design was thrown around way back when Deagle Nation was a thing and I'm kind of partial to the "Doxfound" moniker. There's also a Gadsgen design that's a kiwi and "Don't shitpost on me" which has floated around for a few years but I'm not as fond of that.

(While I like the moniker, I'd drastically change up the design.)

I am not taking any suggestions which are plays on the US Confederacy, the Third Reich, or anything that's going to piss off the bankers (PBUT).

Since I am still looking for vendors I am not certain what their limitations on size, shape, and color will be. Input from patch aficionados (the coomers from /k/ with anime trap butthole patches) about what to look out for is appreciated.
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Featured on Mar 5, 2022 at 12:42 PM: Laurelai, a troon known for being a snitch and alleged rapist, was recently outed as being a powermod for r/ContraPoints since 2019.
Everyone, is seems like Laurelai Bailey might the person behind the highly despotic and controversial /r/ContraPoints moderator previously known as u/EphraelStern, aka as @BimboPolitic on Twatter, most recently operating under the @hypnotransgirl account:


As soon as this thread was posted, connecting EphraelStern to BimboPolitic over their use of the Star of Inanna, the /u/EphraelStern account, the @hypnotransgirl account and the @BimboPolitic accounts were all nuked:

HypnotransgirlCommittedTwattercide.jpg PlayStupidGamesWinStupidPrizes01.jpg

EphrealSternCommitsRedditcide.jpg PlayStupidGamesWinStupidPrizes01.jpg

BimboPoliticCommittedTwattercide.jpg PlayStupidGamesWinStupidPrizes01.jpg

You know what this means folks: the /r/ContraPoints subreddit was moderated since 2019 by a known troon rapist and the publically known snitch of Julian Assange who was literally named in the indictment, who most recently infiltrated and took over the very large r/antiwork subreddit (1,7 million subbed Redditors). Pass it along.
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Featured on Mar 3, 2022 at 5:39 AM: Do you want to bash the fash? Join r/VolunteersForUkraine and fly out to a warzone today!
With Ukraine being overrun by the Russians, they are letting just about any non-Ukrainian join an "International Legion" to defend the country. All it takes is showing up at the Ukrainian border and asking to join up. There are already organized efforts by Swedish and Japanese volunteers to fight Russia. Unsurprisingly, the idiots on Reddit in r/VolunteersForUkraine love this idea, and are organizing travel, making packing lists, and trying to figure out how to effectively communicate their pronouns in Ukrainian. They have a discord, a facebook page, and Twitter in addition to the subreddit. Here is the advice they give to these aspiring soldiers of fortune in a stickied thread:
Screenshot from 2022-03-03 04-54-27.png Screenshot from 2022-03-03 04-54-44.png Screenshot from 2022-03-03 04-54-58.png

The general idea for this thread is to collate the "adventures" of these idiots in one place, as the general Ukraine War threads are moving incredibly quickly. Here are a few examples to get things started.

Here, we have a brave Redditor who got all the way to the border, only to realize that Ukraine was full of scary men with neck tattoos who don't speak English, and his mother was sick:
Screenshot from 2022-03-03 04-48-57.png

A "U.S millionaire" claimed that he was willing to cover the airfare of volunteer fighters traveling to Ukraine, but a couple days later, we find out that they were effectively ghosted.
Screenshot from 2022-03-03 05-04-12.png

Tranny (possible troll) wants to fight, but is concerned about LGBT rights:

People screwing with the Redditors by editing in trannies: (see https://kiwifarms.net/threads/r-volunteersforukraine.113841/page-11#post-11317950):

Only vaccinated cannon fodder welcome:

There is obviously going to be a lot of trolling and larping, but I bet at least a handful will actually make it to Ukraine. Will we get livestreamers getting blown up, PoW arcs, or just a bunch of scammers trying to grift donations?
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Featured on Mar 1, 2022 at 4:23 AM: CoachRedPill was stuck in Kyiv, separated from his family in Kharkiv. His commentary was used by Russia Today to bash Ukraine and the West. He was removed from his hotel by management for being pro-Russia and took a train back to Kharkiv.
Why the fuck is he still in Kiev? Does he have a death wish?
I don't understand why he's not getting the fuck out. Maybe he's worried that he'll get conscripted the second he leaves the hotel. That's literally the only reason I can think of that would make him stay.
The Ukrainians are going to have enough supply problems as is without that inept butterball eating everything.

Still, the blue checks have found him.


:null: The thread being featured is not an excuse to sperg about politics. Read the last few pages before replying.
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Featured on Feb 22, 2022 at 2:42 PM: Yaniv sues Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and now all his medical records and reports are public
"Jessica Yaniv Simpson, legal genius and conqueror of calories, has filed a Certificate of Readiness in their lawsuit against Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. This document states that JY is “ready to discuss settlement of (their) claim” and, most importantly, includes all medical reports and records of expenses or losses incurred or expected." Article link / Archive Link
(see attachment)

Medications (as at 27 Jan 2022) Tel No: 778 705 1147 & 213 479 9983 (for records, as at 27 Jan 2022)
(an aside...I still see he's claiming an allergy to Citalopram...according to his previous digi doc revelations he stopped taking it voluntarily just because, no mention of an allergy from him or his doc)...

Anti-depressants can take a while to kick in and you are generally warned that symptoms may get worse before they get better, I guess it's easier to claim you are allergic rather than admitting you're too lazy and too thick to read the pack documentation.

I noticed there's no mention of his "severe anxiety, severe depression, CPSTD", his supposed hip problems, his life-threatening allergies etc in his medical history...the very things that he whines about 24/7, yet doesn't whine online about actual diagnosed obesity-related problems.

He still hasn't changed his eating habits since he was diagnosed as being obese back in 2019.

Now I'm off to read his waffle in its entirety.
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Featured on Feb 21, 2022 at 4:49 AM: Patrick Tomlinson was banned from Twitter for doxing a man who trolled him at a bar. He has paid thousands to have lawyers help him reverse Twitter bans in the past.
Patrick is on Twitter right now oinking and doxxing the atalker from Hooligans last weekend. @Null might want to feature this in happenings.


Andrew 1.PNG

Andrew 2.PNG

Hoi Polloi

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Featured on Feb 19, 2022 at 6:10 AM: Meet Dr. Teetus Deletus, the S.R.S. surgeon for the modern age, coming soon to a TikTok near you!

In a field of medicine characterised by poor patient outcomes and worse ethics, Dr Sidhbh (sive, rhymes with jive) Gallagher manages to set herself apart from her peers with her lack of professionalism and brainwashing kids just like evangelicals in the 90's tried to warn us about.

The pre-internet years

Originally from Louth, Ireland, Dr Gallagher studied undergrad medicine at University College Dublin followed by an internship in the Mater Hospital. In 2006, she moved to the USA on a scholarship from Emory University in Atlanta before moving to Philadelphia for her five year general residency in Abington Memorial Hospital from 2007 to 2012. She then moved to Indianapolis for three years of plastic surgery training at Indiana University School of Medicine. She continued to be affiliated with Indiana University and traveled to Serbia, Australia, and Belgium for several months to continue her training until she began working in her first gender clinic, the Eskenazi Health Transgender Health & Wellness Program, which opened in March 2016- their own copywriter can't decide if it was March or May but secondary sources agree that it was March.

Her early timeline is a little fuzzy. Eskenazi Health says she moved the the US both after and a year before she graduated from UCD, depending on which page you read. Many articles claim the Indianapolis clinic was established in 2015, including Dr Gallagher herself in an interview (she was also not fully in charge of the clinic as is often implied). Half of them say she's from Dundalk rather than Louth village. In any case, she moved the the US in 2006, her full medical license became active on the 23rd of October 2014, and her current practices, Gallagher Plastic Surgery PLLC. and Gallagher Med Spa LLC., were incorporated in Miami on the 5th of July 2019.

"I then rotated in plastics and it immediately clicked. They were doing real 'Frankenstein' stuff"
-Interview in The Irish Independent, June 2018

If you think that was just an unfortunate choice of words, she's made the Frankenstein comparison more than once. Dr Gallagher is a modern day Mengele by her own admission, and even the best examples of her work are horrifying to anyone who knows what human bodies are supposed to look like. The earliest review of her work that can be found on the internet, from December 2016, gave her one star and she hasn't gotten better since then.

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Below are the examples of neovulvas from her own website. This is what she considers a good result.


Gallery / Gallery - NSFW obviously

The worst story came in 2019, when a former patient going by the name of EmmaLake began documenting their experience with her on RealSelf. TL;DR, she botched the surgery, botched the revision, and then ghosted the patient who had been left incontinent and in constant pain. The first post was made on the 2nd of April 2019, three months before Dr Gallagher relocated to Miami. The timing seems to be a coincidence because Dr Gallagher's Florida medical licence was issued on the 4th of April, so the application would have been submitted before that.

The whole story

Screenshots will be in a follow up post due to the length.

Dr Teetus Deletus

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Original / Archive
Dr Gallagher's bread and butter is double mastectomies, or yeeting the teets as she refers to it. While the results of these surgeries are also generally poor, what's worse is that she specifically advertises these procedures to teenagers on social media using zoomer language and cutesy videos.

Most plastic surgeons who use social media take anonymous, close up pictures to show the quality of their work. Dr Gallagher always takes photos of her smiling patients at a distance, with their families and often joins them in the picture to drive home just how happy they are with their surgeries. Some of these young women and girls have visible self-harm scars.

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.52.07.pngScreenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.47.19.pngScreenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.47.49.pngScreenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.48.27.pngScreenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.49.35.pngScreenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.51.30.png

On the 15th of December 2021, KiwiFarms user @Falling Star discovered a review of Dr Gallagher's work on Transbucket that included a Reddit username. According to posts on the account, Dr Gallagher had operated on the girl when she was only 13 years old. She said Dr Gallagher was the only one willing to do the surgery at that age, presumably every other doctor turned her down because she was a mentally ill child. Some people claim that it was the girl pictured above with the self harm scars, they look similar but are not the same person. The SH girl graduated from high school in 2021 so she was probably around 18 at the time of the surgery.

A terven news site found the post and had one of their writers pose as the mother of a 13 year old girl who wanted a double mastectomy, they reported that the clinic quoted $10,000 for the surgery and tried to schedule a consultation. Dr Gallagher's own site says she is willing to operate on minors.

As of April 2022, a lawyer named Kendra Parris is attempting to solicit information from Dr. Gallagher's past patients in order to file a formal complaint with the Florida Attorney General about her advertising practices.

Traditional media and orbiters

Dr Gallagher first rose to prominence following a series of interviews and glowing write ups in the Irish media in the summer of 2018. More recently, she has enjoyed greater fame after featuring on the TLC show I am Jazz, which stars fellow lolcow and child sexual abuse victim Jazz Jennings. The most interesting thing about her presence on the show is that it introduced us to her sister turned "stylist and brand manager", Neasa, and Neasa's FtM fiancée Noah (deadname: Jessica) who she met while Noah was one of Dr Gallagher's patients.

Neasa arrived in Miami in mid/late October 2020 and does not appear to have left since. She began working at Gallagher Plastic Surgery and regularly posted photos of herself at the clinic by December 2020/January 2021. Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 03.59.22.pngNoah's mastectomy was performed by Dr Gallagher in mid-December 2020 and she made several follow-up visits between then and April. Neasa was present at the clinic during this time frame. Noah also began commenting on Neasa's Instagram posts shortly before her surgery.
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.02.33.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.07.06.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.09.13.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.10.00.png

Neasa appears to be behind the camera in this video from April 2021 and comments that the dance is sexy.

Neasa starts to officially appear on Noah's social media in early August 2021 but comments from friends indicate that she's been in the picture longer than that.
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.16.45.png
Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 04.17.59.png

While Neasa keeps a comparatively low profile on social media, Noah frequenly posts about being trans, responding to haters, and has recently started ebegging. Why she needs to ask strangers for rent money when her fiancée and future in-law are raking in the cash with their chop-shop is anyone's guess.

Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 00.55.08.png

Accounts and websites

Dr Gallagher's TikTok - @gendersurgeon / Archive
Dr Gallagher's Instagram - @drsidhbhgallagher
Dr Gallagher's personal Instagram (was already private when this thread was made) - @sidhbh32
Dr Gallagher's Twitter - @dr_sgallagher / Archive
Dr Gallagher's YouTube - DrSidhbhGallagher
Dr Gallagher's personal Facebook - Sidhbh Ní Ghallachòir / Archive
Dr Gallagher's business Facebook - Dr Sidhbh Gallagher / Archive
Dr Gallagher's LinkedIn (hasn't been updated since Indianapolis) - Sidhbh Gallagher
Gallagher Med Spa Facebook - Gallagher MedSpa
Gallagher Med Spa Instagram - @gallaghermedspamiami

Abandoned Instagram - thevagicianmd

Abandoned TikTok - @thevagicianmd / Archive

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Gallagher Plastic Surgery PLLC.
Gallagher Med Spa LLC.
Gallagher Holdings and Investments LLC.

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Gender Affirmed Inc. comes up under Neasa Gallagher's name but names Sidhbh as the Director and their mother Minjo as the treasurer. Minjo appears to be her real, legal name.

Neasa's Instagram - @therealngallag
Neasa's Facebook - Neasa Ní Gheallachóir /